Tuesday, December 02, 2008

how quickly plans can change....

Yesterday sucked.

The weekend was Ok - we decorated (not the tree yet) for the holidays and did a few things. I've been fighting a sinus infection since last week - and it finally got to me. By Sunday afternoon I was miserable.

Yesterday morning we had a midwife appt. Claudia tried to do a stretch and sweep, but my cervix was hiding. It was quite uncomfortable. I've since heard it hurts less and the cervix gets ready... Let's hope so! After that lovely experience she does the measure and listening thing. Newton's heartrate was good as always. I was measuring almost 46 weeks.


We then have a discussion on how it's probably best if we forgo a home birth, just to be on the safe side.

In 1 sentence so many hopes dashed.

I know it doesn't mean that I can't have a lovely beautiful med free natural birth. It does mean that there is a highly likelyhood of having more invasive treatments. I am trying to stay positive in it - as I know it is just a precaution. And I want to do everything to know that he's in the best hands and safe... I just really hope he lets me have a natural labour.

With his size and my blood pressure slowly creeping up, I am not sure how love they will let me go past my due date... that's a talk we will probably have with a midwife on Thursday when we go for another stretch and sweep.

This afternoon we are having an ultrasound to check his size and to make sure that the placenta still looks good. Apparently with big babies it can deteriorate quicker.

On top of this - I went to the dr yesterday to get meds to make me feel better. The only good thing that came was there was NO wait and I was home in 25 minutes with drugs. I totally did not want to go on antibiotics so close to birth, but there was no way I would have had the energy to labour otherwise. Plus my body could be waiting until I feel better to work on the whole explusion thing :)

So I'm on meds, we have to pack a hospital bag and we need to work to get this baby out sooner than later.

If anyone you know wants to have a homebirth, I have all the supplies one could need including birthing tub and tubing for sale!

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Leslie said...

I'm so sorry, Deah. I know how much the home birth meant to you. I will keep you close in my thoughts, hoping that you get the birth experience that you want. You've worked so hard to prepare that it must be frustrating to change plans. But you're absolutely right- it would be horrible to be at home and realize that you should be in the hospital to give him the best care you can. It's been so interesting with Newton, because your pregnancy experiences have been so different that it's like a first birth all over again. Love to the four Le Blancs!