Monday, February 25, 2008

I can't wait until April/May when things are not as busy! (Or I hope they are not anyway!)

We had a good week and a busy weekend. Both Meag and Tym are stuffy again. This winter has been brutle for colds. I can't wait until spring!!

I am starting to get everything ready for March - which is very full. We are going away for a night for our anniversary. Then it's Meag's Bday party. Then Easter, Beth and family visit, Tym's party. Then our anniversary. OYE! But it will be fun! :)

I hope everyone is doing well... And spring is soon on it's way... Right??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gotta love long weekends! :)

First we celebrated Valentine's day in our new tradition. Taking the afternoon off, Meag and I had a lovely lunch together then grabbed Tym and off to Winterlude and having the girls over for 3 course fondue. Tym was slow going at Winterlude. We walked to whole parc for an hour before she finally got into it... Then she LOVED the slides. Giggled the whole way down the first one then didn't want to stop.

Once home we set up for the fondue and enjoyed the fondue tremendously. We all have our favorite courses, of course, Jesse, Annie, Tym and I all enjoy the chocolate one the best! :)

This weekend was a long weekend - as there was a new Holiday - Family Day yesterday. Since it was a long weekend we decided to take the time and paint Tym's room. We got the 2 base coats done on Sat - the ocean and the sky.
Sun morning we headed out and picked up colors for the animals. And proceeded to put a 12 foot whale a huge sea turtle and a dolphin on the wall. It looks awesome :)
Yesterday we did a few touch ups and put her room back together. She loves it.
We also got the spare bed back from Chrys - so if anyone wants to come visit, we have an empty bed :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We watched Annie while the girls celebrated their 10 years together... Annie and Tym sure do have a good time together!

What's everyone doing for Love Day tomorrow?
It's amazing how smart an almost 3 year old can be!
Last night Tym slept like crap, and wouldn't eat this morning. When Meag took her upstairs to get ready for us all to leave - she said there was a bug in her ear! Ok - weird. It looked like it bothered her. I came upstairs and pretended to take the bug out, which apparently didn't work. I asked her if the bug was sleeping or picking her - and it was just making noise. At this point I think her ear is plugged. Meag tries to get her to pop her ears. didn't work.
Finish the getting dressed bit.
And the whiny, sick, pathetic baby starts.
I bring her downstairs and start getting her bundled up (Gawd I can't wait for sprint!), and she is miserable! it's Wednesday - the one day of the week that Meag can not stay home, so we make the decision that I will stay home... Meag drives Wade to work since he's already started the car, cleaned the car and will be late if we don't bring him at this point.
I go into the living room with the miserable little one. Some breastmilk and a quick snuggle and guess who's playing all over the place?? Yup - not so miserable anymore. Meag gets home and we all bundle up and quickly head out the door so we are not all late (just me).
I dropped Tym off at daycare she ran right in and started playing! Wanker! :) I am glad she is feeling ok. And her teachers are aware of the bug, and if it does start biting they will give me a call.

Oye - she almost had us today!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lots of cute new pictures have been uploaded.

Tym loves her new tent... And it seems so does mummy and Abby!

Oscar is home! Anna is staying with us for a few weeks, so Oscar is here half the time... It leads to 2 very tired kiddos come bed time. They enjoyed their bath tonight!
Yesterday at work I sliced my finger open. Almost had to get stichtes. Had to cancel going to the spa with Laura today :( Still hurts, but I've taken off the splint and can bend it a little. We shall see how the weekend goes with it. If it opens back up, stichtes might be in order.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tonight after dinner, Tym and I were playing around the table. I noticed that she had "goobered" a bit on the table and I pointed it out to her. She proceeded to look at and say "that's my goober Mummy". "You're right Tym it is." SPIT - "That's my goober too Mummy."

So hard not to laugh - but I did make her clean it up.

A few weeks ago I was asking Tym to please not do such and such. I was using a very calm and collected voice - no biggie really. She walked over to me, placed her little hands on either side of my face, looked me dead in the eye and said "Stop yelling at me Mummy" and walked away.

I hate that she's smarter than me!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tym is growing up so quick!

Lastnight after she was finished supper, she got down. She looked at me and said "I can go scrape my plate?" I look at Meag, she looked at me. Neither one of us had taught her that - I said sure.
Tym grabbed her plate from the table, opened the cupboard, scraped everything off her plate without making a mess and put the fork and plate in the dishwasher.
All without us saying anything.

It's amazing to watch them learn from watching us. Guess who has to scrape her plate now!

On another note - Anna and Oscare came back lastnight!! Tym can't wait to play with Oscar! She already gave Anna her valentine!

Monday, February 04, 2008

The sickness continues.
Tym had the belly bug 2 weeks ago. I had it late last week. Meag has yet to have it.
Tym has the chest cold, getting over it. I have the chest cold (still in the middle of it). Meag woke up feeling like crap.
Hopefully this means that we can move on from the impending doom of sickness since that covers most of the germs we've heard our co=workers and friends have. Maybe we can enjoy the rest of the winter! :) hehe

This weekend was a bit of a write off. Tym and I were both home sick Friday. Not feeling great Sat, so instead of gymnastics we were to rainbow foods and got some drugs. Thank god for Cough medicine for Tym at night! OYE! yesterday was very productive - we had a Honda Element and our car. Went to Vars and got the rest of our stuff out in 1 shot! It was amazing that we got it all packed in there! couldn't see safely to drive, but it was in! :) Thanks Gen for helping out!

We still have the cleaning, groceries and stuff like that to do... But oh well. Can't do everything right?