Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it's been a busy week since I lost my feet!

I ended up taking a day off last week to just put my feet up and let the swelling come down. After 24 hours of doing nothing they looked much better. Of course after a busy birthday weekend they are somewhat swollen again - they don't ache yet though.

Friday night Mel, Laurel, Christa and Abby came over for drinks - it was a lot of fun laughing at everyone! Saturday night we had a potluck chocolate party -it was a good time with lots of yummy food that had chocolate in it. It was awesome to see how inventive everyone got! Sunday brunch with the 4 girls at the house and supper at Matt and Sarah's lead to yesterday morning being very hard to get up from!!

But it was a wonderful birthday weekend. I got a food processor - and we made hummus Sunday - Tym was very excited about that, since she hasn't has humus for over a month. I am excited to make other things as well - should be fun :) I also got money towards a new blender - one that will crush ice really well :) Just gotta find it.

Tonight 5 of us are going to the The Dark Knight on IMAX. Should be a fantastic time!!

This weekend is the long weekend.. it's amazing to know that August is already here! This weekend we are going to get the base coats of paint up in newton's room - and slowly work on the animals on the wall in the coming weeks. And hopefully do some relaxing!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lost and found...

So some things are lost and found a lot earlier in this pregnancy....

Lost - my feet.

Happened at some point in the last 2 weeks. I've never had a fantastic view of my feet, fact is I'm a big girl. However now I have to bend quite forward to see my red crocs!

Found - swollen feet.

I wouldn't call them cankles just yet - however they are definitely getting more round as each day goes on. With Tym this didn't happen for a long time yet! It will be interesting to see how my feet look in 2 months let alone in 4+! Oye!

Monday, July 21, 2008

We are back in!

Well folks, we are finally back at our house. I do miss hotel living however - someone to clean up and give you fresh towels everyday... It's also stress free - you don't feel obligated to do 1000 different projects since you're not home. Meag cleaned up mostly from the reno on Friday and we moved back home on Saturday. Our new floors are lovely. The bathroom is nice, except for a few small things to touch up. It needs a new coat of paint, since the off white with the blue floors and counter makes it look like someone pee'd everywhere. Anywho.. We are just glad to be back in our space.

Tym was stoked to be home and has enjoyed running around with all her stuff. We picked up most of the paint for the baby's room this weekend - and Tym wants to paint it NOW! (It will wait until the long weekend) Last night we started cleaning up the baby's room - which also had us going through some clothes bins of Tym's; deciding what is good for a boy, and what is not. OYE! That was tough. So many of her girly clothes are sooo cute. And now we are going to give them away. Well not quite give them - we are going to take them to Boomerang to sell, so we can get a credit and buy the boy some cutie stuff... It's just hard to part with some of these clothes. And these clothes are all 2ish years old clothes - her smaller clothes are going to be even harder to go through. We will do that once we've painted and can leave some stuff upstairs.

Of course now there are a tons of projects that we need to get moving on and done in the next couple months - and figuring out exactly what ones we want to do now verus later. Mel is back in town this week - YAY :) And she'll be here for my birthday celebrations again this year, which is awesome :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now that I am clearly pregnant, everyone keeps asking me how I"m feeling. Which I never thought to much about - since I feel fantastic! There is nothing quite like the 2nd trimester - you are not as big as a house, not nauseous all day, and don't need to sleep 14 hours (would be nice though! hehe).

But all in all it's been great - my belly has definitely grown in the past couple weeks - not much mistaking what's inside. My hair and nails like last time are growing like weeds- which is good since i want to be able to put my hair up for labour! I've put on 12 lbs or so - not to bad. My mood generally has been pretty good (Meag probably doesn't think so!) - however I have definitely noticed when I'm testy, I'm quite testy. (Sorry Meag!)

One thing that has been totally different this pregnancy is how much he is moving! HOLY Cow! Tym was always laid back, didn't move much for ultrasounds, and since she was breech facing in the whole time, I felt movement - but no fierce kicks or punching. Newton however flips around all the time, and I feel him poking and prodding me all the time! Which I find amazing... (ask me when i'm 35 weeks if I still do or am tired of it! hehe)

Tym has taken on a whole new fasination with Newton since we've found out it's a baby brother. She'll talk to him first thing in the morning everyday, and hug and snuggle him (more then she was before). Yesterday morning she was laying listening, and my belly gurgled - she sat right up - "He just FARTED!" It was so funny. I told her it was just my belly, but she sure didn't believe me!

We are offically half way there... I am very much looking forward to the next few months when we can settled into the 'new' house (it will feel new with the floors and bathroom done), get the room painted and start digging out all the baby stuff we have.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving out, pictures and Oh My!

What a whirlwind of a weekend.

We finished packing the house and ourselves for the weekend. Tym was finally feeling much better - and was exstatic to go to school on thursday - so we sent her friday as well even though we originally thought we would keep her home and take her to the ultrasound... so we dropped her off at school and finished off the house.

Of to the ultrasound. What a wiggly baby! It might have been the icecap I had right before going to make sure that it would move around enough. In 20 minutes it went from being breech to transverse to head down. Tym was never ever this wiggly - it will be intersting to see how active this baby is when it comes out!

And, it's a BOY!

It was very clear what parts this baby is sporting. I was in shock a little bit - even though we joked it would be a boy, for some reason I thought it was going to be a girl. We are getting use to the idea of a boy and it's going to be a very fun adventure! Now the idea of names - thankfully we have a few months to sort that out!

After the appt, I finished packing and Meag went to work for a bit. Packed the car, got tym and headed to Beth and Jesse's for the weekend.

We told Tym there that she was going to have a baby brother - and she is so excited! :) should be a lot of fun.

After a fun filled weekend with the girls - we came back to the house on Sunday afternoon - the construction guys had already demolished the bathroom and were putting the tub and tiles back in- - should be nice when it's all done. Meag packed us up for the week and tym and i headed to the farm with a school friend of hers, which was lovely. then off to the hotel. which is were we will be for the week. It's going to be lovely seeing Mel and hanging out with her - I just hope we are not in her way to much!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

to damn hot!

So Tym hasn't been to school yet this week - We knew that she was cooking something on Sunday - didn't think it was much. Most times when she's wonky it goes away after a good sleep , or it's a food reaction.

Meag wanted to take a play day on Monday with her, and they went to the Nature Museum with Annie and Jesse. Apparently she was even more off then. By Monday night when I got home it was clear she was sick. And has had a fever ever since. When we called her into school yesterday they asked about the vomitting and diarhea - thankfully we have none of that. Just a very hot girl, in very hot weather. it's yucky!!

It looks like the fever broke some time last night. But she's hardly eaten in 3 days and is still quite cranky - so she's home again. Hopefully the fever doesn't come back today!

Yesterday we went to the naturopath and got her allergy testing results. It was as expected on some - and others floored us!

Cow Milk

No wonder the rash hasn't gone away! Never have we stopped cooking with garlic!! So we will stop using that for awhile and see what happens with the rash. We are going to stay away from most cow dairy for a bit. She wasn't postivie on them, but reactive. So until we get it under control, we are staying away. But overall - we can deal with that :)

We are slowling getting things ready for Friday when we move out for a week - can't wait to have the new floors and bathroom though!! :)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Big Sneeze

I was cuddling with Tym the other night helping her fall asleep when without any warning the biggest sneeze ever exploded from her little body. Naturally we were lying face to face so guess who got the full force of this sneeze and its accoutrements in her face? Which then produced the following conversation:

Me wiping my face: Thanks Tym! That was really gross!

Tym giggling: My snot went into your mouth Mummy! That was cool!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Bluesfest and food

Last night was the first night of Bluesfest - if you live in Ottawa, and know were we live - you know we are fairly close to the Venue. Well this year it seems that since we are a couple more rows in, we can actually hear it better... It's not as loud - but it's a lot clearer. Which is lovely to listen to wonderful music on the deck.

However, not so wonderful putting your kid to sleep. Last year she didn't ask any questions about the extra noise until after the first week... Last night - on Day 1 of 14...

T - What's that noise?
M - The music festival down the street
T - Is it on the road or the sidewalk?
M - Neither, it's in a field
T - With Cows?
M - Nope, the field next to the War museum. A boring museum, not a fun one like the dinosaur or kids museum.
T - I want to go there
M - Where? the boring one?
T - Yup!
M - Ok - when Grampa comes to visit, you ask him to go, he likes that museum.
T - When he gets out of the dessert and stops riding the camels?
M - Yes - he'll be here in September
T - Why doesn't he live with Nana
M - he does half the time
T - how does he get here?
M - Plane
T - not on the camel?

OYE!!! We went from talking about the music - to Grampa on a camel in 15 seconds. Quite the seqway.

This weekend is going to be busy packing what we can - as next Friday the living room and kitchen have to be empty as we are getting new floors, and a new bathroom. So we will be moving out for up to a week while the renos are done. Yay for Mel coming back and having a huge hotel room!

We are also doing some cooking this weekend to get food in the freezer - as Tym has no lunches in the freezer left. While Laurel was over (she is a nurse at Sick Kids) she seen Tym's rash - and said it looks like a virus called molluscum contagiosum. After doing research it definitely makes sense. Of course, there is no easy treatment for a mild case for (which Tym has) and it can last a couple years. We are going to bring the info to the natruopath and our nurse and find out what we can go. It doesn't bother her, which is good. But we hate for her to have it.

I uploaded some pictures of the last couple weeks :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hot tubs and new favorites

What a wonderful weekend we had.

Friday we all packed in the car and picked up Scott - and headed for a cottage 35 minutes away. It was divine! The only down side was the water was quite a hike away - down a mountain side. But the hot tub more than made up for it! Nothing quite like getting in the hot tub at 8:30 after a lovely breakfast. We spent 2 lovely days relaxing and eating. Don't worry folks - the hot tub was turned down before I went into it, it was like a large lovely bath :)

Tym LOVED the hottub! And her new found best friend Uncle Scooter! They had lots of fun playing in the water - she 'swam' from one side to the other. It was awesome to see her love of water come out. The only downside for Tym for the weekend (besides leaving!) was the huge thunderstorm on Sat night. There is nothing quite like a storm when you are on a quite mountain. The lighting was spectacular, the thunder ear popping. The kid - scared shitless!

After coming back into town Sunday - we discovered Belle missing. Meag finally found her a couple yards away, stuck unable to come back. We later discover that Abby and Christa must have let her out when they were over Friday night to use the BBQ.

Monday was an errand day. Both Meag and I had the day off. Groceries and the mall. I finally found panel shorts! :) And they were on sale!!! YAY! Old navy didn't have them last month, I am glad they were there this month! So much more comfortable now!

Tym has a new best friend - Mel's friend Laurel who came back with her for the week. After spending a couple hours with her Monday night - come yesterday downtown celebrating Canada day they were 2 peas in a pod. We spent yesterday morning downtown - Tym loved the festivities! The horses and mounties were a huge hit, as well as the parade and buskers. We headed home after the snow birds.

By 3 in the afternoon Meag was in the kiddy pool by herself with a beer again. It was funny. Then Mel and Laurel came over as well - and it didn't take them to long to get in the pool in there undies either! I have to upload some fun pictures of tym in the pool with them throwing water everywhere! Tym had a blast!

After way to much food last night ( thanks for the Tart Christa! ) and a good sleep - I am still exhausted!

On another note - I successfully made very yummy cinnamon rolls and a chocolate cake wheat and dairy free this weekend!!! YAY :)