Monday, December 29, 2008

Abscence makes the heart grow fonder

Today is my first official day back to work - albeit a modified day. I won't be back to regular hours of 10-7 till February, but working 12-5 is enough for now. As I was hanging out with Lake this morning I couldn't help but notice the changes in him already. He is starting to be more reactive to noise/sound. It still takes him a little while but he is starting to look for the origin of whomever is talking to him - especially when Tym is around. There is a difference in him when she is talking/yelling/singing/shouting/doing anything. I'm not sure if it's because he is trying to figure out a way to crawl back into the comforts of the womb where he was safe from her, or if he is eagerly waiting to see what she'll do/say next. He is also starting to "talk" more. I forgot how adorable the coo-ing stage is - especially when they surprise themselves by doing it. He is really quite a great baby and already a bit of a drama king (queen?). When I change his diaper he lets me know in no uncertain terms how upset this makes him. Right when I'm almost finished his cry changes to one of "fine - i give up, but I'm still not happy about this!" If he keeps it up, Tym may have a run for her money in the drama department!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays to everyone. Our first Christmas as a family of 4 is winding down. It was awesome... Some pictures have been uploaded, more will follow.

It's amazing that it's been 2 weeks already! His cord finally fell of today as well.

Monday, December 22, 2008

How time flies!

Lake is already 11 days old! It's crazy to us that it's passing so quickly!

On thursday he was 10lbs 14oz. We see Denise tomorrow - I'm betting over 11.6 at this point... he's changing so quickly. His cheeks are back, he's very solid. Not to rolly polly yet, but I am sure that's coming. he definitely does not look like a newborn. Everyone that meets him can't beleive he's just a handful of days old.

We officially put away all 0-3 month clothing - way to small. The sleeper he was in today was a 6 months - and it fit perfectly. Oye! We had to move the straps on his car seat up to the next level already.

he's still a great baby. so far sleeping very well through the night. Twice he's slept 4.5 hours straight - I've woken up before him hoping he's wake up soon to releive the pressure in my breasts! He's got a couple good alert periods during the day where he'll make eye contact and try to mimic your expressions. it's pretty awesome.

Tym is being such a trooper. She loves him to bits!! We've had to put the law down in no touching the baby when he's sleeping... she LOVES kissing and hugging and holding, which leads to waking! She is super stoked for Santa this year. It should be a pretty awesome christmas. She's also turning into such a big girl. It makes me glow but sad all at the same time. It's amazing to watch her become her own person,but I want my little baby girl back!

It's hard to beleive that Christmas is here in 2 days. OYE! how quickly the time passed. I am glad we were well prepared and had most of the shopping done. And the xmas cards as well - they won't get there in time for xmas - but they did get mailed today :)

I am healing pretty well - so much better than last time. I can do stairs carrying him no problem. I took him to his first chiro appt today all by myself. it was weird to drive and have room between me and the steering wheel! I still need to take it easy, to much standing wears me out.. But overall 200% better than last time.

His first chiro appt went lovely. he totally melted into Kelly's hands when she was mobilizing his head bones... so much so he had a huge blowout. Of course he comes up in perfect health... Head's a little flat (probably from a long labour pushing on my pelvis). It will form itself over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I'll upload some new pictures... for now tho - I'm heading to bed, everyone else is sleeping - so I should be to!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


So we've been bad at updating... sorry.

Lake turns 1 week old today!! Holy crap! How quickly times flies...

Quick recap on the week.

I went into Labour wednesday night around 8. Went to the hospital at 7am. Checked in by 9:30. 3:30 decided it was c-section time - 7:30 finally get in OR. 8:00PM lake Grey was born. Meag and the midwife whisked him to the nursery and to our room where Christa and Abby were waiting with Tym. Tym fell in love on first sight. (uploaded some pictures) Meag brought him down to recovery once I got there and he nursed for a bit, then we went back to the room.

Friday morning Meag went and got Tym and brought her in for a little while. She was so excited to spend time with him. Then she took her to Beth and Jesse's until Sat morning. Friday night Matt, Sarah and Ivy visited, which was lovely. Sat Jesse brought Tym in for a bit, and Andrea came to visit.

He's been a good sleeper except for 1 night so far. We got home from the hospital on Sat night. It was sooooo nice to sleep in our own bed. I've just started moving from our room - so far this incision feels a lot better than the one with Tym. I can definitely tell I've had surgery however!

Denise came by on Sunday and he weighed in at 10lbs 3oz - babies are allowed to lose 10% of their birth weight before they go back up - losing a pound only put him at 9% - chubby boy! On Tuesday he weighed in at 10lbs 9oz. He put on 6oz in 2 days. Needless to say my milk came in. Which was a total surreal experience considering it didn't really come in with Tym - but trickled in slowly. We've been feeding him every 2 hours or so during the day - to leave longer stretchs at night to sleep, so far it's been working good.

We are interested to know how much weight he's put on today, Claudia should be by. She'll also finish taking out my stitches.

Monday was our first outing - I had a chiro appt, then we picked Tym up from school - she was stoked to show him off!! Yesterday we went shopping for the first time - the Herb and Spice. It was quick, he lasted better then I do. I was wiped when we got home!

Meag has been amazing!! She's done everything around the house. It's been exhausting entertaining the kid while trying to get snuggle time and everyone feed. She should get a glod star! Right now she is braving the mall to finish up the last of our xmas shopping.

I think that's a quick run down of Lake's first week. thank you to all our friends who've been over to help out with food or playing with Tym, it's been invalubale!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little more crazy than last time

Lake is now 5 days old and tipping the scales at 10.9lbs. He should be back up to birth weight by Thursday at his next "weigh in". Deah's milk has fully come in and the boy is chomping at the bit for it. So nice to see and hear the big gulps and so very different than Tym's first 5 days. She didn't get back up to her birth weight till she was 19 days old. Very scary for new parents to go through. But also the main reason why we are on Lake so much to nurse every 2 hours. He is quite the baby: very alert - will maintain eye contact for a good 20-25 seconds and is quite strong through his neck too - it's not unusul for him to pick his head up and hold it for a good 10 seconds.

2 funny stories to share already:

When he was 14 hours old Tym tried to feed him a raisin because his mouth was open so he was "hungry". My first lesson in don't take your eyes off the kids for a second! Thankfully I fished it out in time.

When I changed his diaper in front of Tym for the first time, I pulled it off and she very excitedly yelled "It's a boy!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just a quick note... We are home all safe and sound. How nice it is to be here. A family of 4.

I am healing well - it's different having a c-section with a bouncy 3.5 year old at home - whenever she's close, I'm very aware of her limbs as she's been to close more than once!

Lake is doing lovely - my milk is coming in and he's eating like a fiend. Tym loves him more than life - it's amazing to see.

Meag is being a dream doing everything, since I'm not suppose to move for a few more days. She's doing everything including entertaining the kid while being exhausted. Thank God she's super mom.

Feel free to come on over and play with Tym or help out around the house and get a quick baby snuggle :)

A few pictures have been loaded - more will come once we get the cord for Abby & Christa's camera.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet Lake Grey

Lake Grey Le Blanc was born via c-section after 22 hours of labour on Dec.11 at 8pm. He weighed in at 11lbs.2oz (I know!), 20" long and lungs working to full capacity as he let us know he was finally here. Everyone is well and once we're out of the hospital we'll give the rest of the details.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Maybe now - again?

The stretch and sweep combined with acupuncture really did get things moving. We had our labour support team basically on stand-by all day which meant no one had supper plans. So after an impromptu dinner with Christa and Abby and their help with getting Tym bathed (I had to run out and take care of work scheduling issues) we settled in for what proved to be another long night. We called the midwife and our labour team back over around 130am with Deah having contractions every 2-3 minutes lasting close to a minute. Definitely the most intense of her contractions yet. Lots of relieving counter-pressure to her low back to help her breath through them. We even sent a message to those in attendance of the baby shower that everything looked good to go. And then with Deah looking quite exhausted, we settled in to try to rest and everything started slowing down - again! Claudia stayed till about 6:30am but it was clear that labour had stopped for all intents and purposes. It's a tad frustrating and more than a little disappointing to say the least. Thank god Christa and Abby were here this morning as the offer to take Tym to day care was met with glee - from both Tym and us. I'm not sure how co-operative she would have been without them here. So the waiting game continues with Ole taking his time and a snow storm outside. All the makings of a fantastic trip to the hospital in the middle of the night!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Maybe now?

Things were getting a little interesting today. Deah had a hard time staying asleep last night with contractions and (here's the TMI for the day) bloody show. All good signs that early labour was starting. Things continued on early this morning and we sent Tym off to school telling her nothing (why get her excited when we don't know when or how long yet?). However since this morning things have stalled. Contractions are farther in-between though they are lasting longer and are more intense. Claudia (our midiwfe) came over and did another stretch and sweep with Deah being about 50% thinned out and much softer in the cervix then even on Sat. We then headed out to accupuncture. Hopefully with all this things will pick back up later this afternoon. Deah's feeling a little frustrated with the stopping and starting (sorta) of it all, and perhaps we are jumping the gun a bit in our excitement. Either way we'll post more when we know more.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thursday I had another stretch and sweep - and my cervix was still not very friendly. And OWW - when it's not ready, it's not ready!

So I had acupuncture on Friday - which was awesome. I felt a couple contractions during the session... And proceeded to get crampy all day yesterday. It was good to feel things at least doing some work.

Last night around 2:30 I woke up to my very first contraction. Not to intense - running from my back to belly. It was weird. I had a couple more and took the advice I had heard from a lot of people, if things start in the middle of the night, have a hot bath and get more sleep! So I was back in bed by 4:30 - and have not had a contraction since! It's now 8:45pm!

Claudia came over today and my BP is staying - not rising - around 128/85. As long as it doesn't rise we won't have to consult an OB for it. She did a S&S and it was the first one that I was not in pain for - it was uncomfortable, but I didn't even think she had found it. and it was 40% thinned out... So the cramping yesterday and contractions overnight have been doing some work. Now we want it to work more!!

Claudia did mention that they probably would not let me go 2 weeks over my date due to his size and it being a VBAC. She's on call until Wednesday and really hopes to see my before she's off call... with a baby in arms!

At this point I would really like him to be out. I feel like time is ticking sooo fast but so slow on the other side.

Come on Newton, come meet everyone that wants to see you!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And the count is in....

Everything looked fantastic on the ultrasound. It was really surreal to see so much of him... Most ultrasounds you get, you can't really tell it's a baby - we seen him practice breathing, which was cool. His heart pumping lots, the creases in his fingers! And what a cute little nose!

We also seen his bits again - it's definitely a boy. Meag doesn't have to worry about the dream she had a few weeks ago.

Placenta looked good. Fluid was normal - which we were a bit dissapointed at. I wanted there to be lots of fluid so he wasn't as big... Alas - the tech did say that they usually over measure, and at this stage of the game, the measurement could be off by almost 2 lbs.

10lbs 11oz
So even if we take off almost 2 lbs - he's already over 9lbs. Or over 10lbs... Who knows! He's not a small boy.

I am starting to feel better which is good - hopefully my body will be ready soon and prompt him to come out :)

Tym has been amazing. It was so hard to tell her that she wasn't going to be able to catch him like she's wanted... But she's taken solace in the fact that her favorite playmate Abby - will be here to play with her :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

how quickly plans can change....

Yesterday sucked.

The weekend was Ok - we decorated (not the tree yet) for the holidays and did a few things. I've been fighting a sinus infection since last week - and it finally got to me. By Sunday afternoon I was miserable.

Yesterday morning we had a midwife appt. Claudia tried to do a stretch and sweep, but my cervix was hiding. It was quite uncomfortable. I've since heard it hurts less and the cervix gets ready... Let's hope so! After that lovely experience she does the measure and listening thing. Newton's heartrate was good as always. I was measuring almost 46 weeks.


We then have a discussion on how it's probably best if we forgo a home birth, just to be on the safe side.

In 1 sentence so many hopes dashed.

I know it doesn't mean that I can't have a lovely beautiful med free natural birth. It does mean that there is a highly likelyhood of having more invasive treatments. I am trying to stay positive in it - as I know it is just a precaution. And I want to do everything to know that he's in the best hands and safe... I just really hope he lets me have a natural labour.

With his size and my blood pressure slowly creeping up, I am not sure how love they will let me go past my due date... that's a talk we will probably have with a midwife on Thursday when we go for another stretch and sweep.

This afternoon we are having an ultrasound to check his size and to make sure that the placenta still looks good. Apparently with big babies it can deteriorate quicker.

On top of this - I went to the dr yesterday to get meds to make me feel better. The only good thing that came was there was NO wait and I was home in 25 minutes with drugs. I totally did not want to go on antibiotics so close to birth, but there was no way I would have had the energy to labour otherwise. Plus my body could be waiting until I feel better to work on the whole explusion thing :)

So I'm on meds, we have to pack a hospital bag and we need to work to get this baby out sooner than later.

If anyone you know wants to have a homebirth, I have all the supplies one could need including birthing tub and tubing for sale!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cough sniff cough

I am sick again. ARGH!!!! I've been yucky for a couple days - the past 2 not sleeping as I've been coughing for hours on end once i lay down. Fun times.

It was a pretty uneventful week... Acupuncture did nothing to get him going... Just moved him even further down! Claudia was going to come over Friday to do a stretch and sweep, but there were 2 other women in labour so she didn't end up coming over.

Friday night we went to Beth and Jesse's for a lovely supper, and everyone went to watch the Santa parade of lights in Aylmer. I didn't see the parade as I didn't feel like walking there and back, but everyone had a good time :)

Thursday and Friday was a bit crampy - but nothing came of it... Just things getting ready I guess.

We are pretty ready at this point I think. Just waiting. I've been quite uncomfortable. Sleeping has been an issue, I haven't had a REM cycle in 5 days. (Except for the one I had last time I woke up - however I've been up since then (3:30AM) coughing.... So I don't want to count it!
With that I am ready for sleep again, but the girls will be up at any point, so there isn't any point to getting comfy when Tym won't let me sleep afterwards... may as well wait until they get out of here a little later on.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

44 and counting....

We saw Claudia yesterday - and I am currently measuring 44 weeks.... And counting. (Technically I am 38weeks, 4 days). So lets just say that he's measuring ahead.

With that there is a highly chance of having to transfer to the hospital because of his size... If he doesn't descend like he should or labour doesn't progress like it should... things like that. Which now has me a little freaked out. I am Ok in him being big. I do 'hope' that my body wouldn't grow something that doesn't fit. And I know she needs to go over all this with us in case, it is her job after all.

I have all the confidence in myself to deliver this baby here, in the comfort of my home, surrounded with people I love and trust. the hospital... is well... not any of that! I am sure that I can make it work there to, and I have to remember if we have to transfer it doesn't mean I've failed. If we need another csection, it's not because I didn't do everything in my power.

So... the sooner he comes the better so he doesn't get much bigger :) I am doing acupuncture today and started homeopathic. Thursday or Friday is a stretch and sweep. Come on baby - we are ready to meet you....

There is now snow on the ground. Tym woke up this morning, Meag told her to look outside.... the most beautiful in awe face came over her. "My baby Brother is coming now!" We've been telling her for months that her brother would come once there is snow on the ground, before Santa.... And well - she's decided now is good.

I agree!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The return...

Of cankles!

It's been a busy week as always... I figured I should update since we are now getting random 'How are you doing?" calls :)

My cankles are back... It's been a really busy 3 days with not a lot of rest and my feet are paying the price. However I was able to do a lot of errands on Thursday, celebrated Christa's graduation from Cordon Bleu and went to see Santa with Tym at the mall today. So I think it's worth it :)

I am feeling very very pregnant, and would not be to sad if I went into labour now. The only downside would be our labour support ladies (Christa and Abby) have their moms' in town until Wednesday to celebrate the graduation. It would suck to take time away from that. However it would be nice not to be pregnant anymore! The past week has definitely brought on more uncomfortableness then I've previously felt. As I was dressing for the grad yesterday I found out that I had outgrown 2 of my lovely mat tops... Ones I was saving for nice occasions such as that. I didn't think one was suppose to grow out of mat clothes... I'm down to pair of pants and a couple tops which don't fit very well. I can't put on socks (not that I want to!) thank god for my lined crocs! bending to pick something off the floor.... Forget it!

The past couple days I've had more braxton hicks contractions - which has been odd. I guess I hadn't had many prior - they can be quite uncomfortable. I am peeing every 20 minutes. And hungry a lot!

Will all this - it is amazing to have him wiggle in me all the time. He's so much more active then Tym ever was - I know the position helps with that. But there is nothing like taking a few minutes, sitting back, and feeling him inside me. Knowing that I've grown this being from nothing - and he's soon going to come out and dazzle everyone from the outside.

it's also sad knowing that this is more likely the last time I will be pregnant. The last time I will grow another human. The last time I will feel a child growing inside me. In some ways I don't think I've cherished it enough - on the other hand - i think I have.

Tym is doing well. She's a little off - we are not sure if it's some changes at school she's taking a lot time adjusting to - or to knowing that her world is soon going to be flipped upside down! She's not awful - but she's spacy and not paying much attention.

tomorrow she's going to Cosmic with Santiago and patty - she will have an amazing time - and I am sure we will put to good use to the hour or two we have to get some more small things done.

Now - can I get his blanket and christmas stocking sewn before he gets here......

38 weeks + and counting... still pregnant.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

list and most lists

What a week! At first I thought I had nothing accomplished least week - then I realized how many appts and things I actually did and felt better. Especially after making lots of freezer food on Friday.

Ole keeps dropping - we did some shopping yesterday and I had a bowling ball between my legs the entire time, oh the joys of pregnancy! On the weekend I was having cramps off and on... After talking with Claudia (midwife) this morning I realized they were probably contractions - not to painful and definitely not on a schedule... Just the body getting ready I guess. Kinda freaks me out though! The time is near. and getting closer and closer. I am measuring 42 weeks, blood pressure is awesome, swelling in my feet is almost none now that I'm at home. Lots of fluid, he's moving a lot still. Going from anteriror to posterior a lot. She offered a stretch and sweet if I wanted it... Which freaked me out to know that she feels confident enough that he's almost ready to offer... I did decline today - as our birth team won't really be ready till at least Saturday... I 'might' do one next week - we'll see how uncomfortable I am.

Time to pack our hospital bags (just in case). Our to do list isn't quite getting shorter - as more things get added - but most of the crutial items have been taken care of.

Time to get Tym to her last swim class of the term. she loves the water!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kids say the darnest things

I drove Tym to daycare yesturday morning. She was singing some Raffi song and I was listening to the news on the radio. Suddenly:

"You're getting a new daddy Mummy!"
"Ummmm....I already have a daddy honey."
"Ya, but you're getting a NEW one!"
"Because Grandpa's getting old."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things have been good around here. The weekend was quick - Laurel and Mel came into town to look for a place for Laurel to move into in the New Year - hopefully her application has gone through! We got a good part of the cleaning done. We shall have some cooking to do, but thats not to bad.

Yesterday I went and got a belly cast done. It was a great experience. I can't wait until she drops it off in a few weeks and we can paint it. We also seen the midwife yesterday - it was so nice to connect with Claudia again since it had been a long time since we'd seen her. She felt the same way, which was nice. Everything seems to be going good... The boy is measuring big. I measured 41 weeks. Granted there is a bit extra padding as well... But... Oye! No wonder I'm having a hard time moving around! Even though I'm only term on Friday, if for some reason I went into labour now, she wouldn't be concerned at all to do a home birth, which was nice to hear.

After that we ran to the naturopath - and got the homeopathics that we might use. And set up appts to help natural induction around the due date (if he hasn't arrived) and for him once he's here. Crazy!

This morning Scott came over and we did belly pictures.... It was a lot harder with Tym running around! We will post them soon once we go through them.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

When will I ever learn?

2 weeks ago Tym and I went to pick up Deah from work. While driving, a purolator truck cut me off and without my mental filter on I called the driver a jackass. Of course Tym immediately asks why I called him a jackass. With a cringe I silently cursed myself (mental filter in the "on" position!) and spent the next 5 minutes explaining that jackass is a rude thing to say and that I shouldn't have said it, so and so. Of course all the time I was mentally thinking "god! I hope she doesn't repeat this when Deah gets in the car!" Deah hops in beside me and Tym pipes up from the back "Mama that truck is a jackass!" OY!

The next morning I was teasing Deah and Tym and just poking abit. Deah finally had enough, looked at Tym and said "Tym what do we say to Mummy?" With a smirk Tym turns to me and says "Jackass!"

Touche Deah!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Free time?

So I've been on sick leave all week. It's weird but lovely! I was able to get in to see my massage therapist (to do Bowen) ad-hoc on Tuesday which was lovely. I actually took a nap on Wednesday which was a blissful 35 minutes that I didn't feel guilty about. I've been able to do some cooking for the freezer and slowly dwindle down our to do list. Easy stuff like make the email list for after birth, or get pictures printed. It's been nice. I do feel like I should be doing stuff all the time since I'm home, and I have to remind myself I need to take it easy as well.

Ole has been moving up a storm all week. I am pretty amazed at how big I am getting. I don't notice it until I see profiles of the belly. Since he's dropped I don't think of it as big since it's not, however he keeps popping out even further. No one can be in the kitchen with me at the same time since he gets in everyone's way... And Tym's head keeps bopping into him. It's funny.

Yesterday I seen the naturopath - next week we're going over what homeopathics will help during labour. I am also getting a belly cast done next week, which will be awesome.

Lunch and a movie is calling I think :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Changes afoot...

So there have been a few changes afoot around here.
We had snow last week! Enough so there was some left over for a day or 2 of the ground, and some places plowed! Thankfully that didn't last long - it did however prompt me to work really quick on getting my winter footwear. Crocs that have a super warm liner. Of course now it's 16 outside and my feet are way to hot! Go figure.

We seen our second backup midwife on Thursday - so we've met them all. Ole has dropped and is starting to get comfy in my pelvis - which explains the constant peeing!

Mel went home on Friday... not before a Thursday TV night - it was a lot of fun to have her around.... and if things go well she may be moving to the city within the next year. I have my fingers crossed.

On the weekend we did a test run on the birth pool. Looks like our hot water tank won't have a problem in filling it up nice and warm! :) I am very excited about that. Tym had a fun time sitting it testing it out with me. Now just to get her to understand that she will not be allowed in with me when I go into labour!

On Sunday Pepe and Wade hosted our Welcome baby party. They did a fantastic job!! They had games for the kids, lots of wonderful food. It was a great time. Tym had a blast playing with all the kids that came, and we enjoyed talking with all the adults. There were 30 people overall!! We got lots of cute baby clothes for the little guy and some fantastic other things :)

Yesterday we went to the midwife again and she put me on sick leave. My sleep has been lacking lately, a lot. And my feet have grown to a ridiculous size. So I am now at home 'resting'. I have quite a bit to do this week, but I am hoping after that I will be spending more time resting :) At least I am not sitting behind a desk all day which was making my feet very uncomfortable. However been home did give me the availibility to get a Bowen session in - which feels amazing and will help me sleep for at least a couple nights.

1 week and 3 days and we can have a home birth! Holy Cow!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tigers and lions and bears, Oh My

it's been awhile since I updated...

Tym's been learning the story of the Wizard of Oz at school. Which means that on random days she will come home with different sayings from it. For 2 straight days it was 'lions and tigers and bears oh my!". She is thoroughly enjoying the play :)

So after Meag went to the doctor on the Wednesday - she kept getting worse and worse. We had birth class on Sat. We ended up at our house due to a location problem. There were only 4 couples. We love Julie, the facilitator. And we learnt a lot of really good information. It was weird to be in the class, already having a child, but never having had to think about all this stuff before.

Tym had a fantastic day with Abby on the Sat - they went to Annie's Halloween party. There was 5 kids, 4 princesses. Tym stayed dressed up in her costume until they got home after 4. So through the party, lunch, and a trip to Pet Smart for more fish. It was very cute. She sure slept well that night! (And I think Abby did to!)

Meag went to the Dr again on Sunday. She had walking pnemonia with a double ear infection. Finally drugs were taken. She is now finally feeling better. It is so nice to have everyone healthy in the house.

Last weekend we finished up the birth class and Beth, Jesse and the girls came over. They all went to the Experimental Farm for their Halloween party. The girls had a blast, even though it was raining.

We learnt so much in class. It was wonderful to be there with Meag and see how ready she is. She definitely was the partner with the most knowledge and understanding. Once we get a practice run with the tub on Sat, I think we're pretty set.

Mel came into town on Sunday and we fully tested the new babysitter - she put her to sleep on her own. A few tears on Tym's part, but she still really enjoys the new babysitter. We are very exctied about it. Of course it comes at a time when soon we won't be getting out of the house - but it's nice to have her as an option if we just need to get stuff done :)

Mel's here for the week staying with us while she works. Tym is in her element and loving having her around. There was no extra snuggles in bed this morning when she heard Mel downstairs!

it's crazy to think that I am almost 35 weeks pregnant! He's kicking up a storm and growing like a weed. I am feeling quite huge as a house. Sleeping has been a difficult task to acomplish. Other then being tired I am feeling quite good. A little overwhelmed with things we would like to get done in the next 3 weeks. Cleaning, freezer foods, birth kit packing. I am now getting quite swollen. There have been a few days where it has hurt quite a bit to stand on my feet.

This weekend Pepe and Wade are throwing Ole a baby shower - should be fun. Tym is stoked.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Apology

I owe you an apology. You're not even in this crazy world yet and already I've screwed up.

I owe you an apology for pigeon holing you based on your gender. I apologize for being afraid of raising you. I apologize for railing to others the wonders of boys in pink and then diligently refusing to keep some of your sister's clothes. I apologize for ever thinking you would become less of a HUman because you're being raised by dykes. I apologize for mentally filtering out some of our male friends because you "need a strong male role model". I apologize for the nights I've lost sleep worrying how I could raise you as a grounded, honest person and why in doing so I am scared you'll be labeled gay. I apologize for my own societal taught misconceptions of gender roles and not questioning them sooner. I apologize for focusing on your penis and not the whole of you.

I promise to show you the beauty of a sunset. I promise to help dig for worms in the backyard. I promise to keep your hair short or long based on how YOU want it. I promise that I will not cringe when you wear your pants around your butt. I promise that soccer, rugby and hockey are as open to you as music, theater and dance. I promise to teach you to be a voice of reason when others use violence. I promise to make sure that any wings you wish to wear - real or imagined - will always fit.

I promise to let you be you, not because you are a boy, but because you are my child.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall is lovely!

We had a lovely Turkey weekend! All the carpets got steam cleaned. We had a lovely morning with Scott at the Arboreum which is where a lot of the lovely pictures came from. It was nice just to stroll around and play with the family.

I headed to the clinic in the afternoon while Meag started getting supper ready, since I was still feeling no better then when I took 2 days off work. The doctor said it was a sinus infection and gave me penecillin. I am finally starting to feel better.

Of course Tym started to feel yucky Sunday afternoon before people were due to show up - by the end of supper she had quite a fever - thankfully her little body kick out the germs quickly and woke up fine on Monday morning! Thanksgiving supper was lovely. Only 10 people - nice and small - it was nice actually being able to talk to people, unlike last year.

It's weird to think that the next holiday we will be a family of 4!

Meag went to the doctor on Wednesday and they said she has walking pnemonia - but was on the up hill so didn't give her anything. Our house is finally starting to somewhat feel better. Just in time for birth class this weekend! We start our 2 saturdays of class this week - should be interesting. It's a class just for midwifery clients - so we should learn some useful tips.

I've been quite tired and sore - now that newton has flipped head down I am definitaly more uncomfortable then I have been. I suppose it's almost time to get some birth supplies and the tub stuff ready!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Big things to come...

It's been fun around here lately. We had a lovely weekend full of playdates for Tym. She enjoyed spending time with her friends.

Yesterday we had an ultrasound to figure out if this boy is head down or up. I will start this with mentioning that Saturday Meag and I were watching some TV and my belly was moving like there was no tomorrow. She was a little concerned with the movements she could clearly see from the outside, let alone how forceful he was against her hand. It was quite uncomfortable being the one that it was happening to. I'd never felt anything like that with Tym.

Well folks - he's head down!!! for the first time ever I have a head down baby! Oh my! We were so hoping. he can stop wiggling now that he's in position :) I will say it feels weird to have him kick my upper belly as I've never felt it before. It's more tender than internal organs!

Along with him being head down the technician who measured everything 3 times, said that he is measuring big. Not a surprise. He is measuring 2 full weeks ahead, (as my uterus has been measuring for a month) at about 5.5lbs! Of course all these measurements can be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was a healthy 10lbs upon delivery.

Now I have to seriously think about a vaginal delivery for the first time. Very exciting, but weird! There was a part of me that was sure he wasn't going to turn and I would need a csection.... Now I may actually get to try labour! YAY!!!

Of course this happens, and Meag brought home a cold. So I'm at home resting - she's at work feeling like crap - at least she can take cold pills! Hopefully it doesn't last long. And hopefully Tym doesn't get it!

We are looking forward to the long weekend... Hopefully going to get the carpets cleaned and feel better. Of course there is the cooking for a Turkey that will happen. It's weird, next time we have a big meal or holiday, we will be a family of 4!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Don't Feed the Buffalo!

We had a lovely weekend with Grampa here! Carp Fair Saturday was a blast. Meet up with Matt, Sarah and Ivy. Tym loved the Lumberjacks, all the horses and the snakes from Ray's Reptiles. And she's been playing with the slime she made with the Mad Science people everyday since.

Meag and Paul enjoyed themselves at the hockey game on Saturnight while Tym and I slept.

Sunday was a more low key day which I think everyone needed. Paul did fantastic with his jetlag considering the time change. We saw Doris's new apartment, which is perfect for her! and had coffee. Had Christa and Abby over for a smoke pork loin supper, it was yummy!

Monday we took a lovely family day and headed to Parc Omega. It was fun going through again with Tym bigger. She loved the animals, but wasn't to thrilled when they wanted more carrots and were pushy. Most times we'd stop the car, a deer would come - the second the deer had the carrots Tym said "go mama go!" it was cute. She did however make friends with a baby deer at the small farm there. The deer followed her around forever, then once we left the area she kept asking where it was. So cute. Pictures will follow!

Paul left first thing Tuesday morning. It was lovely to have him, but it's always nice to get back to routines as well.

Yesterday we had a midwife appt. We meet one of the secondary midwives who would come as backup for an hour or so, or come if both our primaries were at births. I wasn't thrilled with her at all. She didn't even ask how I was feeling... just did the measurements and stuff. Which everything is on track. She did give us interesting info however - there have been 2 breech births at the MontFort in the past year. Not VBAC, but it's a start. This guy still looks like he's breech, so we are off to an u/s on Tuesday to confirm or not. Try and figure out what we need to ramp up to get him moving. I will be taking at least 1 day a week off to try and get to as many appts as I can.

We shall see what next week brings!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another busy week... they always are!

The weekend was packed full of getting small projects actually done - not just started. It felt good to finish off some of the items on our to do list, that never shrinks!

Tym ended up getting Annie's cold - and so did I. So that was at the begining of the week. Now that we are feeling better, it's been a whirlwind getting ready for Paul to arrive tonight :)

I had a natruopath session on Tuesday - and she did acupuncture for the first time. She did concentrate more on my cold to fight it off then anything, but also did some points on my toes - the same point we did the chinese herbs with Tym. Tym never really moved around with the herbs, but this little guy sure did move around a lot when those were in! We will be doing it again Monday. Flip boy Flip!!

I am now doing chiro once a week, naturopath once a week - I really 'should' be doing massage once a week since i am so sore - and the midwife every two. It's a lot of appointments to try and schedule!

Aside from that I've joined the Board of Directors at Tym's school. We had our first meeting lastnight and it's really good to get an insight as to what's happening behind the sceens. There are some changes coming and it should be good :)

Lots of fun things planned for the weekend with Grampa- hopefully he's not to jet lagged!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been a lovely week.

Tym has been doing great with the weaning. Friday and Saturday were a little touchy and she was a bit more upset that she couldn't have breast milk. We did not get naps in on the weekend - I think weekend naps are going to be done for awhile, unless we are in the car at the right time. The past 2 days she hasn't even asked for it! It's weird, but nice all at the same time.

The weekend was pretty low key puttering around. She is really enjoying swimming now. I bought her a floaty thing to go around her waist and now she doesn't want you to touch her at all when she is swimming, even when she can't touch at all. it's fun to watch. She really enjoys swim class as well - hopefully by the summer she will be safe around the water more or less :)

This morning Tym and I were coming downstairs. Meag was getting some oatmeal going for us all - in her undies and sock.

Tym - Mummy! You're Naked!
Deah - That's how we like her isn't it?
Tym - NO! Go put clothes on - I don't want to see your bits!
Meag goes to get dressed - we finish oatmeal.

We seen the midwife on Monday and things are looking good. Good BP again. Measuring 2 weeks ahead like last time. We had the visit mostly with the student midwife, who we have until the end of Nov. And she was definitely a student - and has some learning to do about client personal care. When we are talking a bit about concerned breech - saying that might just be how your uterus is shaped, isn't exactly what one wants to hear. Way to be supportive and ease our worries that he will be head down come birth!

I am feeling good - tired but good. No hearburn or anything like that. Short of breath, low back is starting to hurt a little and it's just not as easy to move around anymore. I am seeing our chiro once a week for right now to try and get my pelvix lined up, apparently it's rotated which can lead to breech presentation.... So hopefully we can get that fixed :)

Tym loves this baby. And is sooooo excited about this baby. Lastnight as I was putting her down, she scooted down sing and snuggle the belly. Of course he goes crazy when she does this - so he's kicking me like no tomorrow, she's wraps her arms around my belly and is singing. She them says that she needs her pillow - grabs it and snuggles in. Half way down the bed, with her pillow, snuggling her baby brother - she falls asleep. it was the sweetest thing ever! I wish I had a camera upstairs with me at this point.

Discipline for who?

Tym: What's that mama?
Deah: A new book.
Tym: What's it called?
Deah: 1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children 2-12
Tym: Why children?
Deah: Because I already know what to do with Mummy!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Boob Cake anyone?

So last weekend was pretty busy... A large part of my energy was spent getting ready for the weaning party on Sunday... Making the cake... Prepping Tym a little more.

I was a little concerned that it was not going to go over very well - since more than once last week she told me she didn't want to have a party... That she loved BreastMilk.

However we didn't back down. As I mentioned before I've been ready for a few months - it was just a matter of doing it and getting Tym excited about it.

Saturday was a weird day - since it was the last time that I nursed her down for a nap... We layed in my bed, and I tried to embrace our last nursing session. It was weird as I was trying to stay determined to nurse her all the way to sleep no matter how uncomfortable it was - thankfully it only took 5-10 minutes. I was glad to not have to worry about having to do it again, but I was also very sad. My baby girl is growing up. Yes I know that she's far from a baby, and weaning at 3.5 years of age isn't like she grew up over night. But it definitely is sad - even if I didn't enjoy the nursing because it hurt a lot, I still love the snuggling and closeness it gave us.

Since Saturday I've been going back on forth on being stoked that she's not nursing, to missing it. We were definitely both ready to wean however....

Sunday morning was just a lovely morning (she didn't ask to nurse, I didn't offer) - we had cinnamon buns and got ready for the party. She LOVED her Boob Cake - as you can tell on the picture!
Esther and her family, and Ivy and Sarah came over. We all enjoyed some Boob. Tym wanted us to see the Happy Birthday Song - but to the tune of Happy Weaning Party Tym, it was cute. She got a couple small presents as well - including 2 JugHead comic books (which she's addicted to now).
Meag put her to bed Sunday night - she was exhausted. Cried for me - no change from when she's tired. I was concerned about Monday morning - as she's such a whiny suck in the morning... She asked for it once, I told her that there was no more breastmilk and explained that she was a Big Little Girl now. (She's informed us she's not quite a big girl yet.) And she rolled with it! I made sure to give her lots of snuggles and stay close. We tiptoed around to make sure she wouldn't flip out and it worked. Not 1 single tear.
I was concerned about lastnight as it was my turn to put her down. Much to my surprise, she asked once, I said there was no more and she rolled over! Not a tear or why or anything! HOLY Crap! This morning same thing.
So all in all the weaning has gone fabulously. I won't be having a bath or changing around her for a few more days, that's for sure. But so far, she has proven to be the Big Little Girl.
No nursing since Sat folks. I wonder when I'll start to get uncomfortable and want her to be nursing again!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who needs sleep...

So apparently Tym was up for 3 hours last night... It will be intersting to see how cranky she is tonight!

This weekend was busy and lovely all at the same time. We got the closet re-done and it looks fantastic :) Meag can finally see what it was going to look like - and is glad she trusted me and my design :)

The new matress got delivered, so we all have lots of room to sleep again :)

We got lots of little things done around the house that needed it. We actually brought up some baby bins and started unpacking! Crazy! So we have diapers, receiving blankets, towels and such all unpacked. 3 bins down - 25 to go! OYE! And there will be room in our room for the crib once we sell the cabinet we had in there.

Pepe in back in the country! (or should be) and is coming over tonight!! YAY!! :) can't wait to see her again. And swimming classes for Tym start tonight! :)

Today starts my 3rd trimester! Holy Crap! I am so glad that we've gotten ontop of the million little projects we want to do before he's born - so hopefully in another month when I don't want to move, I won't have to!! He's been moving a lot - I think he's transverse still, lots of lower movement still.

We watched the Buisness of Being Born on Saturday night - and it was awesome :) I would highly recommend it.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Minding my manners

I was chatting with my Mum last week when Tym decided she wanted to talk to Nana. She proceeded to tell her the following story:

"Nana, the friggin' cat Bell peed on my baby brother's bed and now we have to throw the damn cat and bed out of our house!"

Oh. Dear. God!

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been a long week over here... The pregnant sleep has kicked in, and I haven't been sleeping very well at all. That may change when we receive the new matress we bought tomorrow - so we can all have lots of room to sleep without me snoring in someone's ear, or pillow crowding. Yes - we had to buy a new matress for Newton's room... The smell was just not going anyway. It arrives tomorrow and it will have a protector in it the second it's in the house!

It's crazy to think that the summer is over!! I am not sure where it went - but it left us. We have something booked or to do almost every weekend until Nov! It's going to be a busy time, but hopefully we'll be prepared come November. Some of it entails getting weird things done around the house, like getting the photoalbums in order, and sorting through recipe books so we can find things. Some things are bigger, and require saws and nails - this weekend we are re-doing our closet. I know we are nesting, and it's early - but if we didn't find time to do photoalbums in the last 3 years, if it doesn't get done now - with 2, when or when would we find time!

Tym's growing at amazing speeds. it's amazing to see her learn things. I will have to let Meag retell a phone story - she told Nana a story on the phone, and it's hilarious! She is also in the throes of 3 - and the tantrums. Oh the tantrums! One night this week she had an entire meltdown in the bathtub - and empty bathtub with no water in it. She was having a bath and not behaving - her options were getting out or continuing in a shower with me. she egarly accepted the shower offer and had a great time till it was over. She wanted her bath back. And she let us know - a full 15 minutes of full on tears. She could barely breath and was bright red when she finally stopped. The stamina was amazing!

On growing up - next weekend we are having a small party... A weaning party! She is stoked. I am stoked! The last few months I have been ready to wean her - we are down to 4 of the quickest ABC songs ever a day. She seems to get that after the weaning party, she is to old for breastmilk, and says she's going to drink out of a big girl cup (which she does any, but oh well!) We shall see how it goes!

This little guy in my belly has been a wiggle worm! he is moving SOOO much lately it's crazy. Last night, I think there was a time when he flipps head down. I was having a LOt of movement around my bellybutton and above... Which was really weird, since I've never felt movement up there. Of course the movement seems lower today.. We shall see, maybe he will flip without any problems this time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

boats, rainbows and water

Oye what a weekend! It past way to quickly!

On Saturday we headed out first thing in the morning to Meag's first Dragon Boat Festival. It was awesome. She had a blast - and the team finished 2nd in the women's division and even got a cup! Tym thoroughly enjoyed watching the races and cheering on the different boats.

We left there before lunch to head home and pack up for the Dyke March. Which was a lot of fun as always. Meet up with Beth, Jesse, the girls and santiago and his moms. And marched out stroller posse down the street. It was fun hanging out with them and seeing everyone out and about. The kids loved playing in the park = and loved the now traditional gelato stop before heading home.

After 8 hours outside on Saturday we were all pretty tired. Come Sunday morning we were not doing any better. Tym woke up at 6. I could barely move and had a headache - clearly over did it on Saturday. Meag took Tym down to watch some TV. She could hardly move - her muscles were quite sore from boating. It was a pathetic site for awhile in our house. We took it pretty easy for most of the day.

Until we found a leak in the basement. In the afternoon it wasn't a huge leak - the wall that the electrical panel was on was wet. Another Co-op guy came and took a look - looked like maybe the outside tap - so we turned it off and didn't think much more about it. Until after supper, Scott was over and heard water running in the basement. Not a good sign! Rushing downstairs shows a huge gyser of water running over the wall and down the drain. Once the dishwasher was turned off - it stopped. Plumber was called. All lights and stuff turned off (considering the electircal panel was now soping wet!). The plumber of course could not duplicate what happened - could not find a single leak anywhere! So he left - we turned lights back on.

Apparently it was the external hose bib that was not tight. Now we just got to work with the co-op to replace the chiprock and insullation fixed (replaced) considering we don't see how it could all dry naturally without mold growing. Fun times for a Sunday night!

Oh - we also went to the museum and seen a Bob the Builder exhibit, which Tym loved! And went to the beach with Beth and the girls.
Overall a fun, but busy weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

midwives and carnies

Monday morning we had a midwife appt. We decided to bring Tym along so she could start getting used to the lovely ladies that will be around for the birth. We have decided that it's not worth throwing off her morning routine to bring her in... when we want her to meet them some more later on, it will be a late afternoon appt so we don't have to bring her to school after!

The appt went well however. My blood pressure remains lower than ever at 112/64. Everything looks good. I am measuring a couple days ahead at 26 weeks - this could be due to how he is positioned right now - somewhat transverse (side to side). Which is better than I was thinking - breech. He's felt really low thus far with movements and had felt breech for awhile... Even though we know it's too early to worry about it, with past history we would like to get him head down sooner than later! :)

Tym helped with the doppler. She held it on my belly and heard his heartbeat for the first time. It was cool to see her reaction. Then all of a sudden she was all over Denise (Midwife) wondering what she was doing. Only 1 more appt at 4 weeks, then it's every 2! Already!

Yesterday Meag and I took the day off. We ran a bunch of errands in the morning, then surprised Tym early at day care. We went on a bus and headed to the SuperEx! It was the first time Meag and I had gone. It's pretty big... and a blast! It took Tym awhile to warm up - she really was not intersted in the rides... or she would be for 30 seconds, but once she was on or almost on she would change her mind. So we watched Annie on a few rides :) The animals were a huge hit! But - not as much as the Girl Band that we found playing. We saw the stage as the girls were getting on... Tym sat right down and would not leave. For a long time! She even got on stage and danced her heart out for 4 of the songs! It was so cute! We finally got her away from them, had quick snack and tried to get her to the bus stop for the 2 buses to get home. On the way, we saw african drummers... there's one stop... They finally finish and who do we see on the last stage as we are heading out? The girl band again! 15 minutes later, and a few tears... We finally get to the bus stop. Who knew the chicken dance done by a 3 year old would be so cute!

Monday, August 18, 2008

All things Wicked

So while we were finishing up painting in the baby's room, I noticed a smell - had asked Meag if she'd smelt something a couple days prior, she didn't. Must have been my sensitive pregnancy nose... Anyway - upon painting, I noticed on the duvet on the bed - stains. Pee stains. Uggghhh! Wicked Belle! it looked like she had been using it as a litter box for a few sessions.

So we soaked the duvet and that seems to be Ok... however - the mattress on the other hand has not been as successful. We put it on the deck the past 2 days to help air it out and febreezed it - however it was still smelly this morning. We just might have to go and buy a new double mattress. Of course this happens just as I was getting ready to settle into the spare room to sleep due to snoring and pillow obstacles in our regular bed!

We had a lovely weekend - it started with swapping spots with Christa and Abby. They came over at supper time Friday - we left. A nice supper and then to see a play. "Wicked". It was - AMAZING! The set, the story, the acting... was awesome! Then we stayed at Christa and Abby's - kid free!! Had 2 full meals without saying - Sit on your bum, eat with a spoon, don't do that! It was bliss!

After we got home the 3 of us headed to matt and sarah's who are still under renos :( However, we were able to pick through the scrap pile and get all the bits we need to put in some much needed shelving in our closet! That will be the long weekend project - Closet Build It!

Yesterday was a lovely day! It was awesome to see the sun! So much so I got a wee bit of a sunburn... We went to the market with Betj, jesse and the girls. It's nice they are back from vacation :) and played at the pool and park for a bit, before hitailing it out of there to go watch Meag have a dragon boat practice. Tym loved watching them... And feeding the ducks. The seagulls however, were jerks I was told. it was quickly discovered where she learnt that word upon walking back to the car as Meag and talking about what she seen - and said - "They were jerks weren't they?" hrrrmmm..... new rule - don't call anything you wouldn't want to be called.

Couple Tym sayings...

While snuggling to sleep - she normally gets 1 ABC of breastmilk. "Mama, 1 ABC makes me sad, but 2 makes me happy!" She then got the fasts 2 ABC songs known to man!

"Those seagulls are jerks!"

"I wanted to pee outside" while peeing naked on the deck. Hrrrmmm

There are more but of course I can't remember them right now

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wet and cold

So I've found this summer to be wonderful weather wise - most would not agree with me.

I have loved it because I have not been a sweating, cranky 6 month pregnant woman this summer. Just pregnant. The reason for this is the weather has sucked. We have had more rain then ever - this morning I had wished I brought a sweater to get to work... Really folks it's not even mid August! I should be complaining first thing in the morning that it's already to hot for the day! We haven't set Tym's pool up in weeks because it hasn't been warm enough. Great energy wise since we haven't even had fans on let alone the air conditioner!

However in the grand scheme, as comfortable as I've been - it sucks. We've had no nice weather summer, no heat, just the threat of rain almost every single day.

However if there is going to be a summer like this, I'm glad it's this one!! :) Next summer can be warm and I can spend it at the pool with the kids! :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

Painting and Fairies

It's been awhile since an update - sorry folks!

First - Batman was AMAZING! I haven't enjoyed a movie like that in a long time. I am hoping to get to go see Harry Potter in November before this baby comes out to! That will be the end of movies for awhile after that probably!

We had a great long weekend. Took our time and got most of the painting done in the baby's room. Took our little fish swimming - boy is she a fan of the pool now. It's time to sign her back up for swim classes!

The week was busy as usual. Tym's rash is getting better and better now that she is not eating garlic. Surprising it's been pretty OK cooking and stuff... Some things just are not as tasty though! This weekend we finished up the painting and got the house cleaned. Took it easy but was productive.

On Saturday we let Tym sleep late in anticipation to going to the Lumiere Festival. It was amazing. We meet up with Tym's friend from school and her folks and had a fantastic time (pics are up) Tym was stocked to dress up like a fairy.. And we had to call her Princess Fairy Tym all night. When she fell asleep at 9:45 Sat night, she wanted to know if there was another festival tomorrow... Now we have her psyched for Gay Pride! :)

It's crazy to think that we are already mid august! We've decided that there are several little projects we want to get done before Ole arrives (like photo albums and memory boxes) so that we will have a few weeks to just sit and maybe play Xbox in the evenings. It's a lofty goal, but hopefully we can do it. I think it helps that we don't have cable so are missing the Olympics :(

Ole is growing and moving like crazy! He's consistantly pushing and poking me. I am now noticing a difference with carrying a boy vs girl - he is zapping my energy like crazy. I know that I am also running after a 3 year old, but I am dragging a lot more than I was with Tym even at work and such. I have started swimming at lunches a few times a week - which both me and him seem to enjoy :) I am hoping it helps him flip over, I feel him really low and think he's breech still.. I know I know.. Lots of time to have him turn... However Tym was placed the exact same.

So onto this week. Friday we are heading to a Broadway show - Wicked. Meag bought awesome tickets for my b-day. And we are even swapping houses with Christa and Abby so we can not be in our space for a bit... not a hotel, but next best thing ! :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Looking like....

Lastnight I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth - Meag and Tym were reading in Tym's room. Next thing I know things were not so quite.

TYm comes running into the bathroom crying. I ask her why she's crying.

"I spit on mummy'"
"Why did you spit on mummy?"
"Because she looked like a sink!"

launghing ensued for everyone. Meag couldn't be as angry with that response. Lets just say that spitting is being practiced all on her own - she spits while brushing her teeth about 15 times.

Oh how 3 year olds think :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it's been a busy week since I lost my feet!

I ended up taking a day off last week to just put my feet up and let the swelling come down. After 24 hours of doing nothing they looked much better. Of course after a busy birthday weekend they are somewhat swollen again - they don't ache yet though.

Friday night Mel, Laurel, Christa and Abby came over for drinks - it was a lot of fun laughing at everyone! Saturday night we had a potluck chocolate party -it was a good time with lots of yummy food that had chocolate in it. It was awesome to see how inventive everyone got! Sunday brunch with the 4 girls at the house and supper at Matt and Sarah's lead to yesterday morning being very hard to get up from!!

But it was a wonderful birthday weekend. I got a food processor - and we made hummus Sunday - Tym was very excited about that, since she hasn't has humus for over a month. I am excited to make other things as well - should be fun :) I also got money towards a new blender - one that will crush ice really well :) Just gotta find it.

Tonight 5 of us are going to the The Dark Knight on IMAX. Should be a fantastic time!!

This weekend is the long weekend.. it's amazing to know that August is already here! This weekend we are going to get the base coats of paint up in newton's room - and slowly work on the animals on the wall in the coming weeks. And hopefully do some relaxing!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lost and found...

So some things are lost and found a lot earlier in this pregnancy....

Lost - my feet.

Happened at some point in the last 2 weeks. I've never had a fantastic view of my feet, fact is I'm a big girl. However now I have to bend quite forward to see my red crocs!

Found - swollen feet.

I wouldn't call them cankles just yet - however they are definitely getting more round as each day goes on. With Tym this didn't happen for a long time yet! It will be interesting to see how my feet look in 2 months let alone in 4+! Oye!

Monday, July 21, 2008

We are back in!

Well folks, we are finally back at our house. I do miss hotel living however - someone to clean up and give you fresh towels everyday... It's also stress free - you don't feel obligated to do 1000 different projects since you're not home. Meag cleaned up mostly from the reno on Friday and we moved back home on Saturday. Our new floors are lovely. The bathroom is nice, except for a few small things to touch up. It needs a new coat of paint, since the off white with the blue floors and counter makes it look like someone pee'd everywhere. Anywho.. We are just glad to be back in our space.

Tym was stoked to be home and has enjoyed running around with all her stuff. We picked up most of the paint for the baby's room this weekend - and Tym wants to paint it NOW! (It will wait until the long weekend) Last night we started cleaning up the baby's room - which also had us going through some clothes bins of Tym's; deciding what is good for a boy, and what is not. OYE! That was tough. So many of her girly clothes are sooo cute. And now we are going to give them away. Well not quite give them - we are going to take them to Boomerang to sell, so we can get a credit and buy the boy some cutie stuff... It's just hard to part with some of these clothes. And these clothes are all 2ish years old clothes - her smaller clothes are going to be even harder to go through. We will do that once we've painted and can leave some stuff upstairs.

Of course now there are a tons of projects that we need to get moving on and done in the next couple months - and figuring out exactly what ones we want to do now verus later. Mel is back in town this week - YAY :) And she'll be here for my birthday celebrations again this year, which is awesome :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now that I am clearly pregnant, everyone keeps asking me how I"m feeling. Which I never thought to much about - since I feel fantastic! There is nothing quite like the 2nd trimester - you are not as big as a house, not nauseous all day, and don't need to sleep 14 hours (would be nice though! hehe).

But all in all it's been great - my belly has definitely grown in the past couple weeks - not much mistaking what's inside. My hair and nails like last time are growing like weeds- which is good since i want to be able to put my hair up for labour! I've put on 12 lbs or so - not to bad. My mood generally has been pretty good (Meag probably doesn't think so!) - however I have definitely noticed when I'm testy, I'm quite testy. (Sorry Meag!)

One thing that has been totally different this pregnancy is how much he is moving! HOLY Cow! Tym was always laid back, didn't move much for ultrasounds, and since she was breech facing in the whole time, I felt movement - but no fierce kicks or punching. Newton however flips around all the time, and I feel him poking and prodding me all the time! Which I find amazing... (ask me when i'm 35 weeks if I still do or am tired of it! hehe)

Tym has taken on a whole new fasination with Newton since we've found out it's a baby brother. She'll talk to him first thing in the morning everyday, and hug and snuggle him (more then she was before). Yesterday morning she was laying listening, and my belly gurgled - she sat right up - "He just FARTED!" It was so funny. I told her it was just my belly, but she sure didn't believe me!

We are offically half way there... I am very much looking forward to the next few months when we can settled into the 'new' house (it will feel new with the floors and bathroom done), get the room painted and start digging out all the baby stuff we have.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving out, pictures and Oh My!

What a whirlwind of a weekend.

We finished packing the house and ourselves for the weekend. Tym was finally feeling much better - and was exstatic to go to school on thursday - so we sent her friday as well even though we originally thought we would keep her home and take her to the ultrasound... so we dropped her off at school and finished off the house.

Of to the ultrasound. What a wiggly baby! It might have been the icecap I had right before going to make sure that it would move around enough. In 20 minutes it went from being breech to transverse to head down. Tym was never ever this wiggly - it will be intersting to see how active this baby is when it comes out!

And, it's a BOY!

It was very clear what parts this baby is sporting. I was in shock a little bit - even though we joked it would be a boy, for some reason I thought it was going to be a girl. We are getting use to the idea of a boy and it's going to be a very fun adventure! Now the idea of names - thankfully we have a few months to sort that out!

After the appt, I finished packing and Meag went to work for a bit. Packed the car, got tym and headed to Beth and Jesse's for the weekend.

We told Tym there that she was going to have a baby brother - and she is so excited! :) should be a lot of fun.

After a fun filled weekend with the girls - we came back to the house on Sunday afternoon - the construction guys had already demolished the bathroom and were putting the tub and tiles back in- - should be nice when it's all done. Meag packed us up for the week and tym and i headed to the farm with a school friend of hers, which was lovely. then off to the hotel. which is were we will be for the week. It's going to be lovely seeing Mel and hanging out with her - I just hope we are not in her way to much!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

to damn hot!

So Tym hasn't been to school yet this week - We knew that she was cooking something on Sunday - didn't think it was much. Most times when she's wonky it goes away after a good sleep , or it's a food reaction.

Meag wanted to take a play day on Monday with her, and they went to the Nature Museum with Annie and Jesse. Apparently she was even more off then. By Monday night when I got home it was clear she was sick. And has had a fever ever since. When we called her into school yesterday they asked about the vomitting and diarhea - thankfully we have none of that. Just a very hot girl, in very hot weather. it's yucky!!

It looks like the fever broke some time last night. But she's hardly eaten in 3 days and is still quite cranky - so she's home again. Hopefully the fever doesn't come back today!

Yesterday we went to the naturopath and got her allergy testing results. It was as expected on some - and others floored us!

Cow Milk

No wonder the rash hasn't gone away! Never have we stopped cooking with garlic!! So we will stop using that for awhile and see what happens with the rash. We are going to stay away from most cow dairy for a bit. She wasn't postivie on them, but reactive. So until we get it under control, we are staying away. But overall - we can deal with that :)

We are slowling getting things ready for Friday when we move out for a week - can't wait to have the new floors and bathroom though!! :)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Big Sneeze

I was cuddling with Tym the other night helping her fall asleep when without any warning the biggest sneeze ever exploded from her little body. Naturally we were lying face to face so guess who got the full force of this sneeze and its accoutrements in her face? Which then produced the following conversation:

Me wiping my face: Thanks Tym! That was really gross!

Tym giggling: My snot went into your mouth Mummy! That was cool!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Bluesfest and food

Last night was the first night of Bluesfest - if you live in Ottawa, and know were we live - you know we are fairly close to the Venue. Well this year it seems that since we are a couple more rows in, we can actually hear it better... It's not as loud - but it's a lot clearer. Which is lovely to listen to wonderful music on the deck.

However, not so wonderful putting your kid to sleep. Last year she didn't ask any questions about the extra noise until after the first week... Last night - on Day 1 of 14...

T - What's that noise?
M - The music festival down the street
T - Is it on the road or the sidewalk?
M - Neither, it's in a field
T - With Cows?
M - Nope, the field next to the War museum. A boring museum, not a fun one like the dinosaur or kids museum.
T - I want to go there
M - Where? the boring one?
T - Yup!
M - Ok - when Grampa comes to visit, you ask him to go, he likes that museum.
T - When he gets out of the dessert and stops riding the camels?
M - Yes - he'll be here in September
T - Why doesn't he live with Nana
M - he does half the time
T - how does he get here?
M - Plane
T - not on the camel?

OYE!!! We went from talking about the music - to Grampa on a camel in 15 seconds. Quite the seqway.

This weekend is going to be busy packing what we can - as next Friday the living room and kitchen have to be empty as we are getting new floors, and a new bathroom. So we will be moving out for up to a week while the renos are done. Yay for Mel coming back and having a huge hotel room!

We are also doing some cooking this weekend to get food in the freezer - as Tym has no lunches in the freezer left. While Laurel was over (she is a nurse at Sick Kids) she seen Tym's rash - and said it looks like a virus called molluscum contagiosum. After doing research it definitely makes sense. Of course, there is no easy treatment for a mild case for (which Tym has) and it can last a couple years. We are going to bring the info to the natruopath and our nurse and find out what we can go. It doesn't bother her, which is good. But we hate for her to have it.

I uploaded some pictures of the last couple weeks :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hot tubs and new favorites

What a wonderful weekend we had.

Friday we all packed in the car and picked up Scott - and headed for a cottage 35 minutes away. It was divine! The only down side was the water was quite a hike away - down a mountain side. But the hot tub more than made up for it! Nothing quite like getting in the hot tub at 8:30 after a lovely breakfast. We spent 2 lovely days relaxing and eating. Don't worry folks - the hot tub was turned down before I went into it, it was like a large lovely bath :)

Tym LOVED the hottub! And her new found best friend Uncle Scooter! They had lots of fun playing in the water - she 'swam' from one side to the other. It was awesome to see her love of water come out. The only downside for Tym for the weekend (besides leaving!) was the huge thunderstorm on Sat night. There is nothing quite like a storm when you are on a quite mountain. The lighting was spectacular, the thunder ear popping. The kid - scared shitless!

After coming back into town Sunday - we discovered Belle missing. Meag finally found her a couple yards away, stuck unable to come back. We later discover that Abby and Christa must have let her out when they were over Friday night to use the BBQ.

Monday was an errand day. Both Meag and I had the day off. Groceries and the mall. I finally found panel shorts! :) And they were on sale!!! YAY! Old navy didn't have them last month, I am glad they were there this month! So much more comfortable now!

Tym has a new best friend - Mel's friend Laurel who came back with her for the week. After spending a couple hours with her Monday night - come yesterday downtown celebrating Canada day they were 2 peas in a pod. We spent yesterday morning downtown - Tym loved the festivities! The horses and mounties were a huge hit, as well as the parade and buskers. We headed home after the snow birds.

By 3 in the afternoon Meag was in the kiddy pool by herself with a beer again. It was funny. Then Mel and Laurel came over as well - and it didn't take them to long to get in the pool in there undies either! I have to upload some fun pictures of tym in the pool with them throwing water everywhere! Tym had a blast!

After way to much food last night ( thanks for the Tart Christa! ) and a good sleep - I am still exhausted!

On another note - I successfully made very yummy cinnamon rolls and a chocolate cake wheat and dairy free this weekend!!! YAY :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loyalty is not her strong point

For the past 18 months Tym has been infatuated with our friend Christa. The sun rose and set based on whether Christa was standing or sitting. They were inseperable and adored each other. Enter Abby - Christa's partner. It was a slow warm up for both of them. Not that they didn't like each other - it was just a different dynamic. And then something happened. Abby became the end all of Tym's life. I think it was the John Deere hat Abby bought her. Or maybe it was the fact that Abby "played fetch" with her. Whatever it was, Abby is like a hit of speed to my little girl. I can't even mention her name in passing without Tym loosing it and wanting to see her RIGHT NOW! Thus I give you the following conversation:

Mel: So you don't like Christa now?

Tym: No.

Mel: Why not?

Tym: I just like Abby now.

Mel: Can't you like them both?

Tym: No, just one.

Mel: Will Christa get another turn to be liked soon?

Tym: Ya....soon. But not right now.

Heartbeats and Clothes

Another week has passed quick. Mel landed in town on Sunday - she's here for a good part of the summer working - it's nice to have her around :)

This weekend we are going to a cottage with Scott. We've never been to this one, so it will be interesting to see what is there. It's going to be really nice just to sit and relax!

I looked down on Monday at my belly. It has arrived. There is not much mistaken that I'm pregnant. I definitely filled out quicker this time - as I look closer to 6 months then 4! All I am wearing now are Mat Clothes. I am good for tops, but I need to find a couple more pairs of full panel shorts.

We went to the midwife this morning - and met Denise our second midwife. She seems lovely - she was a naturopath before becoming a midwife. I am measuring right on target, my blood pressure was awesome! 112/70. And we heard the heartbeat!! It was the first time, and it was awesome! I've been feeling the baby move for a few weeks and even starting to kick the past few days - so I figured everything was ok. But it sure was awesome to hear the heartbeat at 150! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Movie Nights

It's been raining for days - and looks like it will rain for many more days to come... Last night we bussed downtown and had a lovely picnic of chicken and ribs. Oh how we love the Chicken and Rib Festival. This was the first year that Tym really took part and chowed down on Ribs - they were definietly her favorite! It just started to drizzle as we were finishing up :)

Once home we had a nice warm shower to get clean and warm up... Which was followed by our very first Movie Night! We snuggled on the couch with a blanket in our PJ's, had hot chocolate and popcorn and watched the Piglet Movie. It was awesome! Tym was so excited and hardly had popcorn, she was so into the movie. (It helps of course that she normally doesn't get to watch TV!)

it is definitely something that we want to do on occasion as a family - maybe once a month which she's still little... And family games nights when the kids get bigger :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entry missing

I updated yesterday - but it is not here... So I will update again. I finally uploaded some pictures - so there are new pictures from May and June - ENjoy! :) It's amazing to look at the pictures and see what a big girl she is turning into.

Tym is doing better - we took it easy most of last week. Let the last of the wheat leave her body! It was rough during parts. Unfortunately her rash is still present, and angry. I really wish we got the results from her testing earlier so we could figure it all out. I have an appt with the naturopath tonight and will probably bring T with me and see what she says.

Last weekend was busy as usual - we managed to get a lot of things into it. Including seeing Beth and Jesse's new house and playing at the playground and beach that is a 3 minute walk away! It will be awesome visiting this summer! I think the funniest thing for me however was Christa sitting in Tym's pool cooling off but not wanting to share it!

The most awesome thing that happened was Sunday. There was a huge thunderstorm and we all snuggled up on Tym's bed and watched the storm. talked about thunder and lighting and sang songs. It was an amazing family time.

Tym is a little obsessed with the new baby. She brought home a picture she colored at school yesterday - it was of a person holding a baby - and she colored it for the baby. it was so sweet - we had to put it on the wall next to where the crib is going to go so the new baby can see it.

As far as Newton is going - things seem on track. I can't brush my teeth without gagging, which leads to the next 5 months being lovely! heartburn has started as well. However I can feel the baby move a bit more now, which is awesome.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's hothothot

What a busy weekend. We managed to get all our errands done, plus do lots of sociallizing.

We started the weekend with swimming at Plant with Annie and the girls. Tym was super glad that they were home from vacation! Then they came over with supper.

Sat was busy and starting to get hot. We did as many errands in the morning as we could. Then called Beth and asked if they had an air pump as we bought Tym a kiddie pool. Low and behold they were setting theirs up :) So we packed up and headed over to enjoy some cool water. It was lovely.
Meag and I headed out at 6 to a baseball game with Christa and Abby. What's with cheerleaders at baseball games? The game was good - it was nice to get out and enjoy company - and we weren't in the sun so it was good :) I don't remember the last time I had a SnoCone! :)

Sunday after a very hot trip to the market and groceries we got the airconditioner installed and the kiddy pool setup. Meag and I spent more time lounging in the pool then Tym did!

We took Tym off wheat Thursday - and by Sat night we finally had our girl back! Thankfully! I am not sure what wheat does to her body, but it sure comes out in her personality! We can't wait to get those results in a month.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Summer Summertime

It's official - the heat is here. This weekend marked an average heat index of 36+ - lovely for me, not so much for my prego wife and fiesty child. to solve this problem? Buy a kiddie pool of course! With a busy weekend under our belts and Tym getting more and more catankerous, the pool was the best $20 I've spent in a long time. She was awfully cute wading around in it not really wanting to get her new swimsuit wet (obviously the concept of swimming was lost on her yesturday) as Deah and I sat in it and relaxed.

It was a busy weekend - with lots of visiting, family outings, double date to a local baseball game (sans Tym and what's with cheerleaders at a baseball game anyways?!), a trip to the farmer's market, ice cream consumption, and installing the A.C. It's almost a good thing the weekend is over with how busy we were.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tym on Wheat - OYE!

So yesterday I picked the girls up after work and we went to the doctor to get the blood drawn for testing. Tym was amazing!! She calmly sat on my lap, let me hold her arm and watched the tech put the needle in. When she seen her blood coming out, she looked a little worried - you know, since blood is suppose to stay in your body and all. But she got a band-aid and didn't even flinch!

It hurt more when I took off the band-aid at bath time lastnight!

And we've noticed something in the last 4 days. Tym's rash has almost disapeared. Good. However - her attitude and manarisim SUCK! She's bitten twice at school this week. Pierce was apparently Yummy - who knew! She's slept like crap - been up by 6 everyday. She isn't listening to us AT ALL and is down right defiant. Now, I do know that she's 3 yada yada - however last week wasn't like this. This is definitely the Tym from 'before'. We totally see what her teachers meant the week after we took wheat and dairy out - "She's so much happier". And she was. Until now.

So today starts no wheat and dairy. We are going to limit her corn and sugar - but it was when the wheat and dairy went away that we got nice Tym. So that will be the diet until we get the results back in a month.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Needles and Hammers

So we've decided to get Tym's food sensitivities tested a bit more and are getting the blood test done. The blood test will give us a scale to go on. So we know which foods to totally avoid and ones to more or less stay away from. We're doing it because her rash has yet to go fully away - we are missing something!

So in preparation for the needle tomorrow, Tym had to incorporate all the 'bad' foods back into her system, so they were there to test. Let's just say she was quite excited to have my chocolate milk and pudding at lunch on Monday. And I have NEVER seen her eat 2 full peices of pizza by herself! (monday at supper). Friday will be tough going back to the modified diet, but hopefully this test will give us more insight into what is actually happening.

Tomorrow marks Trimester 2!! Wow. It's crazy to think it's here. I am finally feeling good and not having to eat 'as' much :) The second trimester is usually the best, and I can't wait to experience it again. All my regular clothes don't fit (unless elastic waist) - and the mat clothes are still to big, but I have to wear them. It will be good in a few more weeks when I fit a little better into my mat clothes.

We found out yesterday that we are going to have our bathroom totally redone, as well as the floors in the living room and kitchen redone (to laminate hardwood floors) in July. We are very excited about this - however it does mean that July will be very busy. We need more details on when and stuff - but all our furniture will have to be moved from the 2 main floors for a week or so, and we won't be able to use the main bathroom for up to 2 weeks. There will be another unit available if we wanted to temporarily move in - but that's a lot of work. We might just try and crash somewhere while the floors are done, and come back fo the bathroom (and shower in the empty unit). Anyone have an empty furnited apt we can live in for 2 weeks? :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Trains and Ponies oh My!

We have yet to say anything about our weekend.

First - ever since last year's trip to Toronto, Tym wanted to stop at the Big Apple and go for an apple train ride (they have a small kids train on tracks). So she's been saving her money in her piggy bank (well stealing our change and putting it in) so she had money to go next time we went. So we got all backed up, and she stayed awake until the apple train. She was stoked to give the lady her money to get a ticket for the train. It was dead, and Tym was the only one on it (Mummy went with her) so she got 3 turns around the track instead of 1. However within the first 45 seconds she was scared.

She won't be asking for the apple train soon I doubt.

On to Waterloo. Got in town in great time. Went to Jo's place - Tym belined for the toys downstairs. Once Beth was home with the kids we headed over there. Tym was thrilled to see her cousins! and belined for the play room! I didn't think she could have been more excited - except the minute Darcy walked into the house I honestly thought she wsa going to pee herself! She was vibrating and bouncing and screaming. Jumped up right into his arms. From day one he's always been her favorite man.

After a lovely BBQ supper we finally got the kids upstairs late. Skipped bath. They decided they were all going to sleep together in Julia's bed. It's a good thing it's a queen! They played around and lasted for about 25 minutes before Grace was tired and gave up and went to her room. Julia was overtired at this point and Beth took her to lay down on her bed. That left Tym all by herself. she didn't quite understand why her cousins left her. Since she wouldn't let them sleep! She eventually went to sleep by 9pm.

Saturday started with breakfast out with Great Gramma and Nana. The girls did great - then a trip to St Jacob's Market. Oh how I love that Market! At the market there was pony rides. Wow Tym was excited. So she went, with Grace - and started crying before they made half a turn - so I scooped her off the pony.

Lunch and playtime at the house. Grace had some friends over to play and Tym loved watching the big girls play. A wonderful supper that Darcy made followed by a bath. Tym was beyond exhausted at this point and the bath did not turn out so well - alas everyone was calm again, and all in the same bed again.

Beth and I listened to them play in bed wondering how long it would take this time. Sure enough 15 minutes in Grace comes out - the girls are practicing to spit. She headed to her own room again. That was followed by Tym acting up, I took her out and brought her to our bed.

Sunday morning brought getting packed up and heading to the studio to get photos done. 4 generation pictures were taken. Tym wasn't to impressed and didn't want her picture taken. By the time she warmed up Julia was pretty done. Overall considering the different picture combinations there were and 3 kids 5 and under, I think they went great :)

Off we went in the car and drove home. It was a lovely trip. Not sure if Tym will go near a kiddy train or pony again - but it was fun! :)

upon getting home Grace called. She was crying and wanted us to come back again. It was so sweet!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The one about the Fallopian Tube

Tym was drinking some water last night, when she began to sputter and cough. Deah hit her back and asked her if it went down the wrong tube. After Tym finally caught her breath, she meekly looked up at Deah and said "Yeah, it went down my fallopian tube".

Blogging for LGBT Families

Today is the third year for Blogging for LGBT Families. The first year meant a lot - as it was our first year with Tym. Last year, honestly, I think I forgot. This year, year 3 also means a lot. Not only are we a family with 2 moms, a wonderful daughter and a sprout on the way - but we are very lucky to live where we do, and have the rights we do.

When Tym was born, Meag was not on the birth certificate. We were legally married, but the rest of the laws had not caught up yet. We didn't want to have to do a second parent adoption - for many reasons. The main one - she wasn't adopting Tym - because Tym was already her's. She was my wife - Tym was her daughter. Simple to us. If I was married to a man, it would not have been questioned on if he would be on the birth certificate

By the time Tym turned one the laws had caught up. We were busy needless to say, and were not sure if it meant we could get the certificate changed or not. We knew the next baby would automatically have Meag's name on it - but what about this one? In Janurary I sent them an email - saying I would like it changed - low and behold they sent us a short form to fill out. It costs us money to get the birth certificates printed again - and 22$ for the form to be filed. But last month something came in the mail... Tym's new birth certificate with Meag's name listed. Not only listed, but now she's listed as the mother, and I'm listed as the 'other parent'. Which suits me just fine.

Meag is a wonderful mom - We are a wonderful family - and I can't wait until next year when we will be even bigger! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bumps and bruises

We had a good weekend - it was cold, but we still enjoyed ourselves going to parks and relaxing a little bit.

Tym's naps are - not everyday, which is making for interesting evenings. Some days if she naps to late (like Sunday) she's up all evening and sleeps like crap. Other days, like yesterday she doesn't nap, then she's to tired at bed time to want to go to sleep... Fun times.

Then nights like last night - she falls out of bed and bumps her head :( and is up for 2 hours. (First time in a long time she's fallen, and first time in hitting her head) So she has a large gooseegg on her forehead, poor thing.

Lastnight - I felt Newton move for the first time. It was awesome! :) I didn't feel Tym move for many more weeks - but now that I know what to look for - the very faint flutter in 1 place - I faintly felt Newton move for a few minutes lastnight - it was awesome :)

We had a midwife appt today. We actually got to see Sarah ( our old midwife ) which was lovely - and find out that the reason we don't have her, is she is due 1 week before us!! Got the blood drawn today to make sure everything is good, along with the pap test, which is oh so lovely. Let's just say the cervix is a LOT more sensitive when you're pregnant! So all the testing is done now - we can sit back and enjoy the visits more. My blood pressure was awesome at 105/78. Which for me - ROCKS! :)

They had the results from the ultrasound - we will be keeping our due date and not moving it for ultrasound dates - considering we 'know' there was no sperm in the house 6 days earlier!!! hehe :) Rather avoid induction if we can! Also on the ultrasound they found a small blood clot - which is normal. And chances are along the way somewhere I will spot or bleed a little bit as it gets released. Or it might just re-absorb into my body. I am sure I will still freak if I bleed!

We are getting things ready for our trip to Waterloo this weekend - it will be nice to see everyone - Tym's quite excited :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So many new things...

Today I was going to post about the fact that we are at 12 weeks - and everything that entails... and I will - after I tell you about this morning.

After Tym slept through the night (YAY!) I went up at 6:15 and snuggled her. I mentioned I had a dentist appt this morning, and asked if her and Mummy could drive me. She immediately went - I go for a check up to?? I asked if she wanted to see the dentist and get her teeth cleaned. YA! was the answer. Ok then - If the 3 year old wants to go to the dentist, I will gladly give up my appt. (We've been meaning to get her to the dentist for the last couple months). So we all got ready and left. When we got there I told them I was there and explained I would give up my appt if Tym could get in instead - she talked with my lovely hygenist who said she would clean both our teeth.

So we went out back, Tym said I would go first. She asked lots of questions about what all the stuff was - and thought it was funny I had sun glasses and a bib on. Then I was done, and she still wanted her turn!! So she climbed in the big chair and laid back! She looked around, and was able to get most of her front teeth polished! Her teeth are so lovely and shinny! She got a new toothbrush, floss - and got a toy from the chest! She even let the very old scary looking dentist come in and take a look. Her teeth are perfect :)

Of course as we were watching her, we realized we wanted pictures, but with such an impromptu appt, we didn't bring the camera. Oh well - there is always 6 months from now!

Now that Tym is clearly a big girl - let's talk about Newton!
I am 12 weeks today - and haven't been nauseous in awhile... I even started talking my prenatals in the morning again :) I am still tired - not as tired, but 9:30 is still late for me!

On Monday I looked down and seen a little of my belly poking out - normally I just see the girls (which are ginormous right now!) but the belly is starting to poke. Not that most people would even consider me showing, but give me another month and we shall see! The preggo clothes are going to have to come out soon, as I am down to 3 pairs of pants for work - I hope it warms up soon so I can wear shorts!

This week I started telling my work folks that I'm due :) It's been fun telling people - a lot of people are wondering what I'm going to do about my job - so am I! I am going to talk to Claudia next week about how long I should stick with this job and such. Obviously I am not going to do it if it's not good for me or Newton.

A lot of people wonder how Tym's doing with the thought of a baby. Well - she is getting more excited all the time!! Yesterday morning we were snuggling, and she layed on my belly - kissed it, and was listening. She then said "I can HEAR THE BABY!" she was sooo excited! I laughed. I was hungry - are you sure you can here it. "Yes Mama, I hear the BABY!" it was so cute. Then a minute later, "Mama, I feel the baby move!!" It was so cute. We shall see how long this faze lasts - hopefully another year until the baby is a few months old! She is getting use to the fact that there is only 1 - and not 2. Thank God!