Monday, January 25, 2010

This will be quick... I am waiting for the washer to finish so I can run another load through before going to bed.

This officially marks the first time the entire family has been hit by the flu. Lake then Meag 2 hours later. Me the follow night (lastnight) and now Tym.

Tomorrow will be a movie day that's for sure!
To go along with all the laundry.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anyone want a tooth?

So Lake has gotten 7 teeth in 7 weeks. With 1 more almost there. He now has all first year molars - but he is still missing a front tooth. He isn't waisting any time, since he didn't get his first one till he was almost a year old! I am hoping the rest come in quick so we can get a teething break. Overall he's been good considering. He's had a sore bum a few times and chewing on anything - but good.

He eats like a champ - he has Meag's tastebuds, curry, peanut sauce, spicy. Whereas Tym is still more like me and dips everything in ketchup :)

We got Tym's allergy test done again - her intolerance to some things (like garlic and pineapple) have gone down - however others have gone up. Like goat dairy. Not to surprising considering how much she consumes. We haven't totally cut it out, but we are now severaly limiting how much she gets everyday. We are also going to test pineapple and garlic to see if she reacts in the next little while. I am hoping we can bring them back in - i miss sweet and sour sauce! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Sumo/Hercules:

Oh my what a month of change this has been! Since your first birthday you have been everywhere at the pace of a lion. Mama has been back to work for a little while now and you and I are finding our groove with each other quite nicely. You are napping for me simply wonderfully - if only I could put you down! I love you're two hour naps twice a day, however Sumo at 23+ pounds you are rather heavy to bounce after a while. Mama and I will be working on your sleep habits in the next few weeks, to give my arms a break. Though not before I am fully caught up on Glee! and The Big Bang Theory.

Of course the very first day Mama went back to work you began walking in earnest. I warned Mama this would happen and the look of shock and amazement when you toddled over to her was awesome. Since then, you have developed quite the speed for when you want something, and quite the foul cry when you are more than done with walking. I still giggle seeing your little chubby legs waddling around the house. You've also learned a handful of new signs and the results are an easier supper time. A few times I've been concerned that your signing of "eat" would result in a fat lip, or "more" was going to sprain your finger, but as long as the food came quickly we avoided injury. To you and me!

The most amazing thing though Sumo is your strength. How you have managed to loosen a baby gate anchored into a 2x4 that is then anchored into a wall stud is beyond me. Thus the nickname of Sumo (I feel) needs to be replaced with Hercules. And I still attest that you are not getting your own fridge until you're 10 years old, I don't care how much you need the food to fuel your muscles!

Thank you again for bringing laughter, amazement and love into my life and family.


Monday, January 11, 2010

A new year is here

I know - we have sucked at blogging - I am now into week 2 of work, and it's slowed down, so I am hoping to get to write more here in the future :)

So we had an awesome Christmas. Dec was a bit crazy busy - I did a week of morning, while Meag worked afternoons and nights. Then Mom and Gram arrived for a week. It was amazing to have them here... The best parts would be watching my 80 year old grammie have Tym on her lap reading an Archie comic, and my 4 year old teaching my 80 year old grammie how to do exploding props - by night 3 she had it down!! Definitely worth the small stress of having her here. Gram is a lovely lady, however she has alzheimer's - thankfully not to bad. She would get disorientated quite easy, or forget where she was going - but loved the entertainment of the kids.

Christmas morning was a blessing - Tym was in her element. Lake ended up taking a nap after stockings and breakfast ,which gave Tym the luxury of tearing at the tree. Just as we only had a few presents left, lake woke up and was able to finish it off perfectly. Meag cooked an amazing bird!! I am glad we got a big one as we enjoyed leftovers for days :) Having 4 generations under one roof was awesome - I hope that Tym will have a little recollection of it when she's older.

Tym was stoked to get the Dora Van she wanted from Santa. it was amazing to see Christmas magic working through her eyes... I do hope we get blessed enough to have it for a few more years of it.

lake was blessed with a molar and an eye tooth over 16 hours Christmas Eve /Day.

We had a great holiday after that - trying to be pro-active with getting things in order for the roles to totally switch. We had a lovely new years eve - kids were in bed, Doris and Chrys came over and we ordered Chinese, ate a lot and were in bed by 10:30.

That brings up to role reversale. Week one is down, and it went very well! I managed at work - it was crazy busy. Meag had a great week with the kids. I can say I am going to really enjoy meag only being gone 1 night a week instead of 3... The house generally seemed to run better.

1 week at work, and now Lake is walking most everywhere. Of course!

Tym's sleeping has been interesting - over the Chrstmas holiday she slept wonderfully, until 6 most mornings without waking. Come the wednesday before school, she started waking up at 4, and the first question out of her mouth is, "Is it a school day?" We have started some homeopathics, which are helping to sleep it seems... At least we do know the root cause of the sleep disturbances. it is school - however she doesn't seem anxious about it... I think she is just learning a lot of thinking about it.

I am sure I've missed stuff, but that's a quick update on us... I will try to get the pictures uploaded soon!