Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I can't believe we've been home almos a week already! It's great to be here. Dont get me wrong, it was wonderful to be home... So Lake could meet everyone, to see Grampie, to smell the ocean air. And Gramma did a fantastic job with keeping us feed, clean and amused. It was still a long week with only 1 parent.

Highlights include watching Lake fall asleep in Grampie's arms, having the biggest bubble bath ever with Tym im mom's jet tub, watching Tym help Gramma shovel the driveway.

Come tuesday Tym really wanted to come home - she was ready to be in her own space and missed Meag something terrible. It was a joyous reunion at the airport Thursday night. Both kids did great on the flights and at the airport, and on the drives.

We seen Claudia one last time Monday. Lake was 15lbs! his head was 40cm, and he is now 24 inches long. Holy he's done a lot of growing, and not even 2 months yet!

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