Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hero PJ's

So we haven't mentioned that Tym has been sleeping like a superstar the past 2 weeks - didn't want to jinks it. However since she woke up before 6 today, the first day in 2 weeks - why not!

A couple weeks ago Tym wanted to wear her Ballerina PJ's. They are fleecy, 1 piece, zip up, with feet. We weren't going to say no. She slept until 6:30. We didn't think anything of it. The next night she insisted on them again - not worth the fight to try and get her to wear something else. She slept until 6:45.

She hasn't had another set of pj's on her butt since.

This from the girl that wanted to sleep naked when it was -40 out. From the kid that has been very insistant in not wearing 1 piece PJ's in well over a year.

We think part of it is she's staying warm at night, even when she kicks off her blankets. If she will be to warm in 3 weeks when the weather actually gets warm, who knows. But right now - 1 peice fotty PJ's all the way!

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