Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New teeth!

Tym lost another tooth 2 days ago. And Lake grew another one on the same day - go figure!

it's been a busy couple weeks - we celebrated my birthday and went camping last weekend with beth jesse and the girls. It was awesome. The kids did AMAZING. Tym had a fantastic time and wants to go back. It had been 10 years since Meag and I camped - we went with the girls since they are expert campers with all the camp gear you could need, which was nice. Until the second night my air matress deflated, and the first night I froze.

Tym has been scratching up a storm since we got home. Both Sunday and Monday nights she was up for a couple hours very uncomfortable - benedryl didn't seem to help.

We are going to a wedding in a month - and got the kids the cutest outfits for it, I can't wait to dress them up and take pictures :)