Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thursday I had another stretch and sweep - and my cervix was still not very friendly. And OWW - when it's not ready, it's not ready!

So I had acupuncture on Friday - which was awesome. I felt a couple contractions during the session... And proceeded to get crampy all day yesterday. It was good to feel things at least doing some work.

Last night around 2:30 I woke up to my very first contraction. Not to intense - running from my back to belly. It was weird. I had a couple more and took the advice I had heard from a lot of people, if things start in the middle of the night, have a hot bath and get more sleep! So I was back in bed by 4:30 - and have not had a contraction since! It's now 8:45pm!

Claudia came over today and my BP is staying - not rising - around 128/85. As long as it doesn't rise we won't have to consult an OB for it. She did a S&S and it was the first one that I was not in pain for - it was uncomfortable, but I didn't even think she had found it. and it was 40% thinned out... So the cramping yesterday and contractions overnight have been doing some work. Now we want it to work more!!

Claudia did mention that they probably would not let me go 2 weeks over my date due to his size and it being a VBAC. She's on call until Wednesday and really hopes to see my before she's off call... with a baby in arms!

At this point I would really like him to be out. I feel like time is ticking sooo fast but so slow on the other side.

Come on Newton, come meet everyone that wants to see you!

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