Saturday, November 08, 2008

When will I ever learn?

2 weeks ago Tym and I went to pick up Deah from work. While driving, a purolator truck cut me off and without my mental filter on I called the driver a jackass. Of course Tym immediately asks why I called him a jackass. With a cringe I silently cursed myself (mental filter in the "on" position!) and spent the next 5 minutes explaining that jackass is a rude thing to say and that I shouldn't have said it, so and so. Of course all the time I was mentally thinking "god! I hope she doesn't repeat this when Deah gets in the car!" Deah hops in beside me and Tym pipes up from the back "Mama that truck is a jackass!" OY!

The next morning I was teasing Deah and Tym and just poking abit. Deah finally had enough, looked at Tym and said "Tym what do we say to Mummy?" With a smirk Tym turns to me and says "Jackass!"

Touche Deah!

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