Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving out, pictures and Oh My!

What a whirlwind of a weekend.

We finished packing the house and ourselves for the weekend. Tym was finally feeling much better - and was exstatic to go to school on thursday - so we sent her friday as well even though we originally thought we would keep her home and take her to the ultrasound... so we dropped her off at school and finished off the house.

Of to the ultrasound. What a wiggly baby! It might have been the icecap I had right before going to make sure that it would move around enough. In 20 minutes it went from being breech to transverse to head down. Tym was never ever this wiggly - it will be intersting to see how active this baby is when it comes out!

And, it's a BOY!

It was very clear what parts this baby is sporting. I was in shock a little bit - even though we joked it would be a boy, for some reason I thought it was going to be a girl. We are getting use to the idea of a boy and it's going to be a very fun adventure! Now the idea of names - thankfully we have a few months to sort that out!

After the appt, I finished packing and Meag went to work for a bit. Packed the car, got tym and headed to Beth and Jesse's for the weekend.

We told Tym there that she was going to have a baby brother - and she is so excited! :) should be a lot of fun.

After a fun filled weekend with the girls - we came back to the house on Sunday afternoon - the construction guys had already demolished the bathroom and were putting the tub and tiles back in- - should be nice when it's all done. Meag packed us up for the week and tym and i headed to the farm with a school friend of hers, which was lovely. then off to the hotel. which is were we will be for the week. It's going to be lovely seeing Mel and hanging out with her - I just hope we are not in her way to much!

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1invermillion said...

Whoo hoo!! Boy!! Congrats on the good photo shoot and no more sick kiddo.