Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just a quick note... We are home all safe and sound. How nice it is to be here. A family of 4.

I am healing well - it's different having a c-section with a bouncy 3.5 year old at home - whenever she's close, I'm very aware of her limbs as she's been to close more than once!

Lake is doing lovely - my milk is coming in and he's eating like a fiend. Tym loves him more than life - it's amazing to see.

Meag is being a dream doing everything, since I'm not suppose to move for a few more days. She's doing everything including entertaining the kid while being exhausted. Thank God she's super mom.

Feel free to come on over and play with Tym or help out around the house and get a quick baby snuggle :)

A few pictures have been loaded - more will come once we get the cord for Abby & Christa's camera.

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R said...

CONGRATS!! HE is such a cutie! OMG!!
If I were closer I would be there in a minute!!