Sunday, August 31, 2008

Minding my manners

I was chatting with my Mum last week when Tym decided she wanted to talk to Nana. She proceeded to tell her the following story:

"Nana, the friggin' cat Bell peed on my baby brother's bed and now we have to throw the damn cat and bed out of our house!"

Oh. Dear. God!

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been a long week over here... The pregnant sleep has kicked in, and I haven't been sleeping very well at all. That may change when we receive the new matress we bought tomorrow - so we can all have lots of room to sleep without me snoring in someone's ear, or pillow crowding. Yes - we had to buy a new matress for Newton's room... The smell was just not going anyway. It arrives tomorrow and it will have a protector in it the second it's in the house!

It's crazy to think that the summer is over!! I am not sure where it went - but it left us. We have something booked or to do almost every weekend until Nov! It's going to be a busy time, but hopefully we'll be prepared come November. Some of it entails getting weird things done around the house, like getting the photoalbums in order, and sorting through recipe books so we can find things. Some things are bigger, and require saws and nails - this weekend we are re-doing our closet. I know we are nesting, and it's early - but if we didn't find time to do photoalbums in the last 3 years, if it doesn't get done now - with 2, when or when would we find time!

Tym's growing at amazing speeds. it's amazing to see her learn things. I will have to let Meag retell a phone story - she told Nana a story on the phone, and it's hilarious! She is also in the throes of 3 - and the tantrums. Oh the tantrums! One night this week she had an entire meltdown in the bathtub - and empty bathtub with no water in it. She was having a bath and not behaving - her options were getting out or continuing in a shower with me. she egarly accepted the shower offer and had a great time till it was over. She wanted her bath back. And she let us know - a full 15 minutes of full on tears. She could barely breath and was bright red when she finally stopped. The stamina was amazing!

On growing up - next weekend we are having a small party... A weaning party! She is stoked. I am stoked! The last few months I have been ready to wean her - we are down to 4 of the quickest ABC songs ever a day. She seems to get that after the weaning party, she is to old for breastmilk, and says she's going to drink out of a big girl cup (which she does any, but oh well!) We shall see how it goes!

This little guy in my belly has been a wiggle worm! he is moving SOOO much lately it's crazy. Last night, I think there was a time when he flipps head down. I was having a LOt of movement around my bellybutton and above... Which was really weird, since I've never felt movement up there. Of course the movement seems lower today.. We shall see, maybe he will flip without any problems this time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

boats, rainbows and water

Oye what a weekend! It past way to quickly!

On Saturday we headed out first thing in the morning to Meag's first Dragon Boat Festival. It was awesome. She had a blast - and the team finished 2nd in the women's division and even got a cup! Tym thoroughly enjoyed watching the races and cheering on the different boats.

We left there before lunch to head home and pack up for the Dyke March. Which was a lot of fun as always. Meet up with Beth, Jesse, the girls and santiago and his moms. And marched out stroller posse down the street. It was fun hanging out with them and seeing everyone out and about. The kids loved playing in the park = and loved the now traditional gelato stop before heading home.

After 8 hours outside on Saturday we were all pretty tired. Come Sunday morning we were not doing any better. Tym woke up at 6. I could barely move and had a headache - clearly over did it on Saturday. Meag took Tym down to watch some TV. She could hardly move - her muscles were quite sore from boating. It was a pathetic site for awhile in our house. We took it pretty easy for most of the day.

Until we found a leak in the basement. In the afternoon it wasn't a huge leak - the wall that the electrical panel was on was wet. Another Co-op guy came and took a look - looked like maybe the outside tap - so we turned it off and didn't think much more about it. Until after supper, Scott was over and heard water running in the basement. Not a good sign! Rushing downstairs shows a huge gyser of water running over the wall and down the drain. Once the dishwasher was turned off - it stopped. Plumber was called. All lights and stuff turned off (considering the electircal panel was now soping wet!). The plumber of course could not duplicate what happened - could not find a single leak anywhere! So he left - we turned lights back on.

Apparently it was the external hose bib that was not tight. Now we just got to work with the co-op to replace the chiprock and insullation fixed (replaced) considering we don't see how it could all dry naturally without mold growing. Fun times for a Sunday night!

Oh - we also went to the museum and seen a Bob the Builder exhibit, which Tym loved! And went to the beach with Beth and the girls.
Overall a fun, but busy weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

midwives and carnies

Monday morning we had a midwife appt. We decided to bring Tym along so she could start getting used to the lovely ladies that will be around for the birth. We have decided that it's not worth throwing off her morning routine to bring her in... when we want her to meet them some more later on, it will be a late afternoon appt so we don't have to bring her to school after!

The appt went well however. My blood pressure remains lower than ever at 112/64. Everything looks good. I am measuring a couple days ahead at 26 weeks - this could be due to how he is positioned right now - somewhat transverse (side to side). Which is better than I was thinking - breech. He's felt really low thus far with movements and had felt breech for awhile... Even though we know it's too early to worry about it, with past history we would like to get him head down sooner than later! :)

Tym helped with the doppler. She held it on my belly and heard his heartbeat for the first time. It was cool to see her reaction. Then all of a sudden she was all over Denise (Midwife) wondering what she was doing. Only 1 more appt at 4 weeks, then it's every 2! Already!

Yesterday Meag and I took the day off. We ran a bunch of errands in the morning, then surprised Tym early at day care. We went on a bus and headed to the SuperEx! It was the first time Meag and I had gone. It's pretty big... and a blast! It took Tym awhile to warm up - she really was not intersted in the rides... or she would be for 30 seconds, but once she was on or almost on she would change her mind. So we watched Annie on a few rides :) The animals were a huge hit! But - not as much as the Girl Band that we found playing. We saw the stage as the girls were getting on... Tym sat right down and would not leave. For a long time! She even got on stage and danced her heart out for 4 of the songs! It was so cute! We finally got her away from them, had quick snack and tried to get her to the bus stop for the 2 buses to get home. On the way, we saw african drummers... there's one stop... They finally finish and who do we see on the last stage as we are heading out? The girl band again! 15 minutes later, and a few tears... We finally get to the bus stop. Who knew the chicken dance done by a 3 year old would be so cute!

Monday, August 18, 2008

All things Wicked

So while we were finishing up painting in the baby's room, I noticed a smell - had asked Meag if she'd smelt something a couple days prior, she didn't. Must have been my sensitive pregnancy nose... Anyway - upon painting, I noticed on the duvet on the bed - stains. Pee stains. Uggghhh! Wicked Belle! it looked like she had been using it as a litter box for a few sessions.

So we soaked the duvet and that seems to be Ok... however - the mattress on the other hand has not been as successful. We put it on the deck the past 2 days to help air it out and febreezed it - however it was still smelly this morning. We just might have to go and buy a new double mattress. Of course this happens just as I was getting ready to settle into the spare room to sleep due to snoring and pillow obstacles in our regular bed!

We had a lovely weekend - it started with swapping spots with Christa and Abby. They came over at supper time Friday - we left. A nice supper and then to see a play. "Wicked". It was - AMAZING! The set, the story, the acting... was awesome! Then we stayed at Christa and Abby's - kid free!! Had 2 full meals without saying - Sit on your bum, eat with a spoon, don't do that! It was bliss!

After we got home the 3 of us headed to matt and sarah's who are still under renos :( However, we were able to pick through the scrap pile and get all the bits we need to put in some much needed shelving in our closet! That will be the long weekend project - Closet Build It!

Yesterday was a lovely day! It was awesome to see the sun! So much so I got a wee bit of a sunburn... We went to the market with Betj, jesse and the girls. It's nice they are back from vacation :) and played at the pool and park for a bit, before hitailing it out of there to go watch Meag have a dragon boat practice. Tym loved watching them... And feeding the ducks. The seagulls however, were jerks I was told. it was quickly discovered where she learnt that word upon walking back to the car as Meag and talking about what she seen - and said - "They were jerks weren't they?" hrrrmmm..... new rule - don't call anything you wouldn't want to be called.

Couple Tym sayings...

While snuggling to sleep - she normally gets 1 ABC of breastmilk. "Mama, 1 ABC makes me sad, but 2 makes me happy!" She then got the fasts 2 ABC songs known to man!

"Those seagulls are jerks!"

"I wanted to pee outside" while peeing naked on the deck. Hrrrmmm

There are more but of course I can't remember them right now

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wet and cold

So I've found this summer to be wonderful weather wise - most would not agree with me.

I have loved it because I have not been a sweating, cranky 6 month pregnant woman this summer. Just pregnant. The reason for this is the weather has sucked. We have had more rain then ever - this morning I had wished I brought a sweater to get to work... Really folks it's not even mid August! I should be complaining first thing in the morning that it's already to hot for the day! We haven't set Tym's pool up in weeks because it hasn't been warm enough. Great energy wise since we haven't even had fans on let alone the air conditioner!

However in the grand scheme, as comfortable as I've been - it sucks. We've had no nice weather summer, no heat, just the threat of rain almost every single day.

However if there is going to be a summer like this, I'm glad it's this one!! :) Next summer can be warm and I can spend it at the pool with the kids! :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

Painting and Fairies

It's been awhile since an update - sorry folks!

First - Batman was AMAZING! I haven't enjoyed a movie like that in a long time. I am hoping to get to go see Harry Potter in November before this baby comes out to! That will be the end of movies for awhile after that probably!

We had a great long weekend. Took our time and got most of the painting done in the baby's room. Took our little fish swimming - boy is she a fan of the pool now. It's time to sign her back up for swim classes!

The week was busy as usual. Tym's rash is getting better and better now that she is not eating garlic. Surprising it's been pretty OK cooking and stuff... Some things just are not as tasty though! This weekend we finished up the painting and got the house cleaned. Took it easy but was productive.

On Saturday we let Tym sleep late in anticipation to going to the Lumiere Festival. It was amazing. We meet up with Tym's friend from school and her folks and had a fantastic time (pics are up) Tym was stocked to dress up like a fairy.. And we had to call her Princess Fairy Tym all night. When she fell asleep at 9:45 Sat night, she wanted to know if there was another festival tomorrow... Now we have her psyched for Gay Pride! :)

It's crazy to think that we are already mid august! We've decided that there are several little projects we want to get done before Ole arrives (like photo albums and memory boxes) so that we will have a few weeks to just sit and maybe play Xbox in the evenings. It's a lofty goal, but hopefully we can do it. I think it helps that we don't have cable so are missing the Olympics :(

Ole is growing and moving like crazy! He's consistantly pushing and poking me. I am now noticing a difference with carrying a boy vs girl - he is zapping my energy like crazy. I know that I am also running after a 3 year old, but I am dragging a lot more than I was with Tym even at work and such. I have started swimming at lunches a few times a week - which both me and him seem to enjoy :) I am hoping it helps him flip over, I feel him really low and think he's breech still.. I know I know.. Lots of time to have him turn... However Tym was placed the exact same.

So onto this week. Friday we are heading to a Broadway show - Wicked. Meag bought awesome tickets for my b-day. And we are even swapping houses with Christa and Abby so we can not be in our space for a bit... not a hotel, but next best thing ! :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Looking like....

Lastnight I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth - Meag and Tym were reading in Tym's room. Next thing I know things were not so quite.

TYm comes running into the bathroom crying. I ask her why she's crying.

"I spit on mummy'"
"Why did you spit on mummy?"
"Because she looked like a sink!"

launghing ensued for everyone. Meag couldn't be as angry with that response. Lets just say that spitting is being practiced all on her own - she spits while brushing her teeth about 15 times.

Oh how 3 year olds think :)