Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entry missing

I updated yesterday - but it is not here... So I will update again. I finally uploaded some pictures - so there are new pictures from May and June - ENjoy! :) It's amazing to look at the pictures and see what a big girl she is turning into.

Tym is doing better - we took it easy most of last week. Let the last of the wheat leave her body! It was rough during parts. Unfortunately her rash is still present, and angry. I really wish we got the results from her testing earlier so we could figure it all out. I have an appt with the naturopath tonight and will probably bring T with me and see what she says.

Last weekend was busy as usual - we managed to get a lot of things into it. Including seeing Beth and Jesse's new house and playing at the playground and beach that is a 3 minute walk away! It will be awesome visiting this summer! I think the funniest thing for me however was Christa sitting in Tym's pool cooling off but not wanting to share it!

The most awesome thing that happened was Sunday. There was a huge thunderstorm and we all snuggled up on Tym's bed and watched the storm. talked about thunder and lighting and sang songs. It was an amazing family time.

Tym is a little obsessed with the new baby. She brought home a picture she colored at school yesterday - it was of a person holding a baby - and she colored it for the baby. it was so sweet - we had to put it on the wall next to where the crib is going to go so the new baby can see it.

As far as Newton is going - things seem on track. I can't brush my teeth without gagging, which leads to the next 5 months being lovely! heartburn has started as well. However I can feel the baby move a bit more now, which is awesome.

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Leslie said...

Speaking as a big sister, the being-obsessed-with-the-baby thing will only last so long, so my advice is to encourage it. After "Newton" is old enough to pull her hair, punch her in the backseat of the car, blame things on her while looking sweetly up at you, Tym's enchantment will be lost. My sister and I didn't get along very well when we were children- but boy did I *looooove* her when she was still inside the womb!