Monday, April 28, 2008

OMG! We are having a baby!

It's real now. We are having a baby. We had our first midwife appt this morning. Of course nothing more then the Hi how are you's, to what has changed since you had Tym, to see you in a month. But it sure did make it real :)

We met with Claudia, who was our secondary midwife with Tym. We learnt that Sarah who was our primary last time isn't taking any Dec due dates, which sucks. But Claudia is good. We also have a HOT student midwife, who will be with us for the duration and birth. Tall, Blond, blue eyed. And we will meet Denise who is sharing care with Claudia. Should be good :)

Going to schedule an ultrasound in the next couple weeks, which we are very excited about.

We had a nice weekend. The weather was lovely. Tym loved playing with Annie at her birthday party. We bought some patio furniture and a picnic table for Tym yesterday - so the deck is ready for the season! :) Even if the weather is not this week :( It's suppose to be cold and wet all week. Go figure - mom arrives tomorrow night for a week!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My little traffic cop

The other day we took Tym out for Gelato. As we were crossing the street, a truck slowly pulled up to a stop in front of the crosswalk. Unfortunately for the driver of the truck, he didn't stop quickly enough and Tym let him know it. While holding Deah's hand, Tym puts her other hand out and yells "STOP!" at the truck. The driver rolls down his window with a huge grin on his face and says thanks to Tym for making him be more careful.

What a kid!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adjusting well

Tym is doing really well in her found palate of "safe" food. We seemlessly transfered over all her cow-based dairy to either almond or goat based. And yay for finding out we can still go out for an "ice cream" treat. Pure Gelato has numerous yummy dairy free options for Tym which she is thouroughly enjoying! The wheat is still a work in progress. I've bought numerous types of different flours to try out - we just have to make the time to bake. In the meantime Tym seems to be enjoying the bread we bought her. Her rashes are improving daily which is a huge relief to Deah and I. We'll see what the next 48 hours brings though as we caved tonight and ordered pizza in - shame on us but damn it was good!

We've started to make a lunch for Tym to bring to school in the morning as well. It's just easier that way since we know what she's eating and the school doesn't have to worry as much about catering to her diet. T likes to help me make it though she jumps around yelling "it's my super-dooper lunch" more than actually helping. I do appreciate the entertainment however.

All in all she's doing great! There have only been a few momments when I thought I was going to lose her to a tantrum. She wanted some of her cerished chocolate bunny cookies which are now on her "do not eat" list. I told her that she couldn't eat them anymore because they weren't good for her belly and her eyes teared up. She quickly looked in the cuprboard and saw the new cookies I had bought (YUMMY wheat free chocolate chip!), pointed to the bag and asked "those are good for my belly?" This kid learns quickly I tell ya!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My wife ROCKS! I just wanted to make sure the world was able to hear how awesome she is.
She cleaned, painted , organized to name a few things this weekend - and that was just while I was having my naps! She is at home BBQ'ing chicken for supper tonight, so I don't have to worry about it. Potatoes and corn are cooked. She ran out after Tym went to bed lastnight for bread and milk.
She rocks my world!
Thank you sweetheart for being such a fantastic person in getting everything done while I drag my butt around slowly, wishing I was sleeping or felt like eating.

The weather is lovely! We had a fantastic weekend. Tym's tractor was put together on Sat - Thank you Abby! She doesn't quite get the pedaling thing, but it should be coming soon. We bought a push mower for the backyard - now all we need to do is get the backyard finished and sodded.

Happy Birthday to ANNIE who turns 3 today :) Tym is very excited about the party on Saturday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What a long week! Well it has been for me anyway since by 3PM i'm ready to go to bed for the night!
Newton is now the size of a blueberry! I've got more control over the nausea - taking prenatals in the morning - not such a good idea. Eating when my belly tells me, is a good thing. I've started to be somewhat sensitive as to what I'm eating. There have been a few meals where I've been starving, looked at it and walked away. I am craving toasted tomato sandwiches again! Hopefully Meag has made some bread :)

Aside from being tired, and hungry, my breasts have done the - OMG, where did you come from! thing this week.

We've been doing a lot of researching for Tym's diet and bought 5 types of flour yesterday to try and do some cooking this weekend. The cook at daycare has been fantastic and very helpful. Her rash exploded earlier this week and is starting to settle down a bit. I will be glad once we get rid of it and we can work on a new status quo. Poor thing.

The weather is finally LOVELY out! There is hardly any snow left, just some banks here and there. Hopefully we can get the backyard sorted out in the next couple weeks so Tym can go play out there. I finally got T out of her winter coat, mittens and hat lastnight. she has been very insistant in NEEDING to wear them outside because it's freezing. I finally got her out of them to go play at the park lastnight :)

I hope everyone enjoys the lovely weather this weekend!

Monday, April 14, 2008

We had a lovely weekend dispite trying to figure out new foods. (Which will be a slow process!)

Friday night Meag and I got out and went to a fundraising variety show event. It was nice to get out and enjoy people and company - and the show! :) Thanks Justine and Jubilee for watching Tym, and even puting her to bed.

Saturday Tym and I headed to gymnastics - where for the second week in a row she barely looked for a parents, just ran around doing her thing. She's growing up quickly. Saturday afternoon we did some shopping and got some wheat free pancake mix, wheat free bread - that is like a brick! among some other things.

Meag painted the entranceway Sat/Sun. I'm not to sure on the color yet, I think it might be a bit to light. Sunday we spent a good part of the day with Christa and Abby - Abby folks were in town and gail loves playing with Tym.

Sunday also marked Tym's first day on her trike this year! We have to clean it up, but she was super excited to get out on it.

I personally am loving weekends even more now - since I was able to get a 2 hour nap each day snuggled with Tym. Oh ya! Day is already rough - I am late for my nap! 5 more days until I can nap again. Oh my.

Almost all the snow is gone.. slowly but surely! Come on Spring!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's the end of her world as she knows it

And the results are in. Tym is officially sensitive to wheat (but NOT gluten or yeast), dairy, eggs, chocolate, pork and corn. On the wheat and dairy test it was pathetic how low the score was! She scored incredibly high on goat and almond - good thing since she was on goat's milk for so long and we put her on Almond milk 2 months ago. We simply can't take everything out of her diet immediatly without having a minor revolt on our hands, so we've decided to deal with the pork, chocolate, dairy and eggs aspect first - to us the easiest. Also it's not that she's allergic per say to these items. It's more that her body doesn't process them well thus the little red rash patches. Wheat's potentially going to be a little more time consuming to fully change the house over on. Deah and I will have to do recipe research and some new shopping/cooking. It also means alot more prep work for meals as we now have to bring T's food with her to day care. It's nice to know that there are so many alternatives out there - like soy or goat milk based ice cream, buckwheat (I grew up on buckwheat pancakes - yummy!), and rice flour. Learning how to cook/bake with all these "new" ingrediants will be a challenge at first. I guess that's what all our spare time is for now eh?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Well Newton ( our pick for the baby's name for now - Thanks Auntie Pepe!) is now the length of a lima bean. After Wednesday I very quickly got in the habit of eating every 45 minutes or so to keep the nausea at bay. That, plus having a carbonated drink in the morning. I've had more pop in the past 3 days then I do in a year. (Don't worry folks, all caffeine free - today's choice Red Tangerine fanta, who knew!)

Lastnight my savior came over! Wade came over after I got home from getting T and the car (750$ later!) and played with T all evening. I was able to actually get a couple things done around the house that I've been needing to do all week but have got to bed with or before Tym all week. Meag and I have realized that we will probably have to ask for some extra hands in the next couple weeks, just so we are running somewhat normally. Meag is so tired from doing everything around the house - and I feel bad cuz she's doing everything. I am going to try and be more accomplishing in the evenings with Tym... wish me luck!

Tym had a great time playing with Wade - and enjoyed making a craft so much with him, that this morning at 6:45 - she decides she wants to make more! Oye. In the bath lastnight, Wade was upstairs with us at bath time. She was playing with herself - Meag said, nice cooch, she looked at Wade and said "You have a cooch?" He replied, no, I have a penis because I'm a boy. She then told him that me and Meag both had cooches.... And asked "You have a cooch behind your penis?" Of course we all laughed and said no. Then she asked to see it. Thankfully it was covered with clothes! This morning and driving us to work . "You have a penis Unkie Wade! "

She's been very hyper at bedtime the past couple nights because there have been friends over that come bed time she's not interested in sleeping. Thursday she finally feel asleep at 9:30, last night it was 9. I do hope she's good for Justine and Jubilee tonight since we are going out.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Uuggghhh. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks. I guess I'm right on time for feeling nauseous! Last night I went to bed before Tym - and today I've been feeling off - and started feeling quite green about 45 minutes ago. I don't think I have enough crackers to last the day. We shall see how the rest of the week goes, but we might have to call for helpers over the next few weeks until the baby has a placenta! (The reason morning sickness happens mostly in the first timester is because the waste the baby expels goes right into the mom - as the placenta hasn't been formed yet),

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This baby is kicking my ass from the inside! I just want to sleep.. But for some reason Tym isn't ready to go to bed at 5PM.... Hrrrmmmm. Anyone want to come watch a 3 year old once or twice a week from 5pm-7pm so I can sleep?

The great wheat debate

We took T to the naturopath yesturday. When she and Deah were super-sick two weeks ago the little patches of rash on T's arms and legs cleared right up. The wonders of a sick-induced fasting! Since she's been back to her rambuctious self the patches have come back and with a venegence. She has never complained about them but they really needed to be more thoroughly checked out than the 5 second glace from our G.P. Deah and I had been kicking around the idea of getting T tested for food sensitivites and the naturopath confirmed that idea. As well as taking her off wheat and dairy since we're suspicious they are the main culprits of the rash. Changing T's bread over to a wheat free one really wouldn't be that hard as well as making other wheat free changes. However, if I have to take her off dairy the fight I would have telling her no to frozen yogurt is not one I look forward to. I think I would rather have her throw her toothbrush at me a million times over (another story for another day). So the test is Friday afternoon with the instructions to have her abstine from alcohol, caffeine and drugs. Yes, I did mention the test was for a 3 year old.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What a wonderful weekend so far.
Last week's weather was so lovely, we decided to have the first BBQ of the season on Friday. Of course while we were all sitting at work - we were watching huge snowflakes fall. Alas, we still had an amazing steak bbq! :)
Yesterday morning I went with Andrea to help her out at the Great Children's Garage Sale. it was awesome to see all the preggo mama's and all the little kiddos there :) I can't wait for the next one where I know I'll end up picking some stuff up for the little one. (Who we've named Newton for the right now)
After that we came home and T had a nap. We got packed up, and after nap Abby came to pick T up. They headed off to do errands and supper - we skedaddled across the river to a hotel. Didn't take very long to get into the double jet tub! meag's knees thanked it! After a lovely meal at Bifteque - we were in bed by 7pm! Asleep by 8! and we only got up at 7am. It was awesome!
After a brunch breakfast and a lazy morning we went and picked T up before Christa went to work.
Of course - Tym had a great time, and they had to wake her up at 7AM - for us we have to con her into sleeping past 6! Oh well - she had a great time playing with the dog :)
She's now upstairs sleeping. it's lovely outside. We are heading to Matt and Sarah's for supper, and Scott's coming with us. It's going to be a lovely day! :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

To the person who searched google for 'egg salad' - did you find what you were looking for when you got directed to this blog?

I've got egg salad for lunch again today :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What a weekend - Welcome to the world Meredith Ella!!! :) At 9lbs Merry is joining her big sister Annie - I hope you guys enjoy her! :)

Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife. 6 years on Sunday. Already! It's amazing how quickly time passes when your having fun!

Not quite 5 weeks pregnant yet and some symptoms are starting to kick in. I already have the 'pregnancy nose'. The nose that is always full, and has more boogers and snot than humanly possible. Which also means the snoring has started... I think? Meag would know! hehe. I am craving eggs. I think it's the protein. I had an awesome egg and chicken sandwich lastnight. And today's lunch is going to be egg salad. YUM. I started having the weird dreams. I should really write them down when I wake up - I know this morning I woke up going, Huh? That makes no sense! Of course I can't remember it 2 hours later. The last symptom I noticed, is last night was the first belly twinge. Not quite a cramp - just feels like things are stretching in there - you know since the baby is the size of a sesame seed!