Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The devil has left :) So that was a valuble lesson - Tym is not ready to eat wheat and dairy!

Her insomnia is also back. In the past week and a bit she's only had a couple good nights of sleep - last night was one of them :) We went and got more of the homeopathic sleep aid, hopefully that will help her sleep. An interesting bit is she says she can't sleep because her belly is bothering her. We shall see how the pills help and go from there.

Meag and the kids have been doing a lot of playing with Asleigh and her girls - having a great time! Lake loves Asleigh, which is good as she is going to start taking care of them on Wednesdays in July. I still have a couple vacation days, but it would be nice to have some for later as well.

Last week they picked up some caterpillars - so we are currently watching them grow (they've tripled in size) and we should have butterflies in anthoer couple weeks.

Lake is talking more and more. He will make some animals sounds - it's so cute!

We had a good mother's day on Sunday - it was my year for mom's day and Meag will get dad's day. I got a huge breakfast - then a couple hours to myself shopping (which I in turn bought Meag a new BBQ!). Then we headed to play at Matt and Sarah's and had an awesome dinner of filter mignon, baked potatoes and creme brulee.. it was awesome!

This weekend we are heading to KW. On Sunday all 8 of us are going to head down to Niagara - go to the waterpark. It should be a good time, I am however not looking forward to the drive home on Monday from Niagara, if we have to, we can always stop somewhere overnight.