Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gramma! Gramma!

There is nothing quite like a 3 year old running in the airport right for Gramma screaming Gramma! Gramma!! It was the sweetest thing. Definitely made the right choice in bringing her even though it meant a little later bedtime.

First thing yesterday morning - at 5:30 - We are trying to get her to go back to sleep - Gramma? she didn't like our - she's sleeping, answer. And was up for the day. The entire day - did not want to take a nap with me. Finally crawled in bed at 2:35 for a quick 20 minute power nap.

We come downstairs to watch Gramma just finishing to rip out the big lilac tree in the backyard. All by herself! OYE!

Tym has loved having Gramma around, and has played very very hard and has not stopped squealing and laughing. This morning was a little tough to get her to go to school. Mom is working on the backyard today and both Meag and I will be home to help her tomorrow. I am glad she likes gardening so much :)

I hope the rest of the visit goes just a lovely! :) It's nice having family around.

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