Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sleep Sleep Sleep

Since it's been so long since we've posted I will give you an update on sleep in our house. Or lack of!

Knock on wood - sleep has been good for the past couple weeks in our house.

Tym hasn't woken up with insomnia in a few weeks - which has been a treat. She was starting to go to bed later and later - she wanted to stay up past her bed time. This gave us lots of grief as we did enjoy the little bit of downtime sans kids that we had. Thankfully we started being more firm with her and making sure she went to bed on time - it makes for a much happier everyone!

Lake has finally started sleeping longer than an hour at a time. At 19 months it's about time! He is going to bed by 7:30 and most nights doesn't wake up till between 2 and 4am. Which is a HUGE sleep for him! half the time we are still struggling to keep him in bed past 5AM - somedays he will sleep until 6 without to much work on my end.,

Overall I am getting more sleep now than in the past 2 years - however I am still tired :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Clearly we suck!

OK so it's been over 2 months since we've posted. Oops! It's crazy who quickly time flies.

New pictures have been posted to Picasa for June and July.

Tym finished her first year of school. Junior Kindergarden report card was awesome. She is looking forward to being a Senoir Kindergardener next year. After she finished school she lost her first tooth!! Which she saved for a week to show her cousin Grace before leaving it for the toothfairy who exchanged it for $2.

There has been lots of playdates, pool time, splash park time so far this summer. Our friend Asleigh is watching the kids on Wednesdays as I have almost run out of days to take off. Last week was the first week she had them, and neither Tym nor Lake wanted to leave - I guess that's a good sign!

We had a fantastic visit with Jo and Grace for 5 days. We enjoyed the new Nature museum, bowling, splash pads, IMAX to name a few things.

Lake is a full on toddler. His temper tantrums are quite funny to watch as he walks around stamping his feet. He is starting to use quite a few words. he still has a lot of signs, however is using them less and less.

Tym and Lake are having fun together, it's awesome to watch them bond. Lake loves tackling Tym - and she can't move when he's on her - he's quite strong.

We brought Tym to the ped - and got her tested for Celiac - she has complained about belly pain for awhile and it's all random. With this, we've put wheat back in the diet, as you need it for the test. And she has not turned into the devil!! YAY! We are not giving her cow dairy however! We will get the results in a couple weeks.

It's crazy that almost half the summer is over already! My birthday is next week - we are going camping with Bath and Jesse on the weekend - should be fun :)