Monday, December 08, 2008

Maybe now?

Things were getting a little interesting today. Deah had a hard time staying asleep last night with contractions and (here's the TMI for the day) bloody show. All good signs that early labour was starting. Things continued on early this morning and we sent Tym off to school telling her nothing (why get her excited when we don't know when or how long yet?). However since this morning things have stalled. Contractions are farther in-between though they are lasting longer and are more intense. Claudia (our midiwfe) came over and did another stretch and sweep with Deah being about 50% thinned out and much softer in the cervix then even on Sat. We then headed out to accupuncture. Hopefully with all this things will pick back up later this afternoon. Deah's feeling a little frustrated with the stopping and starting (sorta) of it all, and perhaps we are jumping the gun a bit in our excitement. Either way we'll post more when we know more.

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