Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Sumo/Hercules:

Oh my what a month of change this has been! Since your first birthday you have been everywhere at the pace of a lion. Mama has been back to work for a little while now and you and I are finding our groove with each other quite nicely. You are napping for me simply wonderfully - if only I could put you down! I love you're two hour naps twice a day, however Sumo at 23+ pounds you are rather heavy to bounce after a while. Mama and I will be working on your sleep habits in the next few weeks, to give my arms a break. Though not before I am fully caught up on Glee! and The Big Bang Theory.

Of course the very first day Mama went back to work you began walking in earnest. I warned Mama this would happen and the look of shock and amazement when you toddled over to her was awesome. Since then, you have developed quite the speed for when you want something, and quite the foul cry when you are more than done with walking. I still giggle seeing your little chubby legs waddling around the house. You've also learned a handful of new signs and the results are an easier supper time. A few times I've been concerned that your signing of "eat" would result in a fat lip, or "more" was going to sprain your finger, but as long as the food came quickly we avoided injury. To you and me!

The most amazing thing though Sumo is your strength. How you have managed to loosen a baby gate anchored into a 2x4 that is then anchored into a wall stud is beyond me. Thus the nickname of Sumo (I feel) needs to be replaced with Hercules. And I still attest that you are not getting your own fridge until you're 10 years old, I don't care how much you need the food to fuel your muscles!

Thank you again for bringing laughter, amazement and love into my life and family.


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