Sunday, February 15, 2009


The joy of family.

Beth, Darcy, Julia and Grace arrived late Friday night. The noise hasn't stopped in the house since. it's truly amazing how much noise 3 kids can make! Lake is a little... Overwhelmed, and loving every minute, as are we. It's truly amazing to see how quickly the kids pick up where they left off. We haven't seen them in months, but it's like yesterday.

Yesterday we headed to the museum of nature and all had a good time - followed by our yearly valentine's day fondue which Beth, Jesse and the girls came over for. It was the best Valentine's fondue yet. The girls had pizza and watched (part) of a movie while the adults did the meat fondue. Then it was time for the chocolate one and the girls... welll... went right into the tub!

Right now Meag and the gang are Winterluding down ice slides. I am home with Lake... next year he'll be able to parttake a little bit. Supper is preped, so we can go skating this afternoon.

Oh the joys of family. Pictures will follow soon.

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