Thursday, June 19, 2008

Movie Nights

It's been raining for days - and looks like it will rain for many more days to come... Last night we bussed downtown and had a lovely picnic of chicken and ribs. Oh how we love the Chicken and Rib Festival. This was the first year that Tym really took part and chowed down on Ribs - they were definietly her favorite! It just started to drizzle as we were finishing up :)

Once home we had a nice warm shower to get clean and warm up... Which was followed by our very first Movie Night! We snuggled on the couch with a blanket in our PJ's, had hot chocolate and popcorn and watched the Piglet Movie. It was awesome! Tym was so excited and hardly had popcorn, she was so into the movie. (It helps of course that she normally doesn't get to watch TV!)

it is definitely something that we want to do on occasion as a family - maybe once a month which she's still little... And family games nights when the kids get bigger :)

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