Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bumps and bruises

We had a good weekend - it was cold, but we still enjoyed ourselves going to parks and relaxing a little bit.

Tym's naps are - not everyday, which is making for interesting evenings. Some days if she naps to late (like Sunday) she's up all evening and sleeps like crap. Other days, like yesterday she doesn't nap, then she's to tired at bed time to want to go to sleep... Fun times.

Then nights like last night - she falls out of bed and bumps her head :( and is up for 2 hours. (First time in a long time she's fallen, and first time in hitting her head) So she has a large gooseegg on her forehead, poor thing.

Lastnight - I felt Newton move for the first time. It was awesome! :) I didn't feel Tym move for many more weeks - but now that I know what to look for - the very faint flutter in 1 place - I faintly felt Newton move for a few minutes lastnight - it was awesome :)

We had a midwife appt today. We actually got to see Sarah ( our old midwife ) which was lovely - and find out that the reason we don't have her, is she is due 1 week before us!! Got the blood drawn today to make sure everything is good, along with the pap test, which is oh so lovely. Let's just say the cervix is a LOT more sensitive when you're pregnant! So all the testing is done now - we can sit back and enjoy the visits more. My blood pressure was awesome at 105/78. Which for me - ROCKS! :)

They had the results from the ultrasound - we will be keeping our due date and not moving it for ultrasound dates - considering we 'know' there was no sperm in the house 6 days earlier!!! hehe :) Rather avoid induction if we can! Also on the ultrasound they found a small blood clot - which is normal. And chances are along the way somewhere I will spot or bleed a little bit as it gets released. Or it might just re-absorb into my body. I am sure I will still freak if I bleed!

We are getting things ready for our trip to Waterloo this weekend - it will be nice to see everyone - Tym's quite excited :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So many new things...

Today I was going to post about the fact that we are at 12 weeks - and everything that entails... and I will - after I tell you about this morning.

After Tym slept through the night (YAY!) I went up at 6:15 and snuggled her. I mentioned I had a dentist appt this morning, and asked if her and Mummy could drive me. She immediately went - I go for a check up to?? I asked if she wanted to see the dentist and get her teeth cleaned. YA! was the answer. Ok then - If the 3 year old wants to go to the dentist, I will gladly give up my appt. (We've been meaning to get her to the dentist for the last couple months). So we all got ready and left. When we got there I told them I was there and explained I would give up my appt if Tym could get in instead - she talked with my lovely hygenist who said she would clean both our teeth.

So we went out back, Tym said I would go first. She asked lots of questions about what all the stuff was - and thought it was funny I had sun glasses and a bib on. Then I was done, and she still wanted her turn!! So she climbed in the big chair and laid back! She looked around, and was able to get most of her front teeth polished! Her teeth are so lovely and shinny! She got a new toothbrush, floss - and got a toy from the chest! She even let the very old scary looking dentist come in and take a look. Her teeth are perfect :)

Of course as we were watching her, we realized we wanted pictures, but with such an impromptu appt, we didn't bring the camera. Oh well - there is always 6 months from now!

Now that Tym is clearly a big girl - let's talk about Newton!
I am 12 weeks today - and haven't been nauseous in awhile... I even started talking my prenatals in the morning again :) I am still tired - not as tired, but 9:30 is still late for me!

On Monday I looked down and seen a little of my belly poking out - normally I just see the girls (which are ginormous right now!) but the belly is starting to poke. Not that most people would even consider me showing, but give me another month and we shall see! The preggo clothes are going to have to come out soon, as I am down to 3 pairs of pants for work - I hope it warms up soon so I can wear shorts!

This week I started telling my work folks that I'm due :) It's been fun telling people - a lot of people are wondering what I'm going to do about my job - so am I! I am going to talk to Claudia next week about how long I should stick with this job and such. Obviously I am not going to do it if it's not good for me or Newton.

A lot of people wonder how Tym's doing with the thought of a baby. Well - she is getting more excited all the time!! Yesterday morning we were snuggling, and she layed on my belly - kissed it, and was listening. She then said "I can HEAR THE BABY!" she was sooo excited! I laughed. I was hungry - are you sure you can here it. "Yes Mama, I hear the BABY!" it was so cute. Then a minute later, "Mama, I feel the baby move!!" It was so cute. We shall see how long this faze lasts - hopefully another year until the baby is a few months old! She is getting use to the fact that there is only 1 - and not 2. Thank God!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hero PJ's

So we haven't mentioned that Tym has been sleeping like a superstar the past 2 weeks - didn't want to jinks it. However since she woke up before 6 today, the first day in 2 weeks - why not!

A couple weeks ago Tym wanted to wear her Ballerina PJ's. They are fleecy, 1 piece, zip up, with feet. We weren't going to say no. She slept until 6:30. We didn't think anything of it. The next night she insisted on them again - not worth the fight to try and get her to wear something else. She slept until 6:45.

She hasn't had another set of pj's on her butt since.

This from the girl that wanted to sleep naked when it was -40 out. From the kid that has been very insistant in not wearing 1 piece PJ's in well over a year.

We think part of it is she's staying warm at night, even when she kicks off her blankets. If she will be to warm in 3 weeks when the weather actually gets warm, who knows. But right now - 1 peice fotty PJ's all the way!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

And the Oscar goes to....

Tym's acting skills have become quite impressive. Or maybe it's just her Drama Queen-ness coming out. She woke up full of giggles and smiles and ready to go to school. That is untill she found out that Deah was staying home due to a bad cold. Well, the smiles disapeared, the eyes became glazed over, and a pout formed on her face. "I'm sick" she announced pathetically. "I can't go to school today, I'm too sick." Batting her eyes at me (hey she learned early that I'm the push-over) as I stood by watching this display. "Nope you're fine come on let's go" I told her. "I can't Mummy, I'm too sick!" she tried whole-heartedly. This little banter went on back and forth for a good 5 minutes. As I started to wonder if I was going to have to carry her up the staris myself to get her dressed Deah comes to my rescue. A few words later, Tym is bounding up the steps as if there is a mound of sugar at the top all for her to devour. I asked Deah what she said to Tym. She turns to me with a sly smile and says: "Crack. I told her she could have some crack".

Crack by the way is either Arnica or Vitamin C tablets.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alive and wiggly

When you get your first pregnancy test that is positive - you're overjoyed. But then starts the worrying. Especially if you test positive way before your period is due (which we did). You wonder if everything is going to be OK. If the baby is growing OK. If there really is a baby in there. Most women worry about this until they get their first ultrasound, or are into their second trimester.

We had our first ultrasound this morning :) Newton is thriving!!! A little to much so - as in measuring 6 days ahead of schedule! Very wiggly and squirmy. Which was a switch for us, as Tym was always very calm, never moved very much during the ultrasounds. Newton had his\her arms flying everywhere, legs moving and just moving all about. It was awesome.

So no more worries about not having a baby in my belly. And we can tell Tym honestly, that there is only 1 baby in my belly. No twins like she insists on!

We will upload the picture within a couple days. Happy Spring everyone!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Are sleepin's worth it?

We had a lovely weekend. Friday started off with swimming with the girls - Beth made supper at our house. Yummy Tacos! :)

Saturday we had a non-listening morning. which ended up in not going to gymnastics. It had us make a listening chart for Tym - the rest of the weekend went very well listening-wise. Saturday afternoon we meet new friends at the park and went to their house to play. It was fun. Followed by Pho. Tym now loves Noodle Soup. nothing better than noodles, meat and dipping sauce! She's a hoot with chop sticks!

Sunday morning she surprised us and slept in by 1.5 hours!! Oh, it was lovely!!! We went for a quick breakfast out, then Canadian Tire. I headed home while they bused downtown. I later joined them and we had a treat from the Chocoletier in the Market. Tym then proceeded to have a very long nap while we cleaned up outside. A yummy ham supper followed. And bed early.

However due to the big sleep yesterday - she was up from 2-5AM. Was the sleep in worth it? Ask me tonight at 9!! :)

All-in-all it was a very lovely Mother's Day. it's crazy to imagine next year there will be 4 of us!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Instant Tears

"I love you Mummy because your friendly."

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So productive!

What a week!

Friday Meag and I took the day off the work in the backyard with mom. And we got it all done by 1PM! Sod in and everything! :) It looks sooooo good. We can't wait for a couple weeks until it's settled and we can go play back there :)

Sat mom came with Tym and I to gymnastics and thought it was awesome the setup they have for them. The ball pit was a huge hit. Tym also did a typical crazy Tym thing - She was doing her crab walk on the parallel bars, when normally she would step down, she decided to launch herself off the end onto a mat! Which normally would be 'ok' I guess, except this mat she jumped unto was the mat under the rings where another kid was swinging. Thankfully she missed the kid on the bars. After she did it the second time, I took her aside and told her she shouldn't! Silly girl!

Sunday we went to the Biodome in Montreal. It was a lot of fun! Tym especially loved the penguins... She raced through almost all of it just to get to the penguins. She loved pointing out animals she knew - Macaw, Aligator, Marmaset Monkeys. Yay for Diego :P

Tym stayed home yesterday with mom so they would get some quality play time in. From the sounds of it, they had a fantastic day :)

Today mom is home, and doing some painting. Tomorrow I am staying home and we will do some shopping before I take her to the airport. It's been a lovely visit.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gramma! Gramma!

There is nothing quite like a 3 year old running in the airport right for Gramma screaming Gramma! Gramma!! It was the sweetest thing. Definitely made the right choice in bringing her even though it meant a little later bedtime.

First thing yesterday morning - at 5:30 - We are trying to get her to go back to sleep - Gramma? she didn't like our - she's sleeping, answer. And was up for the day. The entire day - did not want to take a nap with me. Finally crawled in bed at 2:35 for a quick 20 minute power nap.

We come downstairs to watch Gramma just finishing to rip out the big lilac tree in the backyard. All by herself! OYE!

Tym has loved having Gramma around, and has played very very hard and has not stopped squealing and laughing. This morning was a little tough to get her to go to school. Mom is working on the backyard today and both Meag and I will be home to help her tomorrow. I am glad she likes gardening so much :)

I hope the rest of the visit goes just a lovely! :) It's nice having family around.