Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bumps and bruises

We had a good weekend - it was cold, but we still enjoyed ourselves going to parks and relaxing a little bit.

Tym's naps are - not everyday, which is making for interesting evenings. Some days if she naps to late (like Sunday) she's up all evening and sleeps like crap. Other days, like yesterday she doesn't nap, then she's to tired at bed time to want to go to sleep... Fun times.

Then nights like last night - she falls out of bed and bumps her head :( and is up for 2 hours. (First time in a long time she's fallen, and first time in hitting her head) So she has a large gooseegg on her forehead, poor thing.

Lastnight - I felt Newton move for the first time. It was awesome! :) I didn't feel Tym move for many more weeks - but now that I know what to look for - the very faint flutter in 1 place - I faintly felt Newton move for a few minutes lastnight - it was awesome :)

We had a midwife appt today. We actually got to see Sarah ( our old midwife ) which was lovely - and find out that the reason we don't have her, is she is due 1 week before us!! Got the blood drawn today to make sure everything is good, along with the pap test, which is oh so lovely. Let's just say the cervix is a LOT more sensitive when you're pregnant! So all the testing is done now - we can sit back and enjoy the visits more. My blood pressure was awesome at 105/78. Which for me - ROCKS! :)

They had the results from the ultrasound - we will be keeping our due date and not moving it for ultrasound dates - considering we 'know' there was no sperm in the house 6 days earlier!!! hehe :) Rather avoid induction if we can! Also on the ultrasound they found a small blood clot - which is normal. And chances are along the way somewhere I will spot or bleed a little bit as it gets released. Or it might just re-absorb into my body. I am sure I will still freak if I bleed!

We are getting things ready for our trip to Waterloo this weekend - it will be nice to see everyone - Tym's quite excited :)

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Jude said...

Hooray for a good visit and for feeling the Newton!

I had a lot of bleeding during my pregnancy and it was the most nervewracking thing. However, obviously you can still have a baby at the end. :)