Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TIme flies

So it's been to long....

To finish up the weekend with Beth - Tym was so exhausted that she didn't want to go skating and had a nap instead while they all went. Poor thing loved having them around so much she could hardly stand it!
All in all the weekend was fantastic though. And it's been busy since.

I registered Tym for Junoir Kindergarden for Sept. OYE! Our baby girl is growing up! And quickly. Now we need to figure out childcare for when I go back to work as we are number 30 ont he list for the school daycare - but they are only taking 9 kids in Sept - back to the drawing board. I am not sure what we will do, time will tell.

Last weekend was the weekend of birthdays. Tym was invited to 2 parties - Willow had 15 girls between the ages of 4-5 there. Holy Cow it was eye opening! Tym had a blast, then went to play at Sophie's - and was asleep by 7:15! Sunday it was Santiago's 4th birthday and just as many people, but more adults. It was also awesome. We meet another girl that has 2 moms as well. it's always nice to meet more families like ours.

All these parties made us realize Tym's is in 3 weeks and we have done nothing. So planning has started. Theme picked, lists started. Now what to get her as a present... I think it might be a bike with training wheels! She really is getting to big way to fast *sigh*

I'm in the midst of trying to do our taxes, which is always a fun event! And get budget stuff done for the daycare... all of which I want done before we go to TX. There is never enough time in the day.

Today Meag and I went shopping a bit (for the party) and found Tym some clothes on clearance... Came home and unpacked her a new wardrobe out of her grow into bin (size 4 here we come). Now it's time to fill it with size 5.

Lake is doing good. He's laughing and talking up a storm. He has been reconizing us for a few weeks and LOVES it when his sister comes home from school... So much so he won't stay asleep when he's suppose to. We go see the nurse on the 4th, I am interested to know how much he weighs. He is now in 6-12 months clothes entirely and getting quite chubby.

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