Saturday, March 29, 2008

Well - the city finally did something about snow removal! They sent a 3 year old!

After spending the afternoon out running errands, I went out back to shovel some snow to bring the BBQ over - it is the end of March and we haven't BBQ'd yet! Highly over due. The temperature is perfect, just the snow isn't!. So I made a path. Tym helped.

We then made a beach with snow from the sand toys we found. Which was fun. Then Tym decided to scale the 3 foot high pile and dive into the backyard. Check out the pictures - she is standing next to our lawn chairs, which you can only see a few inches of! She proceeded to move snow into our neighbors yard. It was cute.

Last night we had a sleep over with Annie - went well until Annie woke up at 5 - and wanted her mama and mom. She Jesse came over - unfortuntaely still no baby, s/he is taking it's time!
Tym slept like crap - she was complaining about a bug in her ear. We I took her to the Dr's on Wed they said her ears were very full of wax and they couldn't see anything, so we've been putting oil in to try and loosen it up. Nothing would help lastnight, the bug was making noise. ( I am assuming there was water in there). So me and her slept off and on on the couch - needless to say she passed out for over a 3 hour nap at 10!

This morning also marked a big day in her growing up. We went to Gymnastics. And she went to class ALL BY HERSELF! I stayed in the viewing area and she went with her class. Weird! She did great. she made it about 40 minutes before she needed to sit with me for a few minutes. But in 1 hour, she was only with me for maybe 10 minutes. My little girl sure is growing up!

She also will not wear any pants that has a button on it right now. Track pants and gym pants only. Oye!

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Jesse said...

thanks again for taking Annie!! I know she had a great time at least until 5 :) & we REALLY appreciate it!