Saturday, December 12, 2009

December is here....


Where to begin!!! What a whirlwind. You are 1. This has been the fastest year of my life - watching you grow into the little person you are turning into has been fantastic.

You are 30 inches long and weigh 22lbs. You apparently lost 2 pounds once you started moving around - the further the cats are, the quicker you move! You will eat anything that is around - mainly whatever me or mummy is eating. You have mastered crawling up and even faster down. You can do 5 or 6 signs - but rarely use them yet, you would much rather grunt, yell and point.

This past year with you was hard and good all at the same time - I am glad you finally turned into a happy baby. The first 6 months there was not a lot of smiles. But once you started sitting and moving around the world, you are a very happy baby.

You got your second tooth last week, along with it came a cold of course. All in all you've been pretty healthy. You are not a graceful teether however - and let us know when you are uncomfortable.

There is so much love in your heart for Tym it blows my mind. I've said from the day you were born, she loves you - to much. But you love her just as much - from the moment you open your eyes in the morning looking for her, to the second you see her bus on top of the hill in the afternoons, till night kisses - you adore her. As she you - as we are constantly telling her to give you space. But you seem to enjoy it most of the time.

I am going to miss you like mad when I go to work on Monday - however my heart is eased knowing that you will be home with Mummy. I know that you guys will have wonderful days together. I do hope you start walking before I go back to work full time in Jan however, I would hate to miss that. At least I have seen you take a few steps already, know just to do it more often.

All in all - you are a wonderful boy, sloppery kissed and great big hugs included. I am very happy to have you as my son Lake Grey and I look forward to the wonderful man you will grow up to be.

Lake - you make our family complete, thanks for joining us,


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sumo!

I know I am technically a day early in writing this, but we are so busy tomorrow that I didn't want to be a day late.

Your mama and I started playing the "one year ago tonight" game earlier and I was struck by the rawness of my emotions. I could feel my heart begin to pound faster as it did last year knowing Mama was in early labour with you. I can still hear her moans when a contraction came and the (selfish because it wasn't me) thrill of it, knowing that you were now mere hours away. I can still hear your newborn cry and feel the tears in my eyes as I held your hand in mine. I can still smile at the memory of Tym meeting you for the first time and her fascination with your umbilical cord. I can still remember the anticipation of bringing you home and beginning our life as a complete family.

Because Sumo, that is what you have brought to our house: completion. And for that I am forever grateful. So to my favorite lil' man I wish you the most spectacular 1st Birthday! May you know that you are the extra effort I make to get home earlier at night, the extra driving force in being a mother you can be proud of, and the extra smile on my face because you are you.


Monday, December 07, 2009

time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future

Far too much has happened in the past few weeks and the blog has been neglected. At least the blog is neglected and not the kids right!

In 7 short days Deah goes back to work part time until after the Holidays. I know as much as she is looking forward to the adult time (even if it is at work!), there is some sadness at how quickly her year with Lake has gone by.

He is now crawling up and down the stairs perfectly and little too quickly for the cats. Though truth be told, both of us have been know to use Tigger or Belle as motivation for him to move a little more quickly! However the face full of fur once he's "kissed" them is still a tiresome clean up!

Preparations are nuder way for his party on Sat. Much to Tym's disappointment, Lake's puppy cake (and not princess cake like she wanted), should be fantastic. It's been interesting for Deah and I to plan this party. All of Lake's "friends" are the younger sibling's of Tym's friends, so I can see some of Tym's confusion with this party since all her friends will be there as well. She helped pick out some of the decorations and slipped by us a package or two of princess napkins. Oh well - it'll make for a great story at the very least!

Mum and Dad arrive Thursday night and the kids are already bouncing with excitement! Tym's informed us that she won't be going to school on Friday since it's Lake's birthday and Nana and Grandpa are here. It really was a simply battle since Deah and I had already thought she wouldn't go. It's alittle scary how rational her thoughts can be at times!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Sumo:

11 months my boy! You have laughed, crawled, clapped, and explored your way through life for 11 months already. My how it's gone quickly!

You finally have your first tooth! Much to my delight - I was beginning to get a little concerned you would teeth all your teeth at once and go from a toothless baby to a full set of chompers over-night. Of course this new tooth feels rather funny to you and it didn't take but 36 hours for you to promptly bite your lip to bleeding. Its mate is making waves about breaking through any day now, which would be fine but us as you are completely uninterested in food. That is, unless i am trying to wolf down some dinner while you guys get ready for bed and then you can't get enough of me as you climb my legs looking to "join" me for supper.

This month has been a fantastic one for you and I. Mama has left us to our own devices multiple times for 3-4 hour stretches and two things have happened: a) we've both survived! and b) our bond has become more and more intense. You now look to me just as much as you do Mama , and will cry when I leave the room too. This is a strange and wonderful thing for me as Tym never did this at your age. I do wish I had the magic touch for being able to put you down for your naps or settle you at night. As much as I love bouncing you to sleep Sumo, you do weigh 24 pounds and have caused me a muscle spasm or two in my shoulders. You certainly don't like it when I try to transfer you from my arms to the bed - something we'll have to have a rough lesson with when Mama goes back to work.

About two weeks ago you learned to climb the stairs - of course you decided to do this as we were carving the pumpkins for your first Halloween. I guess that's a good thing since it momentarily distracted you from eating the pumpkin guts and/or throwing them around the kitchen. I don't think Belle is ever going to come near you again after the pumpkin gut toss that landed on her back. You looked ever the brave knight in your costume and had eyes as big as saucers trick or treating.

It's hard for me to think that your first birthday is just around the corner. You bring a smile to face with the mere thought of you and a giggle when I think of all the amazing things you've learned and will learn. Thank you for each and every slobbery kiss, small neck hair pulling hug, and raspberry you've given me.


Monday, November 09, 2009

Tinkerbell and her Knight

Halloween was quite fantastic this year. We were supposed to head to Kitchener to celebrate Julia's 4th birthday, however my sister began to feel flu-like symptoms which prompted us to stay in Ottawa. How wants to play Russian roulette with the flu right? Tym was quite sad at not seeing her cousins, but I think we gave her plenty of plan B options. She was able to participate in her school's Halloween festivities (costume parade and pumpkin decorating), followed by a family swim and pizza night night. Unfortunately even with all the activities, she is still battling sleep insomnia. For the past 3 weeks she has only slept through the night 4 times. On average she is up for 2 to 4 hours at a time. She won't really tell us what is waking her or keeping her up. She's mentioned pirates and dinosaurs but the rest if a "secret". Can you say parental alarm bells ringing! We've discussed having a social worker friend of ours "play" with her and see if there is something she can dig out of Tym. But I digress, back to Halloween. On the 31st we met up with Annie at a smaller mall to partake in their family activities (IE: kill time during the day). The girls looked fantastic as Tinkerbell (Tym) and a dragon (Annie) while Lake was their Knight in shining armour. After supper we headed out to meet up with Tym's friends Zac, Sophie and Noah for some serious Trick or Treating'. It sure does get allot of fun as the kids get older! The excitement and anticipation are contagious! All in all, even though it was the weekend of Plan B, it was awesome!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

How the time flies....

It's been forever since I've updated the blog - I'm such a bad blogger! I go back to work in less than 6 weeks - is it weird that I will probably have more time to blog at work then at home?? At home if I start a post and can't finish it - I find the 4 year old typing junk when I turn my back - at work I can just leave it till later.

So a lot has changed in the past couple months...

Tym loves school - some days it is a struggle to get her to go to the bus - it's always fun to stay at home and play right? But she hasn't stayed home a day yet and has enjoyed learning and making new friends - and the bus is a highlight as well :) She knows most of her letters and is rhyming all sorts of words together. They are learning about community helpers right now - her favorite stop on her feild trip this week was to the mechanic!

She is in love with princesses - which is lovely. Meag is having a hard time with the fact that all she wants is pink and princesses - the disney princesses at that! But she's her own person and I will make her a princess cake if she wants it at her birthday :)

Dance and swim class are going well - she loves them both. She has turned into a little fish in the water - with goggles will dive and SWIM! last week when we all went, she swam over 5 feet by herself. it was amazing to watch. One of Lake's favorite places to be is in the water with her.

Lake has a tooth!!! It sprouted today. Which makes sense why he's been a bear and nursing all night long the past couple nights. It is his official first tooth - almost 11 months old! He is over 24lbs and quite tall. He is wearing clothes Tym was wearing when she was walking and talking - only 18-24mths for him. He loves to clap and wave. He has started to climb the stairs this week , now he just needs to learn how to crawl down as well! he is standing on his own more and more... He may not be walking by his birthday, but it won't be far off! He eats like he is 2, sleeps like he's a newborn and loves to give huge hugs. Lake loves his sister more than anything - when we wait for the bus the second he sees it, he starts to to point and scream, waiting for her to get off.

I took him to NS for Grampie's funeral last month - and everyone loved him. He was a great traveller and gramma gave him lots of hugs and kisses. Gramma and great Grammie are going to be joining us for Christmas this year. I am very excited, and think it's going to be an amazing year. Not just because my mom and grammie will be here = but I think the kids are going to be amazing! Tym can't decide what she wants from Santa - this will be one of only a couple years that they both beleive - hopefully next year when he starts to understand it she will still beleive :)

It's crazy to me that almost a year has past already... we are planning his birthday party. wow. It's been an amazing year, busy - but amazing. There is nothing like having your kids love you back. I can't wait until Meag is home with them and gets to reveal in the speed of the week passing and the multitude of hugs that she will get as well.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Single Parenting 101

Thanksgiving week was a bit chaotic and classic all at once. Deah made an emergency trip to NS to attend her grampie's funeral. We had briefly kicked around the idea of all of us going but logistics and cash made it impossible. So after explaining things to Tym and having a few cry sessions with her, Deah and Lake flew out on the Tuesday. Up to that point in Tym's life, Deah had never left her behind before. I mean, Tym has been on numerous sleep-overs but that is totally different in the mind of a kid. Deah leaving (!!) her was almost akin to her not coming back. With help from friends and lots of understanding at work, I juggled my schedule to be home for Tym to get on and off the school bus.

SHE WAS AWESOME! I have the most spectacular, wonderful, hilarious daughter ever. We danced, we wrestled, we had a movie night, we turned the couch into a play fort, we told each other fairy tales and we found a local pizzeria that makes a Tym safe pizza. Oh the delight in her eyes when HER pizza was delivered to the door! There were a few trying times, after-all she is 4 and I am a push-over of a parent, but those 5 days of solo Tym time were outstanding! We even had a mini-spa day by getting our hair cut together. This was a bigger event than normal as Tym let our stylist wash her hair for the first time. She loved it! I was ultra-proud and a little sad all at once. For every milestone or big event she has, I'm reminded that she's growing up more and more. Thankfully I still have Lake!

We met Deah and Lake Sat. night at the airport with a huge homemade sign. We watched Deah and Lake come down the escalator to the arrivals level with huge grins. Once they hit the floor, Tym took off like a bolt and launched herself at Deah while I snuck a quick kiss and stole Lake. As great as it is to have the house full and complete again, the solo time with Tym is something I will treasure. She's a fantastic kid and I've never felt more confident that I'm doing a good job with her as I did that week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Sumo:

Once again I am shamefully late in writing your monthly letter. When I figure out how to slow down the day I will be able to write these in a more timely manner.

One week after learning to crawl, you started clapping. And oh the joy you have doing this! I've never been applauded changing a diaper before, but thank you Lake for doing it every time! You've also learned to shake your head "no", which delighted us at first with how cute it is. However it's been a tad frustrating when you do it for everything offered to you at supper time. You're learning the sign for "more" and "all done" and have used each a few times. Tym might be confusing though as she's teaching you her own made up signs.

This month brought you to your first Thanksgiving celebrated with lots of family hang out time and our close friends Beth, Jesse, Annie and Merrie. Unfortunately it also took you to your first funeral as Great Grampie died Oct. 11, 2009. You and Mama flew home in time for the funeral and apparently you looked quite handsome in your suit. Even though you won't remember Great Grampie, he was a fantastic man with a smile that made others smile. Including you. He will be missed, but Mama will keep him in our thoughts with stories for you and Tym.

Lake, you have grown into quite the lil' Sumo now and it's hard for your Mama and I to believe that in 2 short months our roles will be reversing. She will be back to work and I will be staying home for 9 months. I am so very excited to have this time with you, to be there for your milestones. to take you to the park and pull you in a sled, and more importantly... to dance it out when we both need it.


Monday, September 14, 2009

In the system

Tym officially started school today. For the next 14 years, ours and her life will revolve around whether she is on spring break, summer vacation, or if it's a P.D day. Gone are the times of "well hell, it's Wed. and I don't feel like working, so let's take a family day and screw off to the park and have a pic-nic". I know she's only 4 and I can still take a play day with her (and I'll be damned if I don't!) but the sense of responsibility is there now. Oh sure it's there for work, but this is different.

I spent the day busy-ing myself in the kitchen cooking, trying not to watch the clock in anticipation of what she might be doing now or how many more minutes till I pick her up from the bus. In the back of my mind I kept re-living the past 4 years. Wondering where they went, and praying that time slows down for this next chapter.

I thought of the mistakes I've made and if I changed tactics soon enough to not have had a lasting impression on her. I thought of the victories, big and small, that she and I have had since her birth. I thought about how she first rolled off the bed at 7 months of age and I thought I was the worst parent on earth. I thought about how she wrapped her arms around me when I had strep throat and kissed my cheek telling me she has magic kisses and I should "feel better in 26 years" - and I thought I was the luckiest parent on earth. I thought about the first night I successfully put her to bed with no tears when she was 13 months old - and I thought I was the best parent on earth.

I thought about how I am still not completely out at work to my clients and how this impacts her. I thought about how I am still very good at being very vague when answering questions about my family/kids. I thought about how I expect her to be solid in her skin and identity when I am still at times not solid in mine. I thought about how I want her to listen and trust what I say to be true, when at times I have told her a lie or two because I couldn't/wouldn't explain something. I thought about her empathy, love and kindness with a touch of quirkiness and wished to all the gods and goddess' that my daughter weaves her way through school successfully, strongly and with her quirkiness intact.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Sumo:

Today is a huge milestone for you. You have been in this world for as long as Mama was prego with you. And dear Sumo you've already given us a huge celebration: you learned to crawl on Sept. 9th, 2009. I honestly didn't think you would crawl as you've been far too content finger walking around the house with us. But there is a part of me that is very excited for your crawling, because now my back won't ache from walking with you.

It's been a bit of a rough month for you. A suspected teething induced double ear infection, your first true fever, and a pretty bad sinus infection. All this has meant that no one has really slept well in almost 2 weeks. Coupled with Mama and I trying a new bedtime and night-time routine with you in hopes of you actually sleeping a solid night through. Needless to say, there were allot of tears and frustration on all our parts this month. However the delight in your eyes and your huge toothless grin as you crawled around you sister's room and the hallway, put everyone's tiredness at bay. I only wish you hadn't decided to learn this on the same day that Tym started school. It was a little extra emotional for Mama and I. Out first born is truly a big kid now and our baby is taking steps to growing up as well.

But son, all your accomplishments make my heart swell with love and pride. Grow as you might, you will always be my lil' Sumo.

Happy 9 months Lake!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

To many things running through my head... I haven't posted in forever - it was a very busy and wonderful summer.... I've just uploaded pictures in August and Sept.

Today was a big day.

  • Tym started school - decided she didn't want us to drive her and took the bus. All by herself. I went to pick her up, she took the bus, I drove home by myself.

  • Lake crawled from the bathroom to Tym's bed 4 times in as many minutes.

Time is passing way to quickly - my babies are growing way to quick... I need a pause button.

(however I am not rethinking a third - as sad as I am that they are growing, I am tired! lake's double ear infection helps with that!)

I will post more next week when I have time as Tym will be gone 4 hours everyday!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The long hours between 7pm and 7am

We've embarked on a new journey with Lake - and it's going to be hell! Lake is by far a bad sleeper - has been from night one. He sleeps very lightly and restlessly and will easily wake every 60 to 90 minutes in an average night. So after nearly 9 months of this, Deah is beyond a walking zombie. So we started a new sleep technique with him last night with mild success. I hate the words sleep training so we're sleep "coaching" him to ultimately get him to self-sooth at night when he does wake and isn't hungry (and at 23 lbs - the lad doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night!). Basically what we are doing is removing Deah from dealing with Lake at night at all and inserting me instead so that he can't snack off breast milk to get himself back to sleep. I bounce him to calm the worst of his crying (which is fairly easy because he loves this), and then slowly slow down the rhythm of the bounce as he starts to get more and more sleepy so that (in time) he is simply falling asleep without needing the bounce. All in all we are expecting this to take close to 2 weeks to have it down - maybe longer as it is Lake we're talking about and that kid has a set of lungs and a stubborn streak to go with them!

Last night was night one and it sucked with some small victories along the way. I can see the victories now that it's daylight but at 2 am I certainly wasn't seeing them! Lake first stirred around 9:30 and wasn't fully back asleep in the bed until 1:30. I could get him into a dazed and confused kind of zoning stare and *this close* to being asleep, but then he'd start wailing again and we'd have to start all over. One of the victories I noticed was he easily took a bottle of water from me. So clue number one: the lad is looking for the comfort suck to get him back to sleep. Ok a bottle of water right now I can handle since it means that Deah's not having him snack feed all night. It does make me wonder about trying him on a soother again since he rejected it at 5 months. The other small victory I had was being able to transfer him easily from my arms to my chest, wait 10 minutes and then move him onto the bed. It was hard when the worst of the exhaustion was hitting but so worth it when I got a solid hour of sleep!

So today we're both a little bit cranky and I'm sure he has a sleep deprived headache as much as I do. The only difference is I can mask my with a strong coffee!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tym's Words of Wisdom

Driving with the family on Sunday, lamenting to Deah about how quickly Lake is growing up:

Tym: "Why are you sad Mummy?"

Me: "I just wish your brother would slow down his growing is all. I miss him being so little."

Tym: "Well I know how to fix it!"

Me: "Oh? How so?"

Tym: "Just stop feeding him!"

Lake in a Lake

We spent a great weekend basking in the sun at a friends cottage last weekend. It rocked! Tym and Lake were at no loss for things to do as Sandra and Annie (our hosts) and their 2 year old Sam kept us busy. Tym proved how much of a fish she is as getting her out of the lake was at times challenging. Even when her lips were blue!I was a little worried that not being able to touch the bottom would bother her, but the docks jumps into my arms - and at times over my head! - proved me wrong. Lake did pretty well himself considering the water was at times chilly. And the best part was introducing him to skinny dipping - after he's demolished a juicy peach I am not going to take the time to find his swimsuit and get him dressed for swimming - much easier to swim him naked to clean him up!They both enjoyed riding in the boat, though I think Tym's highlight was the ATV rides and "driving" with Sandra. Her dries of "Wha-Hoooo" were quite clear! My poor ankles got eaten alive at the bonfires! It's quite amazing what a person can ignore or not notice after a few drinks, but then be driven insane by the following morning/day. It's actually quite difficult to scratch your ankles while trying to stay afloat when you're already not the best swimmer. Next time I'll follow Deah's lead and hide out in the cottage to avoid being so tasty!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Aug. Long weekend family reunion-ish

We spent a great long weekend in Kitchener at the beginning of Aug. Tym was on cloud 9 the whole time playing with her cousins Grace and Julia. Lake's eyes kept bugging out of his head with all the big kid action to watch, and Deah and I enjoyed some time together and fantastic chats with Beth and Darcy. A major highlight was African Lion Safari. The kids were blown away by all the animals ("Mummy, I want to pet the cheetah!") and the fantastic water park. Tym and Julia literally spent an hour chasing each other and splashing around, while Lake enjoyed cooling of in the small wading pools. My heart was constantly bursting with awe and love at the kids playing together. Grace was out of this world awesome with Lake. So attentive and gentile with him. Beth and I were able to steal away for a couple of hours for a coffee chat. Since Mum and Dad are back in the desert, we "broke" into their condo and chilled out. Quite the opposite to use sneaking out when we were kids! Both Tym and Lake did fantastic on the drives. We left shortly after supper on Monday night and Tym was asleep within 20 minutes! I guess going to bed at 9/9:30 and up at 6/6:30 for 3 days will do that to you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Sumo:

We've been a little neglectful in your monthly letter and I apologize for that.

I am still shaking my head in wonder at the fact that you are 8 months old now! I had been told to expect your second born to do things seemingly quicker than your first born, but I would really appreciate it if you slowed down your learning curve son.

The baby gates are now up with plans on getting the cabinet locks on shortly. We've had to put a bad rail on your bed as you have already made a crash onto the floor. The mobility you've shown is awesome. You spent the better part of last night trying to crawl around the bed - which is great but if you could reserve these practice sessions for the daylight hours and not between midnight and 2 am that would be great. Even though you were practicing crawling, you much prefer to be finger walking. You've realized that this is a quicker way of getting to where you want to be. It is still alittle weird seeing your chubby little legs walking you around.

We've already seen your future temper tantrums as well.. I feel like I should thank you for the warning. The vocalization (shall we call it that?) and demanding for an object, to stand up, to move around, or to change your scenery is a fair warning as to what we can expect in the coming few months.

However Sumo, you are the most fantastic eater! It doesn't matter what it is that we're eating, drinking or thinking of cooking - you want it! From broccoli, to steak, to prunes you want it all. Of course you do have your favorites, but I can safely bring out anything and know that you will eat it.

8 months have flown by and look at how far you've come. This roller-coaster ride of parenthood just keeps getting better every day with you.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Things I never thought I'd hear myself say

"Lake! Stop eating your sister!"

"Tym! Stop letting your brother eat you!"

"Tym! Get your nose out of your brothers mouth!"

"Lake - don't head butt your sisters butt"

"No Tym you can't suplex your brother - and no he didn't say you could!"

"Tym you don't have to announce to the world when your brother has pooped"

and the best one yet:

"Deah - I still want one more baby"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too much news for one post

So many things to blog about so little time. I knew it would be chaotic with 2 kids and me working full time but not having time to update the blog was one thing I didn't count on.

Lake is now 7.5 months old and thriving! He has learned how to scoot himself backwards while sitting which meant that Deah and I quickly got our arses in gear to get the baby gates up. With help from Abbie 2 of 4 gates are up and withstood the Sumo shake (meaning he didn't pull them out of the walls yet!) He is still a terrible sleeper with a REM cycle being something of a distant memory. But oh how he loves food - all food! Doesn't matter what it is, just let him eat it - and NOW! Lake is defiantly a better eater then Tym ever was and is far less picky as well. Though I do draw the line at him making a grab for my ice cream - not yet lil' Sumo - all in due time.

Tym is now home full time with Deah and it's going pretty well. They have lots of play dates lined up every week and Tym actually went to her first camp last week. We put her in gymnastics camp and she loved it! It was great to see her excited for something in the day again, and more importantly excited to be going to gymnastics again. Next up is swimming camp in Aug. which she'll be doing with 2 of her friends from her day care.

Last week we saw an ear, nose and throat specialist for Tym. Last fall we noticed that she was constantly asking for the volume to be turned up on the stereo or TV. Then in March when her ear drum ruptured, we noticed she was having a really hard time hearing us. I know she's 4 and at times it is very much selective hearing, but you know that glazed look a person gets when they have no clue you've been speaking to them and then they finally realize you've been yelling their name 4 times and are ready to string them up from the balcony? Well that was happening a lot with Tym. So we mentioned it to our nurse practitioner and she did a small hearing test that warranted seeing an E.N.T/audiologist. So the results from the audiologist testing her last week showed a fluid buildup in both ears with mild hearing loss in the left and mild to moderate loss in the right. Which I find interesting because it was her left ear that ruptured but her right has a greater loss. We don't know if this is something that will repair itself, if the loss is due to the fluid build-up, or if it'll get worse. We were given some guidance on how to approach things with her to make life a little easier and little less yelling. Simple measures like making sure she is looking at you before speaking, speaking slowly, reading to her on her "good ear" side. She'll be re-tested in Nov. to see where things are at.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The pink line

Mum and Dad are visiting and I'll update more on that later. But the best 2 lines from their visit so far are:

Tym: "Grandpa - why is your head pink?" - As she is examining Dad's blad spot and not understanding what a bald spot is.

Tym: "Now Grandpa - this puzzle is for kids 3 years old so it's not too tricky for you."

Monday, June 29, 2009

it's been a long time since I've updated! At least Meag has been posting about some things.

Both kids are growing so quick!!

Tym - is fantastic. We had a rough week a couple weeks ago where I would have given her away, alas I did not and am glad since she's worked through whatever it was and it fun and lovely again. She loves her brother and won't leave him alone. She now loves all his toys to - we need to remind her to let him play.

She tells the most elaborate stories... A few weeks ago she made one about how she was new here - and the moving truck dropped her off. We were her new family. Her old family lived in the ocean and her room was a box. her old mommy and daddy where missing and she was glad to have 2 moms now, and new baby brother. it's amazing the detail she can get it - and it can go on all day.

We registered her at lady Evelyn - the alternative school. It's a lovely school, the kindergarden teacher is awesome. Only downside is the long bus ride, but I bet she'll love it.

Her last day of daycare is tomorrow - it will be a long but lovely summer I think. I am going to enroll her in a couple of half day camps. Get her use to different people and places. One at swimming and one at gymnastics. She's excited.

Lake. is eating! He is a fantastic baby. Except he doesn't sleep. He is sitting up on his own and has the most amazing reach ever! He likes bananas but loves watermelon. He seemed to like sweet potato as well. He is quite stoic and tends to keep his emotions to himself. Unless of course he wants something - he will scream for it. Don't think about eating with him nearby if he can't have it, he will let you know he wants it!

We got an amazing to do list done on this house this weekend - Thanks to Auntie pepe who helped out. We are really starting to settle in, and it's lovely. We are going to try and revive growth in the back yard, somehow!

The summer is upon us! I don't beleive it's already here. nana and grampa arrive this afternoon - and canada day is around the corner. We are busy. And tired.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A double decker!

Tym's world became a little more exciting as she and I ventured downtown for some hanging out time. To get there I thought we'd take the bus. Along came one of the cities new double decker buses. Well Tym's eyes nearly bugged out of her head! "Look Mummy!" she shouted with glee. Up we went to the top deck and we got a seat right in front. What a view she had! She held onto the safety bar in front of her, swinging her legs double time, and kept saying "Waaaahooooo! I love the double decker!" She made sure to thank the bus driver (with no prompting from me) as we got off at our stop and proceeded to talk about the bus for the rest of the afternoon.

I don't think her world will ever be the same again!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 Months!

Dear Sumo:

6 months have flown by in a heartbeat. The changes in you from 8 p.m Dec.11 2008 have humbled and astonished me.

You are fully sitting up on your own with a wicked lunge/3 point stance when something catches your eye that's out of reach. You have a personal fancy for gnawing on Mama's chin though the kisses you give me are not far behind. Dancing with Tym is your all time favorite activity. It is not so much a laugh as a high pitched shriek of delight when we do this. We've started giving you some food (apple sauce and banana). You're not quite sure about eating but your curiosity is never ending. It is now impossible to have a drink or eat a snack while holding you. You've come to close to drinking/spilling a latte, steak and or beer lately! When you need a change in pace taking you up to our room and giving you some naked time makes all the difference. Rolling around, playing airplane and trying to get at the cats simply does it for you Sumo.

You've come so far in 6 short months my lil' man - may the next 6 be just as adventurous but a little slower in passing.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I picked Tym up from school on Monday. As one of her favorite teachers sees me, she starts laughing really hard and says "Wait! Wait! I have something to tell you!" Tym apparently was telling some random story to a friend of hers earlier that day when she busted out with "Mofo". The teachers had to leave the room because they were laughing so hard! I guess I should be more impressed that she used the shortened version instead of the real version. Right, so all those parent teacher conferences that start in Sept at J.K will be reserved for me. I've accepted this and will prepare my defense accordingly. Good thing we've got her going to the alternative school! Maybe they'll be more lenient on me!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A time for Firsts

Lake has been quite the busy lad the past few days. He has hit many milestones none of which have made me stop looking and him and wishing he would slow down a little. I'm having quite the difficult time with him growing up so quickly.

He is sitting up by himself in the bath tub. Which nearly made Deah cry when I called her in to see him. Though she then quickly read me the riot act as he proceeded to fall over and clunk his head. In my defense, he was straining around trying to look at the toy Tym was showing him. As Deah is calming Lake down from his noggin' knockin' telling me I am to stand much closer next time so it doesn't happen again, Tym jumps in the middle of us and says "No Mama! Mummy didn't do anything. Baby Boy did it all by himself!" Thanks Tym for coming to my rescue.

Lake was also introduced to apple sauce yesterday. He made his desire for food very clear by grabbing Deah's banana and showing a piece in his mouth earlier in the day. He didn't seem that impressed with the banana, though the apple sauce was only mildly better. His face was more "I'm not sure of the texture" than anything else. That and Tym feed him his first spoonful - which nearly ended in his eye. I love that she wants to help so much but OY!

And Lake has fully recovered from his cold from hell. I swear when he decides to do something, he's gonna do it right. His first cold was certainly a bad one as Deah and I traded off 3 nights of sleeping sitting up with him on our chests, just so he could breath. However, seeing his lovely smile and shriek of delight again makes the neck and back pain fade away a little.

Finally, Lake has started giving hugs and kisses. Though they are more like "I am grabbing onto the tiny hairs at the nape of your neck which will force you towards me so I can then chew on your chin, or slime you with my drool". Either way - it's pretty amazing to have those tiny hands cling to you and want you near.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Muskoka family get-a-way

Once again we headed out in the middle of beautiful nowhere with our friends Beth and Jesse and their 2 kids Annie and Meredith. It was a nice way to break in the new mini-van with a fantastic drive through Algonquin Provincial Park. We had a great tail-gate pic-nic there and saw a moose as well. The Loser Cruiser - well I can admit it has its advantages for long drives. The main one being the lack of screaming from Lake. What a treat that was! Tym and Annie did awesome playing together all weekend from roasting marshmallows, starting the morning fire, playing dress-up and making salt dough. It was a fantastic family get-a-way with great friends.

I actually had the better part of a week and half off so I was spoiled with lots of Lake time. It was awesome! Something happened with him and I during my time off as we seemed to bond more and understand each other. I know it sounds odd, but there is nothing like your son literally flailing about in excitement when he sees you when previously he didn't react like that. I'm now able to bounce or sway him to sleep no problem (as long as he has a full belly of course!) and he loves to "fly" just as much as Tym did. His interest in food is still ridiculous but he is not actually ready for it yet. When we've spoon fed him breast milk or his teething meds he spits out the majority of it with a look of "what the hell is this? Just give me the spoon to suck on!"

Lake's sitting up on his own albeit he's still a little tipsy at times. I had him sitting in the grass for the first time and the look of awe on his face was humbling. He just stared at the grass and slowly moved his hand amongst the blades. He is also weighing in at just shy of 20 lbs. It's nice that he's slowed down a bit in his weight gain and is staying even in his clothes lately.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Great Mother

On my left forearm I have a tattoo called "The Great Mother". It's a simple black silhouette of a woman that I got when Tym was 4 months old. I've told Tym the story about this tat before and lately she's been pretty fixated on it.

The other day as I was leaving for work, Tym came running down the stairs.

"Mummy! Mummy! Wait! I have to tell you something!"
"Alright Tym. What is it?"
She grabs my left arm and says: "When you start missing me at your work, just look at your arm and think of me. I love you. Hug and kiss now!"

Damn kid sent me to work with tears in my eyes!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So maybe she's not the next Pele

Tym and I were driving in the Loser Cruiser last week, just chatting when out of nowhere she says:

"Mummy, I think soccer is really boring."

Heartbroken. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So it's been to long since we posted!

Tym is now getting very good at her bike with training wheels. They ventured on the sidewalk the other day!

On Friday I took Tym to the doctor to check out her ear. She was amazing. The doctor scraped waxout for 10 minutes or so and Tym hardly flinched. She could see 80% of the ear drum and it looked good. Ok'ed for swimming again! The doctor also took out 2 splinters Tym received ont he deck- that took another 15 minutes. And she hardly flinched again - she was awesome!

We have been going through a rough spot with her - she is 4, there is no doubt. We've heard a lot that what they are like at 4 is a window to their teens. OYE! She's going to bording school! She has been quite a handful with her attitude and such. But the next minute she's turn around and do something sooo sweet you love her all over again!

Lake is doing well - he's 18.5lbs now, and turns 5 months next week. It's amazing to watch him grow into a baby - no newborns around here anymore. He can roll both ways if you let him. he loves looking at books - especially the Dora one Tym got on Saturday. last week we had our first teething day with him. He cried for 3.5 hours straight until we gave him advil. Now we have our homeopathics all ready to go. He's getting fussy at the table - he wants to eat what we are eating. So much so that at matt and sarah's on Sunday he grabbed pork from my plate. We've given him some homeopthics by spoon and some breastmilk - he seems to enjoy the experience. So now we are on the prowl for a booster seat for him so he can sit at the table with us. He is also 'almost' sitting up on his own. It's amazing how quickly they grow up!!

last weekend we 'de-catted' our room and he seems to be sleeping better. Last night I slept upstairs with him to test it - and he was congested this morning. Lake is allergic to the cats! This makes us sad. Poor Belle is miserable - the bedroom was her domain.

Lake has very sensitive skin - and has excema around his ears and on his bits. It is starting to get better slowly - but he doesn't do good when he's in a prefold - the fitted diapers are much easier on his skin.

One last thing - Tym started soccer last weekend. It is amazing to watch her play soccer with her friends. You can see Meag's pride rise with each run. Our little girl is really growing up.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Driving in the Loser Cruiser yesturday:

Tym: "Mummy? What's the name of the hospital I was born at?"

Meag: "Le Montfort Tym."

T: "Why?"

M: "Because that's where the Midwives could work"

T: "Why not the other hospitals?"

M: "I don't know Tym. Sometimes they can only work at certain hospitals."


T: "Well I don't like that. They should be able to work at ALL the hospitals so they can help the mama or mummy or doctor or daddy."

Huge grin on my face, heart swelling, tears forming....

M: "Tym, you are very right and very smart."

T: "I'm going to tell the doctor's that they have to share the hospital with the midwife."
I am uploading a whole bunch of pictures, seems as though we haven't uploaded since we got back from TX.

So a big weekend - we bought Tym a big girl bike with training wheels yesterday. She picked out the pink princes one. and loves it!! She almost understands driving it - it different driving something with brakes on the pedals! Seems as though we tried to stay away from pink/princesses we have a daughter who loves dresses, pink and princesses. However she'll be the toughest kid in the playground, and the dirtiest - in her lovely dress. What a combo!

She also picked out a tinkerbell floor mat for the van - it's quite cute!

She was telling us a joke lastnight -

Why was 10 afraid of 11?
Because eleven ate twelve.

She was so close to having it!! I tried to redo it with 7 8 9 - but she didn't get it. Oh she's cute!

everyone is quite happy with being able to go outside again. The parks. The fun. We cleaned off the deck and have had clothes drying on it for days, it's been lovely :) I enjoy this time of year the best. It's not to warm, there are not many bugs - but no coats :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The bunny has gone and gone - and we will be paying for many years! :)

We had a fantastic Friday - hopped a bus and went down to the market for the first time this year. Tym loves it down there, as do we. I found a Croc store... Oh my beating heart! A store, all for crocs! of course I bought a pair - can't wait for it to be nice so I can wear them :)

Mel and Laurel came over for supper on Friday and bought our car. OK, some would say that it was sudden. We had joked the week prior - since we've been tossing the idea around of getting a van as screamerson hates the car that much. Mel is going to be moving here in 3 weeks - and will need a car to get to and from work... Alas - they decided used, and ours :)

That lead to Saturday - we went van shopping and were not impressed with the deals and sales people! Tym had a great play date with Mel and Laurel though.

Sunday the Easter Bunny found the family. Tym had a fantastic time finding easter eggs and eating the chocolate the bunny left. And then reading the 3 books he brought, over and over again! Our baby sitter was suppose to come over but forgot (oh teenage boys!) and we planned on cooking all day. So Meag took to the kitchen while I played for a bit. Laurel and Mel came over and cooked us an Amazing Easter supper!

Monday morning bright and early we hit 417 Suzuki - the same place we bought our car. We love them. They had fantastic deals on everythere and were willing to work with us! So we came out of there with a Montana 2008! (with ipod adapter for Meag!)

monday night we had our usual Chinese Easter - a small one this year, only 7 people came over, but it was nice.

We picked the van up yesterday morning - which took far to long. Then we had a problem with car seat installs... Apparently most vans stopped putting 3 car seat anchors in the third row around 2002. Which SUCKS! I had wanted to put Tym on one side in the 3rd row and lake on the other side in the second row. Now Tym will be in the middle - which means no other seat can sit next to her - an adult can sit on either side, but her seat is quiet large!

Oh well - once he doesn't need someone next to him, we will move her to the second row.

Meag and Tym are at Annie's getting the car seats professionally installed (Beth is a car seat tech). The van is lovely and huge! It will take some time to get use to. Thats for sure!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hoppity Hop

Ah Easter - the one holiday that seems to befall our family with huge events. Nearly everything major that happens in our lives seems to happen on Easter weekend - our marriage, Tym's birth, finding out Deah's prego with Lake....and now we can add buying a Loser Cruiser to the list. It's so sad but true. We sold our car and caved to the boy who wails for 3 straight hours thus turning purple and sweating because he hates the car with no one sitting next to him (a.k.a Lake). As fun as it may sound, having my legs go numb after 20 minutes from cramming myself between the car seats in the back was not exactly something I wished to continue. However it did give Deah the perfect oppertunity to "get in an accident" and have my life insurance pay out. I love her more for not taking the easy way out and instead choosing to put up with me for the next 50 years. Lake also showed us his vocal endurance and stubborness when we drove back from Syracuse to Ottawa 2 odd weeks ago. That boy has a talent that nearly earned him a new home at a rest stop. So gone are the days of whipping around in my little blue car, music blasting, windows down and clearly trying to re-claim some of my youth. Enter in the brown 2008 Pontiac Montana SV6 with dual sliding doors, fold flat seats, optional DVD system, and an autographed copy of Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits.

The best part - Tym starts playing soccer the end of the month.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

So Tym's rash has healed up nicely - thankfully! Her ear however is another story. The nurse called back Friday and said there was an infection and called in some pretty strong antibiotics for 10 days. Meag brought her in yesterday (given it was only 5 days since she started the drugs) and the ear canal is still full of debris and gross, and the hole is still in her ear drum. She came home with a note to not go swimming, so we can hopefully cancel swim class and put her in the next one.

I think the drugs are giving her insomnia at night. 3 of the last 5 nights she's woken up in the middle of the night and just been awake for at least 2 hours. Add that to a little boy who is going through some weird sleep thing and not settling very well.... The adults in the house are not getting much sleep! (Meag and Tym are still sleeping now since they were up for a couple hours last night).

I had Lake's 3 months pictures done on Monday - not nearly as good as Tym's (which we got done in Fredericton at the studio) but cute. It is AMAZING to see how alike they look! We were looking through Tym's album and saw Lake in pink on every page!

Tym is excited for Easter, it should be fun this year. She is growing so quickly it's crazy. She is such a trooper with all her infections lately. She didn't like the cream for her impetigo but stood still for it, and loves her antibiotics. She is learning how to work things to how she wants them which is interesting to watch. Some we let her get away, others not so much.

Lake is growing quickly. It's crazy to think he's almost 4 months old! He's a good baby during the day - I am getting used to his schedule (which is hard to adhere to with a 4 year old in the house). He hates the car - we took out the bucket seat on Sunday to see if he would like that a little bit better. So far he hasn't cried too hard in it, but time will tell. It sure is interesting not having the bucket to put him in while we are out and about. His sleeping at night still sucks. I am hoping he'll start sleeping for more than an hour or two soon.

He is rolling over! He can now roll from back to front. He did it 3 times yesterday.

He can stop growing anytime!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Home again home again.

Sorry I haven't updated since we've been home....

Thursday I went to the Dr and got meds for streph throat. Lake's ear was doing better - and leg was doing better after lots of care - pictures will come of lots of naked time, and being pooped on like I've never been pooped on before (and hopefully never again!)

The way home was good - except that Lake cried the entire drive from Syracuse. Oye! I am not sure what we are going to do about other vacations for the next few months till he can grab things himself. If there is someone in the seat next to him to chew on, he's OK.

Since we've been home Tym got a small spot of something under her eye, and yesterday there was another one on her nose. Today the spot was considerably larger. Meag was going to take her to the clinic anyway, to get her ear looked at since swim class is tomorrow. Swim class is out - her ear is still very soft. They took a swab, and will call on Friday if we can give her antibiotics. And her skin - impetigo - a skin infection (rash). Meag is gone to get her cream right now. It also explains his ears while in Tx. It comes from the streph family. So all 4 of us have had streph in the past month. I am glad that kids got a skin thing versus the throat, achy, wanna die version!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4...

Happy Birthday Bug-a-Boo! You are very much a little girl now as you tell us daily that you can do this or that now. This birthday is a little extra special as we're in Texas hanging out with your uncles Tony and John. They put on the most spectacular cowboy party for you and tonight, Tony's Mum cooked one increadible meal. Complete with your first My Little Pony. What more could you have asked for!

You amaze me daily, you continue to make my heart swell, and I could not possibly be more proud to be your mummy. You have grown into the little big kid that I had hoped for and I can't wait to see what this year brings for you.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The texas trip has been fantastic so far! The kids have both been a dream with just a few bumps in the road. Tym has had a hard time at some points with the lack of kids to play with. It has helped having Ella (almost 2 years old) and her folks around a fair bit so far. She's been really cute "helping" to teach Ella things (like washing her back when they took a bath together).

Lake - my heart aches for him at times. His ear is finally healing up nicely with the neosporin we've been putting on. It's so well healed that we were surprised to see what we think if the originating source - a small cut along the bottom of his ear lobe. Enough that it almost looks like it tore his ear lobe a bit. But it's healing and looking much better now. I wish I could say the same for his leg/bum. The kid either has too many rolls or really hates the Texas heat. And I am kicking myself through and through for opting out of bringing the cloth diapers. It started as a small, simple blister like spot of his inner, upper thigh. It's now grown to the length of 2 loonies and almost as wide. I noticed another spot near his bum, and another spot on the other thigh. So we did the only thing worried parents with no medical insurance for the States would do - we took him to the vet. A good friend of Tony and John's (actually Ella's Mum) is a vet and she has been awesome at helping us figure out the best treatment for Lake. She's given us 6-7 make shift cloth diapers (what they used as burp clothes), some Boudreau's Butt Paste, and baby powder. With the combination of all this stuff and her checking it out for the past 2.5 days, we've been able to finally get it under control. Which means Lake is much more himself now. Poor kid!
It's hard to beleive that it's already Wednesday - which means we go home soon.

It's been a lovely filled trip so far. Had a BBQ on Sunday with some nice folks - had a couple kids over that Tym had fun with. Monday we packed a picnic in the truck and went to the beach. It was a blast - a little surreal since a lot of the things we went to before was destroyed by hurricane Ike. A lot of the Island still had damage.

Tuesday was a zoo day. It was a lot of fun. Those pictures will be uploaded later on - the ones thus far are up now.

Lake's ear is healing up after some neosporin. However his leg has expolded into yuckiness. The diapers rubbed a blister, and it has since spread into a couple inches long. We are now trying to keep it airred out a lot so that it can heal. If this is what happens in Texas air in march, I am really glad we will not be here in July!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So here we are - posting from Texas. Aahhhhh Love the warm air and sun!!!

Tym's ear is doing better. Still seeping a little at night. The Dr said it was a good thing it bursts before we got on the airplane as that would not have been pretty. We do have antibiotics with us incase an infection starts. But so far so good.

We had a lovely flight here. Tym is soooo excited to be here. Her and Meag are currently at the park around the corner while the baby naps. In shorts. It's 24 degrees outside. it's heaven.

We went shopping this morning and there is lots of food for Tym - we just need to find some bread, but other then that, it's pretty good.

The poor baby - has not had a good time in the diapers we bought for the trip and ended up getting different ones today as he had a spot rubbed raw from the other ones. And his ear started looking a little sore with dry skin - almost excema like - Wednesday. Today looks a lot more sore so we've uped the remedy from breastmilk to calendula cream - hopefully it clears up soon.

So we will continue to enjoy the warm air for the week :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blood sweat and tears

It's been a crazy month over here... Thankfully most of the craziness is gone, and the rest will evaporated in 48 hours when we board a plane for Texas :)

We had TYm's birthday party on Sunday which was a HUGE success. She was so excited and had such a fantastic time. Unfortunately all the pictures (including 3 weeks worth) got lost in transfer and have vanished so we don't have proof of the amazing sea turtle cake in water, or the john deere decorations or the kids having a blast playing the 2 games we played. Everyone really did have a great time - it was amazing to see these 4 year olds who played games - and understood them! Then wanted more!

Monday we celebrated Meag's birthday with a small supper with Christa, Abby, Pepe and Chrys. It was lovely and low key.

The nights have been tough lately with Mr Lake - he's been sleeping a good 4-5 hour stretch when he goes to bed,but up every hour or more after that. Since he goes to bed at 7pm and I don't, I usually miss out on the only rem cycle I could get.

Of course lastnight he slept like a dream! However the other child didn't. Tym wake up crying and whining by 12. I came down and snuggled her for awhile. At 4 she said she had to pee (after only being asleep for 30 minutes) and proceeded to wet the bed. She was so upset with that. and wouldnn't stop crying. After a bath that she insisted on she went to bed. We gave her some Advil to stop the pain and crying so she would hopefully sleep a little bit.

When they woke up at 7, there was blood coming out of her ear. Talk about freak out! After a quick phone call to remind us that it's OK and it's not ER worthy we are settling into a TV morning and getting ready to go to the clinic for opening.

It's odd because there was no warning signs - she wasn't poking at her ear before the middle of the night, she had no fever or cold. She hasn't been eating great or sleeping great - now we know why!

So let's get that all settled before fun in the sun in 2 days!!! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

3 Month-a-versary

Dear Sumo:

3 months already - holy shit! The changes in you and what you bring to the family have been remarkable.

You are smiling, laughing, recognizing people, discovering the cats (though a little too early for their liking I reckon. Your shriek of delight when Belle's around sends her scampering to the basement for a few hours!). You've discovered your hands though the other day you whacked yourself with your fist and nearly lost your mind! And your sister has already given you your first black eye.

I can honestly say that you are now fully "awake" and taking in the world around you. You wake with a start when your sister comes home and refuse to go back to sleep until you've hung out with her for abit. She has taught you how to suplex people - a trick that I taught Tym when she was 18 months old. Cute then, though I never really thought you Lake would be doing it so young!

Thanks for being you, for being such a chill baby, and for letting me hold you tight and breath you in.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yikes - it's been forever since I updated!!

Ok - so TYm had a fever for 1 day and was great the next day. That tends to be how she gets colds... It's rare her nose is runny or anything... She'll get a fever and her body will kick whatever it is out. Yay for healthy immune systems :)

It's been a very busy time around here... I have been keeping busy with working on budget stuff for the daycare (i'm the treasurer), getting our taxes done, planning Tym's party this weekend, Meag's birthday the day after and our leaving for Texas 3 days after that. It's a good thing he sleeps well Mondays and Tuesdays since that's when I get everything done.

Tym is stoked about her birthday party. John Deere themed! She helped me make everything for the loot bags on Sunday - it was a blast :) I hope she enjoys the party as much as the anticipation!

It's amazing to think that Lake is 3 months tomorrow!! Oh where did the time go!

Speaking of - he just got up - time to fed, change a bum and go get the big girl!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Isn't he a little young to level off already?

Lake had his first doctor's appointment today. We made it strickly to start him a file at our clinic. He was a super fantastic trooper the whole time especially since he didn't really nap all morning due to 3 4-year olds running amuck (or so I hear - sometimes it's good to be the working one!) His head is now 41 around (again a big YIKES!), he's almost 25 inches long and a little shocking here, he only weighs 15.11 lbs. A little shocking since he hasn't put on a full pound from his last weigh in and typically at his age he should be putting on 1-2 pounds a month. The Dr. was a little concerned but we're all taking it with a grain of salt as he has reached all the 3 month milestones already - and clearly, take one good look at him and you know that boy is NOT starving! The Dr. did ask for us to have him weighed again within the next 2 weeks just to be sure. No biggie to us, but still I kinda have to wonder. When I'm leaving for work, Lake is either sleeping off his 2nd breakfast or having his 2nd breakfast. When I come home from work, he is looking for his bed time snack or waking up from his 2 full feeds at dinner. So if he is eating all that (and a bag of chips) than where is it going?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleeping heads

So it's wednesday. normally at this time of the week I am exhausted from entertaining Tym - or having a playdate.

This week - She's sleeping on the couch with a fever and he's napping upstairs. Weird.

This morning we knew she was off when she said she was tired 10 minutes after getting up and snuggled in our bed, not wanting to move to eat. She loves breakfast usually. She still has not touched her peanut butter bread. She was asleep by 8:30. She's been up to watch Diego and have a couple sips of juice and jello - then fell asleep on the couch by herself.

I do hope the fever is it and her body is able to fight everything else away.
I do hope the fever doesn't last to long.

On another note - Tym's school friend had a baby brother lastnight. And I am already having missing newborn pains and thoughts on another - then reality kicks in! Welcome Alexandre - I hope Sophie loves you as much as Tym loves Lake.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TIme flies

So it's been to long....

To finish up the weekend with Beth - Tym was so exhausted that she didn't want to go skating and had a nap instead while they all went. Poor thing loved having them around so much she could hardly stand it!
All in all the weekend was fantastic though. And it's been busy since.

I registered Tym for Junoir Kindergarden for Sept. OYE! Our baby girl is growing up! And quickly. Now we need to figure out childcare for when I go back to work as we are number 30 ont he list for the school daycare - but they are only taking 9 kids in Sept - back to the drawing board. I am not sure what we will do, time will tell.

Last weekend was the weekend of birthdays. Tym was invited to 2 parties - Willow had 15 girls between the ages of 4-5 there. Holy Cow it was eye opening! Tym had a blast, then went to play at Sophie's - and was asleep by 7:15! Sunday it was Santiago's 4th birthday and just as many people, but more adults. It was also awesome. We meet another girl that has 2 moms as well. it's always nice to meet more families like ours.

All these parties made us realize Tym's is in 3 weeks and we have done nothing. So planning has started. Theme picked, lists started. Now what to get her as a present... I think it might be a bike with training wheels! She really is getting to big way to fast *sigh*

I'm in the midst of trying to do our taxes, which is always a fun event! And get budget stuff done for the daycare... all of which I want done before we go to TX. There is never enough time in the day.

Today Meag and I went shopping a bit (for the party) and found Tym some clothes on clearance... Came home and unpacked her a new wardrobe out of her grow into bin (size 4 here we come). Now it's time to fill it with size 5.

Lake is doing good. He's laughing and talking up a storm. He has been reconizing us for a few weeks and LOVES it when his sister comes home from school... So much so he won't stay asleep when he's suppose to. We go see the nurse on the 4th, I am interested to know how much he weighs. He is now in 6-12 months clothes entirely and getting quite chubby.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The joy of family.

Beth, Darcy, Julia and Grace arrived late Friday night. The noise hasn't stopped in the house since. it's truly amazing how much noise 3 kids can make! Lake is a little... Overwhelmed, and loving every minute, as are we. It's truly amazing to see how quickly the kids pick up where they left off. We haven't seen them in months, but it's like yesterday.

Yesterday we headed to the museum of nature and all had a good time - followed by our yearly valentine's day fondue which Beth, Jesse and the girls came over for. It was the best Valentine's fondue yet. The girls had pizza and watched (part) of a movie while the adults did the meat fondue. Then it was time for the chocolate one and the girls... welll... went right into the tub!

Right now Meag and the gang are Winterluding down ice slides. I am home with Lake... next year he'll be able to parttake a little bit. Supper is preped, so we can go skating this afternoon.

Oh the joys of family. Pictures will follow soon.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I love Mondays

I love Mondays.

I am very proactive on Mondays. Mainly because Tym is at school and I have the car.

This weekend was busy as always. But good. This week is busy with getting the last insurance forms filled out, going to city hall to get the immunization form filled out to enroll Tym in school for Feb and re-doing Lake's passport since we have his birth certificate now.

This weekend Beth and the gang are coming up - it should be a fun whirlwind weekend.

Lake is doing lovely. We are starting to get the hang of his schedule. he really is an easy baby. He's been falling asleep all by himself. I can put his in his car seat, snug with a blanket and his soother - and he'll fall asleep. He may not sleep for a long time, but he will. Which is far from what Tym would do. He's napping well at home, he's been sleeping well at night. I have yet to be sleeping well at night, I am still not used to sleeping next to a piglet!

Tym has been a fantastic big sister. She tries to help doing everything with him. It's amazing to watch her grow into such a big girl! it's also amazing to see how much attitude can be packed into such a little person! We were at matt and sarah's lastnight - and I asked her how the beans were - she said "They are amazing! Thanks Matt!" The inflection on how she said it was amazing, we were all trying not to laugh at how over the top it was.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Proud parent moment

"Hey Tym, how about a little Raffi on the drive home?"

"No thanks Mummy. Let's listen to your boyfriend. I want to rock out!"

Boyfriend = Bon Jovi

Sigh - I love my kid so much!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I can't believe we've been home almos a week already! It's great to be here. Dont get me wrong, it was wonderful to be home... So Lake could meet everyone, to see Grampie, to smell the ocean air. And Gramma did a fantastic job with keeping us feed, clean and amused. It was still a long week with only 1 parent.

Highlights include watching Lake fall asleep in Grampie's arms, having the biggest bubble bath ever with Tym im mom's jet tub, watching Tym help Gramma shovel the driveway.

Come tuesday Tym really wanted to come home - she was ready to be in her own space and missed Meag something terrible. It was a joyous reunion at the airport Thursday night. Both kids did great on the flights and at the airport, and on the drives.

We seen Claudia one last time Monday. Lake was 15lbs! his head was 40cm, and he is now 24 inches long. Holy he's done a lot of growing, and not even 2 months yet!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let there be noise

It's been a whirlwind of a week with Deah and the kids gone to Nova Scotia. It's funny because being the "one left behind" you think of all the fun things you can do: stay up to midnight, sleep in past 6, drink beer, order in food that has wheat and garlic in it. But not so much for me. I certainly did do all those things, however I also built a wall, primed and painted said wall, cooked three meals to put in the freezer, helped a friend do prep work for a 100 guest catering job, patched a hole, organized 3 photo albums, painted a bathroom ceiling, cleaned the oven and oh yeah worked 6 or the 7 days they've been gone. I can honestly say that I am excited for them to come home tonight so that I have to stop doing reno projects and start playing Dora again! Lake was 6 weeks old when he left and is coming back to me 7 weeks old. I miss his smell, his eyes, his cry. I miss Tym's laugh, her goofiness, her sense of adventure. I miss Deah's smile, her comfort and the ease of being with her. I can't wait to have the house loud, dirty and chaotic again! T-3 hours till arrival.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick update from Nova Scotia...
Thankfully the flu stopped in time for us to travel. Tym was a dream. The flight left an hour and a half late - however there was another 4 year old in the airport and they played for an hour, so the wait wasn't to bad!
The kids did great on the flight - Lake slept well :) And just a fantastic on the drive. Not a tear from anyone.
The trip has been fantastic. the best part was watching Lake fall asleep in Grampie's arms. Grampie looks good - weak and thin but good. Chemo starts in March, hopefully he does well.

Tym has been fantastic, she is homesick and ready to go. I can't blame her since it's been a constant revolving door with new people coming over all the time. Sunday she was introduced to 14 people... poor girl.

Meag sent us lovely flowers which melted my heart.

It's been fantastic to be here, but it will be lovely to be home tomorrow!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lake's Birth Story

Wednesday Dec 10th Claudia came over around 4 and did a HUGE stretch and sweep. The first real successful S & S. Deah wasn't too impressed but it clearly worked as within an hour she was crampy and within 2 hours having mild contractions. I put Tym to bed at her regular time and ran out to do some groceries. Deah sent me to bed around 10 to try and get some rest as she was sure "this was it". I fitfully slept as I could hear her moan through the contractions. By 2:30am I was awake and at her side to try and offer some comfort measures. Pressure at the low back seemed to work the best. I made sure she was hydrated and ate. By 4am we called Denise the midwife then on-call. The contractions were coming every 5-6 min. and lasting 45-60 sec. We agreed that we were ok at home and she would call back in about an hour. By 4:30am we called Christa & Abby over for help. They were an immense relief getting us both food and water and helping Deah though the contractions that were coming closer and closer. Denise checked back in at 5:00 and again we agreed to wait another hour. By 6:30-ish it was clear we couldn't really stay at the house with Tym waking up soon and Deah feeling a little anxious. Denise said to meet her at the Montfort and we were there by 7:30 thanks to Christa's awesome driving and luck with traffic even with a transit strike. We met Denise at triage and she examined Deah saying that she was about 3-4 cm and fully effaced. We hung out for a bit while Denise made sure the OB that was on-call was one that worked well with midwives. By 9:30am Deah was admitted. At 11:00am we agreed to an OB consult strictly due to how large Deah's belly was. Following protocol more than anything to keep us in the hospitals "good books". The OB Dr. Lucier was at first cordial and polite. He recommended a section right away because Lake was so large and he assumed Deah had gestational diabetes (we never did the test and her urine always showed up fine). We declined the section at that time but were open to it if it was clear labouring wasn't going to get us anywhere. The OB's demeanour changed right away and he seemed upset and a bit stand-offish. He proceeded to tell us that last year he had a woman do the exact same thing and he ended up delivering her dead baby after a uterine rupture and he was lucky to save the woman's life. I know he did this as a last "warning" to us but it scared the shit out of me and made me re-think everything. It made me doubt Deah. Not a good head space to be in to help her through contractions. Denise gave us more details that Lucier left out such as the fact that the woman was not even admitted into the hospital yet, didn't have an IV lock on, and had no blood work sent into the labs yet. Apparently these things all played into the delay in getting her baby out in time. Why I don't know but it helped re-assure me abit. Deah laboured hard for the next 2 hours and Denise checked her at 1:30pm. She had gone to 6 cm but Lake's head was still "bobbing" in her pelvis. Which meant he wasn't fully descending properly. We talked things over and all agreed that we would do another check at 3:30 as long as the contractions didn't intensify. Christa and I grabbed quick naps and Deah got in the tub followed by walks around and around the hallways. At 3:30 she was still 6cm and +4 - time to really look hard at a c-section. Denise talked with us and in her professional opinion it was safer and better for all if we called it. We quickly discussed our strategy for dealing with "the big baby" since we were calling in an OB. There is some concern that if the mother has gestational diabetes (which Deah didn't) that the baby could "crash" from the rapid blood sugar dropping after birth. We agreed that as long as Lake was doing well with clinical observations than there wouldn't be a need to call in a paediatrician. She said if she had any doubts that she would let us know ASAP and call for the ped than. We trust her clinical skills so it was no big deal to us to proceed that way. We called for the OB and he came in to discuss the section with us. He mentioned we would need to discuss a vertical incision vs. a repeat horizontal one since Deah had huge infection with the horizontal incision. He then left to go check on an OR wait time. He came back 15 minutes later and said we could get an O.R around 7pm. Deah got back in the tub and I helped as much as I could to get her through the increasing painfully contractions. Clearly starting to head into transition type contractions. The head nurse came in shortly after 6pm and rushed Deah out of the tub saying the porter was here and we had to head to the OR NOW. Deah in her state trying to rush out of the bath while having minute long contractions every 2-3 minutes with a nurse rushing her because the porters won't wait. Not cool! I'm starting to get a little pissed at how things are going since we are being rushed to the OR and the OB has yet to come back in to discuss the type of incision. Deah's whisked off in a wheelchair, Christa's gathered all our stuff and has set off to our new room to set it up for us and wait for Tym and Abby to show up. I head out with Denise to the scrub room to change clothes. Shaking the entire time and trying my damndest to hide it. We change and head into the "waiting" area of the surgical suits. I can see into the room where Deah is sitting on a table, her back to me with some stranger barely holding her shoulders as she moans through more and more intense contractions. As I watch, nobody talks to her, offers her any type of comfort, NOTHING! I start to get really upset and angry and yet feel helpless to do anything . The last thing I want to do is piss off the wrong person by saying something and then get barred from the OR. There are 2 other doctor's outside the O.R chatting away and Denise recognizes one of them. They say hello and ask each other what they are respectfully doing here. Denise says she's here as the midwife for the patient in there. The Dr. says he was brought in for a gestational diabetic prego and subsequent large baby. Denise asks if he means Deah and he says yes that Lucier brought him in. Denise looks confused and comes over to me whispering how weird and strange this is that Lucier would do that without consulting her let alone us. Denise and us had agreed that due to Lake's size we would be watching him closely clinically for signs of decrease in sugar. Lucier went ahead and made a decision that was never his to make. The ped dr. than goes into the OR and introduces himself to Deah who has had her spinal now and is lying flat on the table not really coherent as she's so tired. Ped Dr. tells Deah his name and that he is here to take a look at Lake. Deah just nods and says ok not really sure what's going on but assumes Denise and I have handled it. Deah saying "Ok" was taken as consent for Lake to be transferred to the ped Dr.'s care for the next 12 or so hours. This no one knew until after the birth. As I am still pacing and waiting outside the O.R room, the head nurse comes out of the scrub room, looks me up and down and grills me about my shoe coverings. The same blue sterile coverings she is wearing. She demands to know where I got them, who put them on, and did I have permission for them. I am so thoroughly exhausted, nervous and out of my element I nearly break into tears. I mumble some sort of answers that I guess were competent enough for her as she than enters the O.R. The OB's resident than comes up to me outside the O.R. She has kind eyes and is obviously trying to help me feel a little less nervous. As she is tying her mask on she meets me eyes and says "in 10 years does it really matter if you get to say I had a natural birth or I have a healthy safe child?" In one sense I know immediately that she thinks she is saying something to make me feel better - to help me know this is best for everyone. I already knew that at that time. I knew that as I paced waiting to be let in. I tried to remind myself of that as I listened with tears in my eyes as Deah moaned through a contraction with no help. I know the med student was "just trying to help" in her way, but at that time I just wanted to punch her. I felt chastised all over again for not agreeing to the section at 11am. I am led into the OR after an eternity and go right to Deah's head. We make chit-chat trying to ignore where we are. I eventually ask Deah how it feels this time and she says it feels different. Like it's an up and down incision. My eyes bugged out of my head and the realization of what a vertical and horizontal scar on the uterus means hits both us. I ask if she is sure and she says pretty sure. I lean in close to her and quietly tell her about the ped and Denise's encounter outside the OR. Neither one of us are really sure at that time what any of it means. But it's enough for both of us to agree to try and get out of the hospital and home as soon as we can. Denise comes around the curtain and says "so it's a vertical incision..." and we inform Denise that Deah never consented to it. That there was no previous discussion. Denise says "Oh My God!" and her eyes bug out of her head. She asks 2 or 3 times "he never asked you? He never came over and talked to you?" Again the realization of what this means is apparent. She quickly goes back to the warmer and Lake is born screaming his perfect little lungs out at 8pm. He is a giant! Too many hands are on him at the warmer as I watch Denise do her best to get control and also get me over there quickly. With Tym's birth Sarah (our midwife) was the only one at the warmer as the head nurse simply looked on. This time there's Denise, the head nurse, the ped. Dr., and some other nurse all touching him. It's not at all what I wanted for my son. Denise calmly informs me there was a little mecomium which is why Lake is being succtioned so much. Over-all though he seems fine from it. The ped guy then tells me that for the next 12 hours Lake is under his care to monitor his sugars through a heel prick every 2 hours. I ask why and he tells me that large babies can crash quickly from a change in sugar from a diabetic womb. I look to Denise and she nods her head ok. I assume that they've talked it over; she is under the assumption that Deah and I have talked it over. All assumptions are wrong at this point! I finally bring Lake over to Deah for her to see him. Denise then takes me and Lake to the infant nursery to go the preliminary check. There's a slight heart murmur on the left but that is normal for infants though she'll listen for it just in case at each subsequant check. I than bring Lake to meet Tym, Christa and Abby. While in the room Denise, Paula (another midwife who happens to be there) and I discuss what happened in the OR. I agree immeidaely that a lack of ethics was followed in the incision and the ped being called in. I agree that a letter will be written and some sort of complaint filed. After 60 minutes I am able to bring Lake down to Deah in the recovery room. Seeing them together helped take some of the immediate anger. confusion and helplessness away. Watching my son latch perfectly right away was a pure blessing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kids say the darnest things Part II

"Baby Boy you need a bath!"
"Why does Lake need a bath Tym?"
"Because he smells like crap!"

(Guess who really got in trouble for that one!)

Lake was crying and fussing and I was trying to calm him down. Tym pipes up:
"I know what we can do Mummy!"
"What Tym?"
"Baby boy needs to chill the hell out. We should put him in the dryer!"

I'm going to assume that Tym meant ON the dryer and not actually in it. And again, guess who really got in trouble!

oh my

So yesterday morning I got woken up by Meag at 3 - calling for help. She'd just been puked on. Tym puked 3 times by 6:30. Thankfully it stopped after that. She spent the day not moving on the couch watching TV. Thankfully this morning (even though it was 5am) she woke up bouncing and feeling much better.

thank god! We leave for the airport in 2 hours!

Fingers crossed she's the only one that had it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

suck, suck, suck

It's all the boy does!!

Wow - it's been busy around here! I am going to try to make more effort to update, even if they are short.

It's been a busy 2 weeks. Tym's settled into the new routine nicely, and as long as we mention Sunday that tomorrow is a school day - she's all set. She's starting to self play better when we are home as well. Unfortunatly she's getting a bit to much DVD action since the little man needs to sleep.

Lake is fantaastic. Last week he weighed 14lbs! Go boy Go! He is an overall good baby - the only down side is he still takes so long to get down for a nap!! Sometimes he'll only cat nap for hours and be quite cranky. Once he's asleep though, he's usually down for 2+ hours.

Lake is starting to smile! It's awesome! he likes being tickled and will crack one for you. Different than Tym, when she decided to she could turn them on all the time and would - he's taking his time and making you work for them! Silly boy!

I've been getting ready to head to NS Thursday. It should be a good trip. Grampie won't be in Halifax as chemo will be done in Yarmouth. So it'll be good to spend time with him. And mom is tickled pink - even if it's meant she's done a lot of cleaning the past few days... since no one has slept over since we were home last! I've got a few small fun things for Tym for the trip - I am not to worried about the airplane, more so the car ride afterwards and Lake.

Lake seems to not enjoy the car. If he's tired, he'll cry instead of falling asleep. He could be clean, and well fed - and if you're in there for more than 10 minutes, chances are he'll let you know it's time to get out or put something in his mouth... Who knows how long this 3 hour car ride will take.

We've been trying to past 2 days to really get him to take a soother. All he wants to do all day is suck suck suck. He loves the soother when it's in, it's a matter of him taking it more times than not that we are working on. Yesterday he even fell asleep with it! YAY! Hopefully he'll do the same thing on the car ride!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy One Month!

It's been a month since your birth in what seems like a blink of an eye. A month ago tonight (exactly at this time) I was in awe that you were in my arms. I was hiding my exhaustion, glowing with pride and already loving you fiercely. You're birth didn't come without its un-fair share of challenges. I am still working on your birth story for you because of that. As I bounce you to sleep at night I stare into your eyes and feel my heart continue to swell with the wonder of you. You have brought so much joy to our house and our family. You have shown me a side of your sister that I never knew existed in her before - had hoped was there - but didn't actually know it was there.

At times I get caught up thinking about how great in life you will be. I sometimes forge ahead and wonder what you will do, where you will go and whom in this world you will encounter. And then I see your crystal blue eyes staring back at me with just the hint of a smile in them, and I remember to hold you a little more tightly, smell your head a little more deeply, and cherish this moment a little longer.

I love you Lake. I'm so glad you're here!

This week I had considerably less time at the computer, even 1 handed! This was the first week Tym was only in daycare Monday and Tuesday. Let's just say it was a busy week!

I tried to run as many errands on Monday and Tuesday as I could - so not to worry about it the rest of the week. Wednesday started with a playdate with Santiago and his mom - everyone had a great time. it was nice to talk with Gabe and get adult conversation, and have her snuggle the baby :) Thursday is the only day I have with a car, we drove Meag to work and played at home until it was time for swimming. Tym really enjoyed swimming - there is only 1 other kid in the class and it's her friend Thomas from the neighborhood! Should be a good class :) I forgot how much Tym loves watching the swimmers at Plant - afterwards we had a snack in the viewing area and she played and watched for almost an hour. It was a good time :) Then off to chiro.

Lake's head is forming lovely - and is now at every month for appts. As am I. It's the first time in a long time that we can do monthly family appts again, as appose to someone always having to go more.

Friday Annie and her crew came over. it had been way to long since we had seen them - it was lovely to reconnect.

The weekend has been a blurr as always! Yesterday morning I got out first thing and did groceries - ALL by myself! It was awesome! I think this time around I am going to crave my alone time a little sooner than I did with Tym... it's different having 2 of them on you all day :) Then we headed to Sophie's for a playdate. A great time was had by all - they are due next month, so it's a fortelling to them as to how it's going to be! good luck guys! :)

In the afternoon Meag took Tym swimming with Anna and Oscar, and they had a blast - needless to say Tym was exhausted come bed time and was alseep by 7:30! it's to bad she didn't stay asleep for very long! She was quite restless lastnight and her and Meag didn't sleep well.

Lake is doing fantastic! It's unreal to think that he is a month old today!!! How quickly the time flies. He's a great baby all in all. Poops more then tym ever, but he is a boy afterall! :) He's growing SO big! Midwife on tuesday and we'll know how big! He's awake for a lot longer now already - and still naps really well, once he gets to sleep. It was quite a challenge putting him down for a nap while having Tym home. this week we are going to have to bring out the next size diaper - our 1 month old has outgrown the infant ones!

Tym has settled down into the routine quite well. it's nice to have the holidays over and see things fit into place. She's been listening, mostly Ok. she's been very helpful at the same time. It will be nice to have her at school tomorrow though! :)

I have healed great. So much better than last time. I weighed myself today and I am back at pre-preggo weight... even eating as much crap as I have the past week... Now that most of the chocolate is gone, hopefully I will lose even more! time for more fruit!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My lil Piglet

I have decided to re-name Lake, Piglet. A name I undoubtedly know he'll hate me for later yet suits him so well. That boy grunts, moans, snorts, snores and burps (not sure if Pigs do this but for today's sake we'll say they do!) like you wouldn't believe. Last night when Deah was feeding him to sleep, I was catching up on some internet TV. After a coule minutes I just looked at Piglet in awe and worry. He was grunting at the boob so much I think they were in a fight! I had no idea babies could make such a wide range of sounds so early on in life.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

holy cow - how time flies fast! I am at the computer loads - however it's all spent 1 handed while nursing, and I can just imagine how the posts would turn up if I posted using only 1 hand...

Christmas was awesome. We had a very fun filled Xmas eve - did a little shopping in the morning, then went to the mud oven and did some pieces with the kids :) In the evening Scott came over to stay for Santa, and Rocci and Ginger came over for fondue. It was lovely to sit and laugh with them. We gave Tym and Lake their xmas eve presents, which was their matching pj's. Tym picked out cookies for Santa, and fed the reindeer their food. And was out by 8. It was perfect!

Christmas morning started at 7 - not to bad :) Tym came to our room and seen that Santa had eaten the cookies! Santa's been here! She ran to Scott's room to wake him up and the morning started. She was thrilled with the fact that Santa got her the 2 things she asked for... A Dora toothbrush and a Dora House (thank god for consinment stores!). She did very well the all the activity until about 5 presents left... We powered through those and let her bounce from there. She had just started being somewhat normal when Nana and Grampa arrived from Kitchener with just as much stuff as we had started out with under the tree! But Tym loved seeing them and spending a couple days with them.

Xmas eve the boxing day sales started online - and we bought a front loader washer/dryer, 700$ off! Our diapers have never cleaned so fast! it's amazing.

Boxing day was pretty low key, we did hit the mall, but only as a place to get Tym out of the house for a bit. Breakfast at the Bram followed Sat morning - it was awesome to show our favorite waitress the new bundle. Then they all headed to the museum of nature and had a blast. That evening we found a restaurant that Tym can eat at!! Mongolian Village. It was Awesome and yummy!! :) They left the follow morning. All in all it was an awesome visit from them.

They were very generous - and booked Tym, Lake and I tickets to go home to NS this month. My grampie is quite sick, and it would be nice to get home sooner then later. So they booked 2 tickets on points. Thanks guys!

New Years eve the whole house was asleep by 8:30PM. And Lake didn't wake up till after 1. It was amazing!

It's been crazy to watch him grow already. he's changed so much. He's soooo alert and starting to coo a little. And getting big. Some of the sleepers he is in, are 6 month sleepers, and they are not big! it's crazy. He's a great sleeper - once he gets to sleep. Getting to sleep is an effort which will be interesting when it's just me and them home. Yikes!

Tym's been a champ. Albeit a strong willed champ this week. the changes are starting to get to her and she needs to find her new normal. The past 2 days have been better - getting her out of the house is key! And little to no sugar helps! :)

Tomorrow starts our new normal - hopefully it won't take to long to figure out.. Tym will be in daycare mon and tues only. Home with me the rest of the week, and I only have the car on Thursday - which we have swimming class :) In Jan Meag isn't working late much, which is going to be a saving grace... But if you're in the area and want something to do, please let me know and let's schedule it!! :)