Monday, February 09, 2009

I love Mondays

I love Mondays.

I am very proactive on Mondays. Mainly because Tym is at school and I have the car.

This weekend was busy as always. But good. This week is busy with getting the last insurance forms filled out, going to city hall to get the immunization form filled out to enroll Tym in school for Feb and re-doing Lake's passport since we have his birth certificate now.

This weekend Beth and the gang are coming up - it should be a fun whirlwind weekend.

Lake is doing lovely. We are starting to get the hang of his schedule. he really is an easy baby. He's been falling asleep all by himself. I can put his in his car seat, snug with a blanket and his soother - and he'll fall asleep. He may not sleep for a long time, but he will. Which is far from what Tym would do. He's napping well at home, he's been sleeping well at night. I have yet to be sleeping well at night, I am still not used to sleeping next to a piglet!

Tym has been a fantastic big sister. She tries to help doing everything with him. It's amazing to watch her grow into such a big girl! it's also amazing to see how much attitude can be packed into such a little person! We were at matt and sarah's lastnight - and I asked her how the beans were - she said "They are amazing! Thanks Matt!" The inflection on how she said it was amazing, we were all trying not to laugh at how over the top it was.

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