Friday, April 18, 2008

What a long week! Well it has been for me anyway since by 3PM i'm ready to go to bed for the night!
Newton is now the size of a blueberry! I've got more control over the nausea - taking prenatals in the morning - not such a good idea. Eating when my belly tells me, is a good thing. I've started to be somewhat sensitive as to what I'm eating. There have been a few meals where I've been starving, looked at it and walked away. I am craving toasted tomato sandwiches again! Hopefully Meag has made some bread :)

Aside from being tired, and hungry, my breasts have done the - OMG, where did you come from! thing this week.

We've been doing a lot of researching for Tym's diet and bought 5 types of flour yesterday to try and do some cooking this weekend. The cook at daycare has been fantastic and very helpful. Her rash exploded earlier this week and is starting to settle down a bit. I will be glad once we get rid of it and we can work on a new status quo. Poor thing.

The weather is finally LOVELY out! There is hardly any snow left, just some banks here and there. Hopefully we can get the backyard sorted out in the next couple weeks so Tym can go play out there. I finally got T out of her winter coat, mittens and hat lastnight. she has been very insistant in NEEDING to wear them outside because it's freezing. I finally got her out of them to go play at the park lastnight :)

I hope everyone enjoys the lovely weather this weekend!

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Leslie said...

My doctor recommended that I start taking prenatals, and Dana found some for me that have ginger in the formula. No stomach problems so far, so you might want to try them.