Saturday, March 29, 2008

Well - the city finally did something about snow removal! They sent a 3 year old!

After spending the afternoon out running errands, I went out back to shovel some snow to bring the BBQ over - it is the end of March and we haven't BBQ'd yet! Highly over due. The temperature is perfect, just the snow isn't!. So I made a path. Tym helped.

We then made a beach with snow from the sand toys we found. Which was fun. Then Tym decided to scale the 3 foot high pile and dive into the backyard. Check out the pictures - she is standing next to our lawn chairs, which you can only see a few inches of! She proceeded to move snow into our neighbors yard. It was cute.

Last night we had a sleep over with Annie - went well until Annie woke up at 5 - and wanted her mama and mom. She Jesse came over - unfortuntaely still no baby, s/he is taking it's time!
Tym slept like crap - she was complaining about a bug in her ear. We I took her to the Dr's on Wed they said her ears were very full of wax and they couldn't see anything, so we've been putting oil in to try and loosen it up. Nothing would help lastnight, the bug was making noise. ( I am assuming there was water in there). So me and her slept off and on on the couch - needless to say she passed out for over a 3 hour nap at 10!

This morning also marked a big day in her growing up. We went to Gymnastics. And she went to class ALL BY HERSELF! I stayed in the viewing area and she went with her class. Weird! She did great. she made it about 40 minutes before she needed to sit with me for a few minutes. But in 1 hour, she was only with me for maybe 10 minutes. My little girl sure is growing up!

She also will not wear any pants that has a button on it right now. Track pants and gym pants only. Oye!

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's official. I have the cold that got left behind from Beth and the gang. I feel like ass! I picked Tym up from daycare yesterday and she had a long day. Wasn't quite ready to go back to school. She fell asleep on the couch at 6. We got her in bed at 7. and she slept till 6am. that NEVER happens. She needs to heal - and is on her way. She's home sick with me today. Hopefully we both start to feel better soon. The doctor today did say that it's staying about 7 days, which means I have a few days to go before feeling better.
Tym is napping now - as is Annie who is also here for the day as Beth might be in labour. Maybe by tomorrow there will be a new litle bundle in Annie's house! Labour well Beth!

All I have to say, thank god they are both napping - and at the same time! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I didn't really get my mini vacation I was planning on. We sent Tym to daycare today, I hope she's doing OK. She's had quite a few nose bleeds from the dry air, poor kid. Hopefully tonight we can un-prop her matress, she gives an adult a sore neck!

Of course I am back at work and sneezing up a storm. Feels like my head is in vice grip! Of course I get a head cold within a week of being pregnant and can't take anything for it. ARGH!

We called my mom yesterday and Tym told her she was going to be a big sister, mom squealed on the phone. It was good :) Gramma is going to come up and spend Christmas with us this year, which will be awesome.

1 more day then 2 days off!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Tym!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Tymothy!!

Holy cow! It's amazing to think that 3 years has already passed since we were in the hospital having you. You've had an amazing and busy weekend leading up to your birthday. Still sick - the fever finally broke on Monday - but quickly got followed by a very stuffy green runny nose. You did somewhat Ok at daycare yesterday, but you are home sick with me today. We went to the doctor and you had a huge nose bleed. What a way to celebrate your day!! And the only thing you want to do on your 3rd birthday is nurse. It's like you are brand new again! Or watch TV of course. It's a good thing it's your birthday!

This morning you called Gramma and told her that you were going to be a big sister. She squealed. It was awesome. And Gramma is going to come celebrate Christmas with us this year. It should be fun.

You can almost dress yourself now (just need a little help with your shirt) and talking a mile a minute. You love all the cut up food you got for your birthday and made mummy a wood sandwich this morning. YumYUM! I am sure it's just the start of many weird things to come!

I am so glad you are growing up and turning into a wonderful little girl. I can't wait to watch you grow more and to make you a big sister :) Every day you make my heart smile like I never thought possible.

I love you Bubble.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter holiday is almost over and we have more news than possible. My sister Beth, her husband Darcy and their 2 kids Grace and Julia all arrived on Friday morning. We weren't too sure they would really make it as Beth was fighting a nasty cold. She sucked it up well for the drive and the rest of the weekend, though Darcy started feeling sick Sat. afternoon. We just can't win eh? The girls though were amazing! Tym was simply beside herself with 24/7 excitement at her cousins being here. She was so excited that she earned more time-outs in one day than she had in the previous 2 weeks! Lots of laughs, games and playing was had with some invaluable one on one sister time thrown in for good measure. We managed to brave the ridiculous freezing wind at the Agricultural Farm to visit the sheep, cows, goats and lambs. We also took the kids to the Museum of Nature for an incredible jouney. They loved it all and Tym went nuts running around with not only her 2 cousins (as she kept calling Grace and Julia that the whole weekend!) but also with Annie! Talk about heaven for Tym!
Sunday morning we had Tym's 3rd Birthday Party complete with her dolphin cake. She did really well even though she'd been restless the night before with a bad fever. We debated about cancelling the party but with family here.....she braved it very well and only petered out at the very end. Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate - you're welcome to come back and help us finish off the cake!
Once Beth and the kids pulled out to head back to Kitchener, Tym crashed. Her fever kept spiking at 40.3 with only going down 1-1.5 degrees on Advil. She physically looked in pain and was complaining of a headache all day. Last night wasn't much better though it seemed to help a bit that she was snuggled in between Deah and I all night. Deah and I have plans for a date day tomorrow with Tym back at daycare - here's hoping!
And the best news: DEAH"S PREGNANT! She's due December 5th and we couldn't be more thrilled. We'll have the same midwife (Sarah) that we had for Tym and are crossing our fingers for the home birth we wanted before. We had a huge "honey-do" list for the next year that has now been modified into "MUST- do" within 6-8 months and "Will have to wait". Tym will make an amazing big sister!

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Pictures

I have tried a different file storage page - Meag wasn't thrilled with Flickr, so we are going to try something else.

Happy Birthday to my love.

This weekend was totally filled with birthday celebrations for Meag who turned 30.

After running around all day Friday to get everything we needed for the party, decorating all Friday night, The Texans Dirty Thirty was almost here.

Mel was in town this week - unfortunately she came down with a belly bug and was not able to join us for the festivities. Thanks for helping out with the prep! We enjoyed a lovely Family Day at Gymnastics. Meag, Mel, Christa, and Abby came to cheer Tym and I on. Tym loved all the attention and had a fantastic time!

Sat afternoon decorating, and cake after supper - the little one Tym helped me with. She was very excited to help with Mummy's birthday cake - and helping decorate. She was also a dream in going to bed. She slept through the entire party! All 25+ guests, all the debauchery, all the drunkinness. Meag had a blast at the party. She made it till 11:30 this time before she went to the washroom and never returned. Damn Sarah and her every 15 minute shot schedule! Once every 5 years right? Not so bad!

I took Tym out of the house first thing Sunday morning and went to Annie's while her moms went out for an adult breakfast. We decorated Easter Eggs. The girls had a blast. Meag was still sleeping when we got home after 11 - she roused around 12. And was her normal self by supper at Matt and Sarah's. Just in time for Matt's home made Black Forest Cake! YUM!

Pictures will hopefully be uploaded to flickr this evening.

Now we need to get the house ready for this fun filled weekend!! Easter, Beth and crew, and Tym's Party. Oye! Is March over yet??

Monday, March 10, 2008

What a couple weeks. We haven't posted very much. Not to much but happening, but always busy.. You know how it goes. It doesn't help that there has always been at least one of us sick for the past month. I do hope that I will at least be able to get out of this trend of getting sick every week since I got streph throat again and I'm on antibiotics. Thank God for drugs some days!

We were suppose to go away last weekend - but with our babysitters coming down with the chest cold going around, Meag just starting to feel better, and the huge threat of a snow storm - we postponed the weekend until April. Just as well since I started feeling like crap on Sat and couldn't swallow by Sunday. And we got 49 cm of snow in less than 36 hours. It's crazy to look outside!

We enjoyed a lovely family weekend inside just the three of us. Meag made awesome home made granola bars! YUMYUM. It was awesome just to have some low key family time.

We are now starting party swing mode. Meag's birthday this weekend - which I am not postponing due to illness and such - a girl only turns 30 once! Then next weekend a visit from beth and the gang, Easter and Tym's party. Oh my!

It's amazing how much TYm is growing up. She can now dress herself almost entirely. She talks a mile a minute and repeats things a lot. (Some things we would rather she didnt!) She is having a great time at school - even though they are not able to play outside due to the playground being covered in 3 feet of snow! She is very excited about Meag's party and having visitors next weekend. She is still the lovely snugglebug she's always been - which I love. she won't be like this forever right? So I'll take it now :) It's amazing to think she's almost 3!

I am in the process of loading up some pictures on Flickr... Go take a look.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well it's finally done - the latest dump of the white that is. 50 cm in total in the past 36 hours combined with the 28 we "dug" out from on Wednesday. OY! Though it was a fantastic weekend on the family front. We were literally snowed in most of Sat thourgh Sun with small breaks in the weather to run out and get Deah to a doctor (strep - AGAIN! Double OY!) Tym loved the time at home. Chillin' with us, painting, singing, dancing, watching the snow fall, cooking, and just being a family. I always longed for snow days as a kid, so I could slide and ski and just be. But this snow weekend was by far the best "snow day(s)" I've ever had.

Thanks Family!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tym gave birth at the supper table last week. We were all sitting down to a lovely dinner when Tym suddenly starts groaning and grunting. Deah and I exchange looks when Tym says : "Come out babies! Come out!"

Laughter ensued.

Later that same meal, I told Tym that Annie would be coming over to play. She quickly brightens and announces "Oh good. A full house for me to have my babies!"

More laughter ensued