Monday, August 24, 2009

Tym's Words of Wisdom

Driving with the family on Sunday, lamenting to Deah about how quickly Lake is growing up:

Tym: "Why are you sad Mummy?"

Me: "I just wish your brother would slow down his growing is all. I miss him being so little."

Tym: "Well I know how to fix it!"

Me: "Oh? How so?"

Tym: "Just stop feeding him!"

Lake in a Lake

We spent a great weekend basking in the sun at a friends cottage last weekend. It rocked! Tym and Lake were at no loss for things to do as Sandra and Annie (our hosts) and their 2 year old Sam kept us busy. Tym proved how much of a fish she is as getting her out of the lake was at times challenging. Even when her lips were blue!I was a little worried that not being able to touch the bottom would bother her, but the docks jumps into my arms - and at times over my head! - proved me wrong. Lake did pretty well himself considering the water was at times chilly. And the best part was introducing him to skinny dipping - after he's demolished a juicy peach I am not going to take the time to find his swimsuit and get him dressed for swimming - much easier to swim him naked to clean him up!They both enjoyed riding in the boat, though I think Tym's highlight was the ATV rides and "driving" with Sandra. Her dries of "Wha-Hoooo" were quite clear! My poor ankles got eaten alive at the bonfires! It's quite amazing what a person can ignore or not notice after a few drinks, but then be driven insane by the following morning/day. It's actually quite difficult to scratch your ankles while trying to stay afloat when you're already not the best swimmer. Next time I'll follow Deah's lead and hide out in the cottage to avoid being so tasty!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Aug. Long weekend family reunion-ish

We spent a great long weekend in Kitchener at the beginning of Aug. Tym was on cloud 9 the whole time playing with her cousins Grace and Julia. Lake's eyes kept bugging out of his head with all the big kid action to watch, and Deah and I enjoyed some time together and fantastic chats with Beth and Darcy. A major highlight was African Lion Safari. The kids were blown away by all the animals ("Mummy, I want to pet the cheetah!") and the fantastic water park. Tym and Julia literally spent an hour chasing each other and splashing around, while Lake enjoyed cooling of in the small wading pools. My heart was constantly bursting with awe and love at the kids playing together. Grace was out of this world awesome with Lake. So attentive and gentile with him. Beth and I were able to steal away for a couple of hours for a coffee chat. Since Mum and Dad are back in the desert, we "broke" into their condo and chilled out. Quite the opposite to use sneaking out when we were kids! Both Tym and Lake did fantastic on the drives. We left shortly after supper on Monday night and Tym was asleep within 20 minutes! I guess going to bed at 9/9:30 and up at 6/6:30 for 3 days will do that to you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Sumo:

We've been a little neglectful in your monthly letter and I apologize for that.

I am still shaking my head in wonder at the fact that you are 8 months old now! I had been told to expect your second born to do things seemingly quicker than your first born, but I would really appreciate it if you slowed down your learning curve son.

The baby gates are now up with plans on getting the cabinet locks on shortly. We've had to put a bad rail on your bed as you have already made a crash onto the floor. The mobility you've shown is awesome. You spent the better part of last night trying to crawl around the bed - which is great but if you could reserve these practice sessions for the daylight hours and not between midnight and 2 am that would be great. Even though you were practicing crawling, you much prefer to be finger walking. You've realized that this is a quicker way of getting to where you want to be. It is still alittle weird seeing your chubby little legs walking you around.

We've already seen your future temper tantrums as well.. I feel like I should thank you for the warning. The vocalization (shall we call it that?) and demanding for an object, to stand up, to move around, or to change your scenery is a fair warning as to what we can expect in the coming few months.

However Sumo, you are the most fantastic eater! It doesn't matter what it is that we're eating, drinking or thinking of cooking - you want it! From broccoli, to steak, to prunes you want it all. Of course you do have your favorites, but I can safely bring out anything and know that you will eat it.

8 months have flown by and look at how far you've come. This roller-coaster ride of parenthood just keeps getting better every day with you.