Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to my love.

This weekend was totally filled with birthday celebrations for Meag who turned 30.

After running around all day Friday to get everything we needed for the party, decorating all Friday night, The Texans Dirty Thirty was almost here.

Mel was in town this week - unfortunately she came down with a belly bug and was not able to join us for the festivities. Thanks for helping out with the prep! We enjoyed a lovely Family Day at Gymnastics. Meag, Mel, Christa, and Abby came to cheer Tym and I on. Tym loved all the attention and had a fantastic time!

Sat afternoon decorating, and cake after supper - the little one Tym helped me with. She was very excited to help with Mummy's birthday cake - and helping decorate. She was also a dream in going to bed. She slept through the entire party! All 25+ guests, all the debauchery, all the drunkinness. Meag had a blast at the party. She made it till 11:30 this time before she went to the washroom and never returned. Damn Sarah and her every 15 minute shot schedule! Once every 5 years right? Not so bad!

I took Tym out of the house first thing Sunday morning and went to Annie's while her moms went out for an adult breakfast. We decorated Easter Eggs. The girls had a blast. Meag was still sleeping when we got home after 11 - she roused around 12. And was her normal self by supper at Matt and Sarah's. Just in time for Matt's home made Black Forest Cake! YUM!

Pictures will hopefully be uploaded to flickr this evening.

Now we need to get the house ready for this fun filled weekend!! Easter, Beth and crew, and Tym's Party. Oye! Is March over yet??

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