Monday, August 18, 2008

All things Wicked

So while we were finishing up painting in the baby's room, I noticed a smell - had asked Meag if she'd smelt something a couple days prior, she didn't. Must have been my sensitive pregnancy nose... Anyway - upon painting, I noticed on the duvet on the bed - stains. Pee stains. Uggghhh! Wicked Belle! it looked like she had been using it as a litter box for a few sessions.

So we soaked the duvet and that seems to be Ok... however - the mattress on the other hand has not been as successful. We put it on the deck the past 2 days to help air it out and febreezed it - however it was still smelly this morning. We just might have to go and buy a new double mattress. Of course this happens just as I was getting ready to settle into the spare room to sleep due to snoring and pillow obstacles in our regular bed!

We had a lovely weekend - it started with swapping spots with Christa and Abby. They came over at supper time Friday - we left. A nice supper and then to see a play. "Wicked". It was - AMAZING! The set, the story, the acting... was awesome! Then we stayed at Christa and Abby's - kid free!! Had 2 full meals without saying - Sit on your bum, eat with a spoon, don't do that! It was bliss!

After we got home the 3 of us headed to matt and sarah's who are still under renos :( However, we were able to pick through the scrap pile and get all the bits we need to put in some much needed shelving in our closet! That will be the long weekend project - Closet Build It!

Yesterday was a lovely day! It was awesome to see the sun! So much so I got a wee bit of a sunburn... We went to the market with Betj, jesse and the girls. It's nice they are back from vacation :) and played at the pool and park for a bit, before hitailing it out of there to go watch Meag have a dragon boat practice. Tym loved watching them... And feeding the ducks. The seagulls however, were jerks I was told. it was quickly discovered where she learnt that word upon walking back to the car as Meag and talking about what she seen - and said - "They were jerks weren't they?" hrrrmmm..... new rule - don't call anything you wouldn't want to be called.

Couple Tym sayings...

While snuggling to sleep - she normally gets 1 ABC of breastmilk. "Mama, 1 ABC makes me sad, but 2 makes me happy!" She then got the fasts 2 ABC songs known to man!

"Those seagulls are jerks!"

"I wanted to pee outside" while peeing naked on the deck. Hrrrmmm

There are more but of course I can't remember them right now

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