Monday, December 22, 2008

How time flies!

Lake is already 11 days old! It's crazy to us that it's passing so quickly!

On thursday he was 10lbs 14oz. We see Denise tomorrow - I'm betting over 11.6 at this point... he's changing so quickly. His cheeks are back, he's very solid. Not to rolly polly yet, but I am sure that's coming. he definitely does not look like a newborn. Everyone that meets him can't beleive he's just a handful of days old.

We officially put away all 0-3 month clothing - way to small. The sleeper he was in today was a 6 months - and it fit perfectly. Oye! We had to move the straps on his car seat up to the next level already.

he's still a great baby. so far sleeping very well through the night. Twice he's slept 4.5 hours straight - I've woken up before him hoping he's wake up soon to releive the pressure in my breasts! He's got a couple good alert periods during the day where he'll make eye contact and try to mimic your expressions. it's pretty awesome.

Tym is being such a trooper. She loves him to bits!! We've had to put the law down in no touching the baby when he's sleeping... she LOVES kissing and hugging and holding, which leads to waking! She is super stoked for Santa this year. It should be a pretty awesome christmas. She's also turning into such a big girl. It makes me glow but sad all at the same time. It's amazing to watch her become her own person,but I want my little baby girl back!

It's hard to beleive that Christmas is here in 2 days. OYE! how quickly the time passed. I am glad we were well prepared and had most of the shopping done. And the xmas cards as well - they won't get there in time for xmas - but they did get mailed today :)

I am healing pretty well - so much better than last time. I can do stairs carrying him no problem. I took him to his first chiro appt today all by myself. it was weird to drive and have room between me and the steering wheel! I still need to take it easy, to much standing wears me out.. But overall 200% better than last time.

His first chiro appt went lovely. he totally melted into Kelly's hands when she was mobilizing his head bones... so much so he had a huge blowout. Of course he comes up in perfect health... Head's a little flat (probably from a long labour pushing on my pelvis). It will form itself over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I'll upload some new pictures... for now tho - I'm heading to bed, everyone else is sleeping - so I should be to!

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mamasaid said...

we miss you guys :( Annie's getting poxy now too. Hope you are all healthy and can't wait to see you in 2009.