Monday, June 02, 2008

Blogging for LGBT Families

Today is the third year for Blogging for LGBT Families. The first year meant a lot - as it was our first year with Tym. Last year, honestly, I think I forgot. This year, year 3 also means a lot. Not only are we a family with 2 moms, a wonderful daughter and a sprout on the way - but we are very lucky to live where we do, and have the rights we do.

When Tym was born, Meag was not on the birth certificate. We were legally married, but the rest of the laws had not caught up yet. We didn't want to have to do a second parent adoption - for many reasons. The main one - she wasn't adopting Tym - because Tym was already her's. She was my wife - Tym was her daughter. Simple to us. If I was married to a man, it would not have been questioned on if he would be on the birth certificate

By the time Tym turned one the laws had caught up. We were busy needless to say, and were not sure if it meant we could get the certificate changed or not. We knew the next baby would automatically have Meag's name on it - but what about this one? In Janurary I sent them an email - saying I would like it changed - low and behold they sent us a short form to fill out. It costs us money to get the birth certificates printed again - and 22$ for the form to be filed. But last month something came in the mail... Tym's new birth certificate with Meag's name listed. Not only listed, but now she's listed as the mother, and I'm listed as the 'other parent'. Which suits me just fine.

Meag is a wonderful mom - We are a wonderful family - and I can't wait until next year when we will be even bigger! :)


Ashley said...

That is fantastic! Glad to hear that things worked out and that for once the government paperwork wasn't 10x more complicated than it needed to be!

Missy said...

What state do you live in that gave you those rights?