Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleeping heads

So it's wednesday. normally at this time of the week I am exhausted from entertaining Tym - or having a playdate.

This week - She's sleeping on the couch with a fever and he's napping upstairs. Weird.

This morning we knew she was off when she said she was tired 10 minutes after getting up and snuggled in our bed, not wanting to move to eat. She loves breakfast usually. She still has not touched her peanut butter bread. She was asleep by 8:30. She's been up to watch Diego and have a couple sips of juice and jello - then fell asleep on the couch by herself.

I do hope the fever is it and her body is able to fight everything else away.
I do hope the fever doesn't last to long.

On another note - Tym's school friend had a baby brother lastnight. And I am already having missing newborn pains and thoughts on another - then reality kicks in! Welcome Alexandre - I hope Sophie loves you as much as Tym loves Lake.

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