Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cough sniff cough

I am sick again. ARGH!!!! I've been yucky for a couple days - the past 2 not sleeping as I've been coughing for hours on end once i lay down. Fun times.

It was a pretty uneventful week... Acupuncture did nothing to get him going... Just moved him even further down! Claudia was going to come over Friday to do a stretch and sweep, but there were 2 other women in labour so she didn't end up coming over.

Friday night we went to Beth and Jesse's for a lovely supper, and everyone went to watch the Santa parade of lights in Aylmer. I didn't see the parade as I didn't feel like walking there and back, but everyone had a good time :)

Thursday and Friday was a bit crampy - but nothing came of it... Just things getting ready I guess.

We are pretty ready at this point I think. Just waiting. I've been quite uncomfortable. Sleeping has been an issue, I haven't had a REM cycle in 5 days. (Except for the one I had last time I woke up - however I've been up since then (3:30AM) coughing.... So I don't want to count it!
With that I am ready for sleep again, but the girls will be up at any point, so there isn't any point to getting comfy when Tym won't let me sleep afterwards... may as well wait until they get out of here a little later on.

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