Friday, February 26, 2010

The Ides of March

March isn't even here, but I'm already dreading it to a certain extent. March is so busy... it really starts in Feb with parties for friends - in an 9 week span I think there are 10 birthdays that help celebrate, including Tym and Meag. No wonder I haven't even thought about our 9 year anniversary!

lake has figured out that if he moves a stool over, he can climb, then reach things we've put out of his reach.. hence the huge goose egg on his head from bringing Tym's VTech computer on his head yesterday.

He is OBSESSED with the vacunm. a week ago he was scared of it, now it's a huge game. He loves the nozzle stuck to him, or anyone. He loves vacunming the floor. After an hour of playing when you go to put it away, he cries. A lot.

We had a great visit with Beth and family. Julia followed Tym around none stop. They all played hard and slept great. We played at Ikea and went to the Science and Tech museum. We ate, a lot. it was fun.

We've been watching the Olympics - last night had the Clake-Ward's over to watch the women win Gold. it was awesome :) It will be lovely when it's done tho, so we can start to get some sleep!

Friday, February 12, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Lake finally has 2 front teeth! He now has 10 teeth, and the molars are mostly in all the way. Lake has had a rough couple weeks with being bumped around. He fell down 7 stairs, he was dropped down 2 stairs by a 5 year old. He has hit his head on almost everything around. He's a little climber and is not afriad to crawl up things - problem is getting down!

it's hard to beleive he's 14 months old! I uploaded some pictures, and there is video on facebook - oye he's funny. He is a little dancer, and will dance if you just hum a tune. If there is music on he grooves. He brought a tutu over the other day for me to put on him, and he kept it on for 45 minutes dancing away. It was so cute.

Tym is a little trouble maker, but in the next breath is an angel. It's quite amazing to watch her brain grow and be so big! She can rationalize (if she wants to!) almost anything. Right now it's - it's my _____ - so my rules. Well actually - that's not how it works, but... We love you :)

This weekend Beth and the gang are coming down. We will do some winterluding. We will do some skating, and a fondue. it will be a fun time. Tym talks about Grace and Julia all the time and misses them a lot.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We all came down with the flu within 48 hours. Thankfully it didn't last to long - Tym was only down for a day, and totally fine after that. Lake resumed his regular teething schedule afterwards.

It's crazy to think that Feb is already here! Next weekend Beth and the gang will be here, which will be a blast. Winterluding if the weather is nice. Museum or swimming or something else fun as well. Tym's been talking about them a lot and misses them, so it'll be good for them to have some play time.

Tym has been enjoying the Rainbow Fairies series of books. Small chapter books - they went to Chapters after gymnastics yesterday and she spent the last of her gift card from Grampa and got a sticket book about them.

it's truly amazing to watch her grow into a kid (sometimes with the attitude to go with it!) She is loving gymnastics, can't wait to have her party there (princess theme of course!) She seems to be settling more into school and enjoying it and the kids more.

Lake is a toddler. There I said it. He's getting tall and the chub is getting long - he's walking everywhere and getting into everything. he can sign, when he feels like it. He can eat like a champ, if he feels like it. he loves blowing kisses, giving hi-5's and props.

Meag is loving being at home with them - which is amazing to see. It's amazing to see that she's still the favorite, even though she's home most of the time.