Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's the end of her world as she knows it

And the results are in. Tym is officially sensitive to wheat (but NOT gluten or yeast), dairy, eggs, chocolate, pork and corn. On the wheat and dairy test it was pathetic how low the score was! She scored incredibly high on goat and almond - good thing since she was on goat's milk for so long and we put her on Almond milk 2 months ago. We simply can't take everything out of her diet immediatly without having a minor revolt on our hands, so we've decided to deal with the pork, chocolate, dairy and eggs aspect first - to us the easiest. Also it's not that she's allergic per say to these items. It's more that her body doesn't process them well thus the little red rash patches. Wheat's potentially going to be a little more time consuming to fully change the house over on. Deah and I will have to do recipe research and some new shopping/cooking. It also means alot more prep work for meals as we now have to bring T's food with her to day care. It's nice to know that there are so many alternatives out there - like soy or goat milk based ice cream, buckwheat (I grew up on buckwheat pancakes - yummy!), and rice flour. Learning how to cook/bake with all these "new" ingrediants will be a challenge at first. I guess that's what all our spare time is for now eh?

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Rattie said...

Chocolate?!?! It would certainly be the end of my world!

Love, Linda