Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loyalty is not her strong point

For the past 18 months Tym has been infatuated with our friend Christa. The sun rose and set based on whether Christa was standing or sitting. They were inseperable and adored each other. Enter Abby - Christa's partner. It was a slow warm up for both of them. Not that they didn't like each other - it was just a different dynamic. And then something happened. Abby became the end all of Tym's life. I think it was the John Deere hat Abby bought her. Or maybe it was the fact that Abby "played fetch" with her. Whatever it was, Abby is like a hit of speed to my little girl. I can't even mention her name in passing without Tym loosing it and wanting to see her RIGHT NOW! Thus I give you the following conversation:

Mel: So you don't like Christa now?

Tym: No.

Mel: Why not?

Tym: I just like Abby now.

Mel: Can't you like them both?

Tym: No, just one.

Mel: Will Christa get another turn to be liked soon?

Tym: Ya....soon. But not right now.

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