Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake in a Lake

We spent a great weekend basking in the sun at a friends cottage last weekend. It rocked! Tym and Lake were at no loss for things to do as Sandra and Annie (our hosts) and their 2 year old Sam kept us busy. Tym proved how much of a fish she is as getting her out of the lake was at times challenging. Even when her lips were blue!I was a little worried that not being able to touch the bottom would bother her, but the docks jumps into my arms - and at times over my head! - proved me wrong. Lake did pretty well himself considering the water was at times chilly. And the best part was introducing him to skinny dipping - after he's demolished a juicy peach I am not going to take the time to find his swimsuit and get him dressed for swimming - much easier to swim him naked to clean him up!They both enjoyed riding in the boat, though I think Tym's highlight was the ATV rides and "driving" with Sandra. Her dries of "Wha-Hoooo" were quite clear! My poor ankles got eaten alive at the bonfires! It's quite amazing what a person can ignore or not notice after a few drinks, but then be driven insane by the following morning/day. It's actually quite difficult to scratch your ankles while trying to stay afloat when you're already not the best swimmer. Next time I'll follow Deah's lead and hide out in the cottage to avoid being so tasty!

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