Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So productive!

What a week!

Friday Meag and I took the day off the work in the backyard with mom. And we got it all done by 1PM! Sod in and everything! :) It looks sooooo good. We can't wait for a couple weeks until it's settled and we can go play back there :)

Sat mom came with Tym and I to gymnastics and thought it was awesome the setup they have for them. The ball pit was a huge hit. Tym also did a typical crazy Tym thing - She was doing her crab walk on the parallel bars, when normally she would step down, she decided to launch herself off the end onto a mat! Which normally would be 'ok' I guess, except this mat she jumped unto was the mat under the rings where another kid was swinging. Thankfully she missed the kid on the bars. After she did it the second time, I took her aside and told her she shouldn't! Silly girl!

Sunday we went to the Biodome in Montreal. It was a lot of fun! Tym especially loved the penguins... She raced through almost all of it just to get to the penguins. She loved pointing out animals she knew - Macaw, Aligator, Marmaset Monkeys. Yay for Diego :P

Tym stayed home yesterday with mom so they would get some quality play time in. From the sounds of it, they had a fantastic day :)

Today mom is home, and doing some painting. Tomorrow I am staying home and we will do some shopping before I take her to the airport. It's been a lovely visit.

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