Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cough sniff cough

I am sick again. ARGH!!!! I've been yucky for a couple days - the past 2 not sleeping as I've been coughing for hours on end once i lay down. Fun times.

It was a pretty uneventful week... Acupuncture did nothing to get him going... Just moved him even further down! Claudia was going to come over Friday to do a stretch and sweep, but there were 2 other women in labour so she didn't end up coming over.

Friday night we went to Beth and Jesse's for a lovely supper, and everyone went to watch the Santa parade of lights in Aylmer. I didn't see the parade as I didn't feel like walking there and back, but everyone had a good time :)

Thursday and Friday was a bit crampy - but nothing came of it... Just things getting ready I guess.

We are pretty ready at this point I think. Just waiting. I've been quite uncomfortable. Sleeping has been an issue, I haven't had a REM cycle in 5 days. (Except for the one I had last time I woke up - however I've been up since then (3:30AM) coughing.... So I don't want to count it!
With that I am ready for sleep again, but the girls will be up at any point, so there isn't any point to getting comfy when Tym won't let me sleep afterwards... may as well wait until they get out of here a little later on.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

44 and counting....

We saw Claudia yesterday - and I am currently measuring 44 weeks.... And counting. (Technically I am 38weeks, 4 days). So lets just say that he's measuring ahead.

With that there is a highly chance of having to transfer to the hospital because of his size... If he doesn't descend like he should or labour doesn't progress like it should... things like that. Which now has me a little freaked out. I am Ok in him being big. I do 'hope' that my body wouldn't grow something that doesn't fit. And I know she needs to go over all this with us in case, it is her job after all.

I have all the confidence in myself to deliver this baby here, in the comfort of my home, surrounded with people I love and trust. the hospital... is well... not any of that! I am sure that I can make it work there to, and I have to remember if we have to transfer it doesn't mean I've failed. If we need another csection, it's not because I didn't do everything in my power.

So... the sooner he comes the better so he doesn't get much bigger :) I am doing acupuncture today and started homeopathic. Thursday or Friday is a stretch and sweep. Come on baby - we are ready to meet you....

There is now snow on the ground. Tym woke up this morning, Meag told her to look outside.... the most beautiful in awe face came over her. "My baby Brother is coming now!" We've been telling her for months that her brother would come once there is snow on the ground, before Santa.... And well - she's decided now is good.

I agree!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The return...

Of cankles!

It's been a busy week as always... I figured I should update since we are now getting random 'How are you doing?" calls :)

My cankles are back... It's been a really busy 3 days with not a lot of rest and my feet are paying the price. However I was able to do a lot of errands on Thursday, celebrated Christa's graduation from Cordon Bleu and went to see Santa with Tym at the mall today. So I think it's worth it :)

I am feeling very very pregnant, and would not be to sad if I went into labour now. The only downside would be our labour support ladies (Christa and Abby) have their moms' in town until Wednesday to celebrate the graduation. It would suck to take time away from that. However it would be nice not to be pregnant anymore! The past week has definitely brought on more uncomfortableness then I've previously felt. As I was dressing for the grad yesterday I found out that I had outgrown 2 of my lovely mat tops... Ones I was saving for nice occasions such as that. I didn't think one was suppose to grow out of mat clothes... I'm down to pair of pants and a couple tops which don't fit very well. I can't put on socks (not that I want to!) thank god for my lined crocs! bending to pick something off the floor.... Forget it!

The past couple days I've had more braxton hicks contractions - which has been odd. I guess I hadn't had many prior - they can be quite uncomfortable. I am peeing every 20 minutes. And hungry a lot!

Will all this - it is amazing to have him wiggle in me all the time. He's so much more active then Tym ever was - I know the position helps with that. But there is nothing like taking a few minutes, sitting back, and feeling him inside me. Knowing that I've grown this being from nothing - and he's soon going to come out and dazzle everyone from the outside.

it's also sad knowing that this is more likely the last time I will be pregnant. The last time I will grow another human. The last time I will feel a child growing inside me. In some ways I don't think I've cherished it enough - on the other hand - i think I have.

Tym is doing well. She's a little off - we are not sure if it's some changes at school she's taking a lot time adjusting to - or to knowing that her world is soon going to be flipped upside down! She's not awful - but she's spacy and not paying much attention.

tomorrow she's going to Cosmic with Santiago and patty - she will have an amazing time - and I am sure we will put to good use to the hour or two we have to get some more small things done.

Now - can I get his blanket and christmas stocking sewn before he gets here......

38 weeks + and counting... still pregnant.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

list and most lists

What a week! At first I thought I had nothing accomplished least week - then I realized how many appts and things I actually did and felt better. Especially after making lots of freezer food on Friday.

Ole keeps dropping - we did some shopping yesterday and I had a bowling ball between my legs the entire time, oh the joys of pregnancy! On the weekend I was having cramps off and on... After talking with Claudia (midwife) this morning I realized they were probably contractions - not to painful and definitely not on a schedule... Just the body getting ready I guess. Kinda freaks me out though! The time is near. and getting closer and closer. I am measuring 42 weeks, blood pressure is awesome, swelling in my feet is almost none now that I'm at home. Lots of fluid, he's moving a lot still. Going from anteriror to posterior a lot. She offered a stretch and sweet if I wanted it... Which freaked me out to know that she feels confident enough that he's almost ready to offer... I did decline today - as our birth team won't really be ready till at least Saturday... I 'might' do one next week - we'll see how uncomfortable I am.

Time to pack our hospital bags (just in case). Our to do list isn't quite getting shorter - as more things get added - but most of the crutial items have been taken care of.

Time to get Tym to her last swim class of the term. she loves the water!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kids say the darnest things

I drove Tym to daycare yesturday morning. She was singing some Raffi song and I was listening to the news on the radio. Suddenly:

"You're getting a new daddy Mummy!"
"Ummmm....I already have a daddy honey."
"Ya, but you're getting a NEW one!"
"Because Grandpa's getting old."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things have been good around here. The weekend was quick - Laurel and Mel came into town to look for a place for Laurel to move into in the New Year - hopefully her application has gone through! We got a good part of the cleaning done. We shall have some cooking to do, but thats not to bad.

Yesterday I went and got a belly cast done. It was a great experience. I can't wait until she drops it off in a few weeks and we can paint it. We also seen the midwife yesterday - it was so nice to connect with Claudia again since it had been a long time since we'd seen her. She felt the same way, which was nice. Everything seems to be going good... The boy is measuring big. I measured 41 weeks. Granted there is a bit extra padding as well... But... Oye! No wonder I'm having a hard time moving around! Even though I'm only term on Friday, if for some reason I went into labour now, she wouldn't be concerned at all to do a home birth, which was nice to hear.

After that we ran to the naturopath - and got the homeopathics that we might use. And set up appts to help natural induction around the due date (if he hasn't arrived) and for him once he's here. Crazy!

This morning Scott came over and we did belly pictures.... It was a lot harder with Tym running around! We will post them soon once we go through them.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

When will I ever learn?

2 weeks ago Tym and I went to pick up Deah from work. While driving, a purolator truck cut me off and without my mental filter on I called the driver a jackass. Of course Tym immediately asks why I called him a jackass. With a cringe I silently cursed myself (mental filter in the "on" position!) and spent the next 5 minutes explaining that jackass is a rude thing to say and that I shouldn't have said it, so and so. Of course all the time I was mentally thinking "god! I hope she doesn't repeat this when Deah gets in the car!" Deah hops in beside me and Tym pipes up from the back "Mama that truck is a jackass!" OY!

The next morning I was teasing Deah and Tym and just poking abit. Deah finally had enough, looked at Tym and said "Tym what do we say to Mummy?" With a smirk Tym turns to me and says "Jackass!"

Touche Deah!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Free time?

So I've been on sick leave all week. It's weird but lovely! I was able to get in to see my massage therapist (to do Bowen) ad-hoc on Tuesday which was lovely. I actually took a nap on Wednesday which was a blissful 35 minutes that I didn't feel guilty about. I've been able to do some cooking for the freezer and slowly dwindle down our to do list. Easy stuff like make the email list for after birth, or get pictures printed. It's been nice. I do feel like I should be doing stuff all the time since I'm home, and I have to remind myself I need to take it easy as well.

Ole has been moving up a storm all week. I am pretty amazed at how big I am getting. I don't notice it until I see profiles of the belly. Since he's dropped I don't think of it as big since it's not, however he keeps popping out even further. No one can be in the kitchen with me at the same time since he gets in everyone's way... And Tym's head keeps bopping into him. It's funny.

Yesterday I seen the naturopath - next week we're going over what homeopathics will help during labour. I am also getting a belly cast done next week, which will be awesome.

Lunch and a movie is calling I think :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Changes afoot...

So there have been a few changes afoot around here.
We had snow last week! Enough so there was some left over for a day or 2 of the ground, and some places plowed! Thankfully that didn't last long - it did however prompt me to work really quick on getting my winter footwear. Crocs that have a super warm liner. Of course now it's 16 outside and my feet are way to hot! Go figure.

We seen our second backup midwife on Thursday - so we've met them all. Ole has dropped and is starting to get comfy in my pelvis - which explains the constant peeing!

Mel went home on Friday... not before a Thursday TV night - it was a lot of fun to have her around.... and if things go well she may be moving to the city within the next year. I have my fingers crossed.

On the weekend we did a test run on the birth pool. Looks like our hot water tank won't have a problem in filling it up nice and warm! :) I am very excited about that. Tym had a fun time sitting it testing it out with me. Now just to get her to understand that she will not be allowed in with me when I go into labour!

On Sunday Pepe and Wade hosted our Welcome baby party. They did a fantastic job!! They had games for the kids, lots of wonderful food. It was a great time. Tym had a blast playing with all the kids that came, and we enjoyed talking with all the adults. There were 30 people overall!! We got lots of cute baby clothes for the little guy and some fantastic other things :)

Yesterday we went to the midwife again and she put me on sick leave. My sleep has been lacking lately, a lot. And my feet have grown to a ridiculous size. So I am now at home 'resting'. I have quite a bit to do this week, but I am hoping after that I will be spending more time resting :) At least I am not sitting behind a desk all day which was making my feet very uncomfortable. However been home did give me the availibility to get a Bowen session in - which feels amazing and will help me sleep for at least a couple nights.

1 week and 3 days and we can have a home birth! Holy Cow!!