Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little more crazy than last time

Lake is now 5 days old and tipping the scales at 10.9lbs. He should be back up to birth weight by Thursday at his next "weigh in". Deah's milk has fully come in and the boy is chomping at the bit for it. So nice to see and hear the big gulps and so very different than Tym's first 5 days. She didn't get back up to her birth weight till she was 19 days old. Very scary for new parents to go through. But also the main reason why we are on Lake so much to nurse every 2 hours. He is quite the baby: very alert - will maintain eye contact for a good 20-25 seconds and is quite strong through his neck too - it's not unusul for him to pick his head up and hold it for a good 10 seconds.

2 funny stories to share already:

When he was 14 hours old Tym tried to feed him a raisin because his mouth was open so he was "hungry". My first lesson in don't take your eyes off the kids for a second! Thankfully I fished it out in time.

When I changed his diaper in front of Tym for the first time, I pulled it off and she very excitedly yelled "It's a boy!"

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