Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleeping heads

So it's wednesday. normally at this time of the week I am exhausted from entertaining Tym - or having a playdate.

This week - She's sleeping on the couch with a fever and he's napping upstairs. Weird.

This morning we knew she was off when she said she was tired 10 minutes after getting up and snuggled in our bed, not wanting to move to eat. She loves breakfast usually. She still has not touched her peanut butter bread. She was asleep by 8:30. She's been up to watch Diego and have a couple sips of juice and jello - then fell asleep on the couch by herself.

I do hope the fever is it and her body is able to fight everything else away.
I do hope the fever doesn't last to long.

On another note - Tym's school friend had a baby brother lastnight. And I am already having missing newborn pains and thoughts on another - then reality kicks in! Welcome Alexandre - I hope Sophie loves you as much as Tym loves Lake.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TIme flies

So it's been to long....

To finish up the weekend with Beth - Tym was so exhausted that she didn't want to go skating and had a nap instead while they all went. Poor thing loved having them around so much she could hardly stand it!
All in all the weekend was fantastic though. And it's been busy since.

I registered Tym for Junoir Kindergarden for Sept. OYE! Our baby girl is growing up! And quickly. Now we need to figure out childcare for when I go back to work as we are number 30 ont he list for the school daycare - but they are only taking 9 kids in Sept - back to the drawing board. I am not sure what we will do, time will tell.

Last weekend was the weekend of birthdays. Tym was invited to 2 parties - Willow had 15 girls between the ages of 4-5 there. Holy Cow it was eye opening! Tym had a blast, then went to play at Sophie's - and was asleep by 7:15! Sunday it was Santiago's 4th birthday and just as many people, but more adults. It was also awesome. We meet another girl that has 2 moms as well. it's always nice to meet more families like ours.

All these parties made us realize Tym's is in 3 weeks and we have done nothing. So planning has started. Theme picked, lists started. Now what to get her as a present... I think it might be a bike with training wheels! She really is getting to big way to fast *sigh*

I'm in the midst of trying to do our taxes, which is always a fun event! And get budget stuff done for the daycare... all of which I want done before we go to TX. There is never enough time in the day.

Today Meag and I went shopping a bit (for the party) and found Tym some clothes on clearance... Came home and unpacked her a new wardrobe out of her grow into bin (size 4 here we come). Now it's time to fill it with size 5.

Lake is doing good. He's laughing and talking up a storm. He has been reconizing us for a few weeks and LOVES it when his sister comes home from school... So much so he won't stay asleep when he's suppose to. We go see the nurse on the 4th, I am interested to know how much he weighs. He is now in 6-12 months clothes entirely and getting quite chubby.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The joy of family.

Beth, Darcy, Julia and Grace arrived late Friday night. The noise hasn't stopped in the house since. it's truly amazing how much noise 3 kids can make! Lake is a little... Overwhelmed, and loving every minute, as are we. It's truly amazing to see how quickly the kids pick up where they left off. We haven't seen them in months, but it's like yesterday.

Yesterday we headed to the museum of nature and all had a good time - followed by our yearly valentine's day fondue which Beth, Jesse and the girls came over for. It was the best Valentine's fondue yet. The girls had pizza and watched (part) of a movie while the adults did the meat fondue. Then it was time for the chocolate one and the girls... welll... went right into the tub!

Right now Meag and the gang are Winterluding down ice slides. I am home with Lake... next year he'll be able to parttake a little bit. Supper is preped, so we can go skating this afternoon.

Oh the joys of family. Pictures will follow soon.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I love Mondays

I love Mondays.

I am very proactive on Mondays. Mainly because Tym is at school and I have the car.

This weekend was busy as always. But good. This week is busy with getting the last insurance forms filled out, going to city hall to get the immunization form filled out to enroll Tym in school for Feb and re-doing Lake's passport since we have his birth certificate now.

This weekend Beth and the gang are coming up - it should be a fun whirlwind weekend.

Lake is doing lovely. We are starting to get the hang of his schedule. he really is an easy baby. He's been falling asleep all by himself. I can put his in his car seat, snug with a blanket and his soother - and he'll fall asleep. He may not sleep for a long time, but he will. Which is far from what Tym would do. He's napping well at home, he's been sleeping well at night. I have yet to be sleeping well at night, I am still not used to sleeping next to a piglet!

Tym has been a fantastic big sister. She tries to help doing everything with him. It's amazing to watch her grow into such a big girl! it's also amazing to see how much attitude can be packed into such a little person! We were at matt and sarah's lastnight - and I asked her how the beans were - she said "They are amazing! Thanks Matt!" The inflection on how she said it was amazing, we were all trying not to laugh at how over the top it was.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Proud parent moment

"Hey Tym, how about a little Raffi on the drive home?"

"No thanks Mummy. Let's listen to your boyfriend. I want to rock out!"

Boyfriend = Bon Jovi

Sigh - I love my kid so much!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I can't believe we've been home almos a week already! It's great to be here. Dont get me wrong, it was wonderful to be home... So Lake could meet everyone, to see Grampie, to smell the ocean air. And Gramma did a fantastic job with keeping us feed, clean and amused. It was still a long week with only 1 parent.

Highlights include watching Lake fall asleep in Grampie's arms, having the biggest bubble bath ever with Tym im mom's jet tub, watching Tym help Gramma shovel the driveway.

Come tuesday Tym really wanted to come home - she was ready to be in her own space and missed Meag something terrible. It was a joyous reunion at the airport Thursday night. Both kids did great on the flights and at the airport, and on the drives.

We seen Claudia one last time Monday. Lake was 15lbs! his head was 40cm, and he is now 24 inches long. Holy he's done a lot of growing, and not even 2 months yet!