Monday, March 10, 2008

What a couple weeks. We haven't posted very much. Not to much but happening, but always busy.. You know how it goes. It doesn't help that there has always been at least one of us sick for the past month. I do hope that I will at least be able to get out of this trend of getting sick every week since I got streph throat again and I'm on antibiotics. Thank God for drugs some days!

We were suppose to go away last weekend - but with our babysitters coming down with the chest cold going around, Meag just starting to feel better, and the huge threat of a snow storm - we postponed the weekend until April. Just as well since I started feeling like crap on Sat and couldn't swallow by Sunday. And we got 49 cm of snow in less than 36 hours. It's crazy to look outside!

We enjoyed a lovely family weekend inside just the three of us. Meag made awesome home made granola bars! YUMYUM. It was awesome just to have some low key family time.

We are now starting party swing mode. Meag's birthday this weekend - which I am not postponing due to illness and such - a girl only turns 30 once! Then next weekend a visit from beth and the gang, Easter and Tym's party. Oh my!

It's amazing how much TYm is growing up. She can now dress herself almost entirely. She talks a mile a minute and repeats things a lot. (Some things we would rather she didnt!) She is having a great time at school - even though they are not able to play outside due to the playground being covered in 3 feet of snow! She is very excited about Meag's party and having visitors next weekend. She is still the lovely snugglebug she's always been - which I love. she won't be like this forever right? So I'll take it now :) It's amazing to think she's almost 3!

I am in the process of loading up some pictures on Flickr... Go take a look.

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