Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been a long week over here... The pregnant sleep has kicked in, and I haven't been sleeping very well at all. That may change when we receive the new matress we bought tomorrow - so we can all have lots of room to sleep without me snoring in someone's ear, or pillow crowding. Yes - we had to buy a new matress for Newton's room... The smell was just not going anyway. It arrives tomorrow and it will have a protector in it the second it's in the house!

It's crazy to think that the summer is over!! I am not sure where it went - but it left us. We have something booked or to do almost every weekend until Nov! It's going to be a busy time, but hopefully we'll be prepared come November. Some of it entails getting weird things done around the house, like getting the photoalbums in order, and sorting through recipe books so we can find things. Some things are bigger, and require saws and nails - this weekend we are re-doing our closet. I know we are nesting, and it's early - but if we didn't find time to do photoalbums in the last 3 years, if it doesn't get done now - with 2, when or when would we find time!

Tym's growing at amazing speeds. it's amazing to see her learn things. I will have to let Meag retell a phone story - she told Nana a story on the phone, and it's hilarious! She is also in the throes of 3 - and the tantrums. Oh the tantrums! One night this week she had an entire meltdown in the bathtub - and empty bathtub with no water in it. She was having a bath and not behaving - her options were getting out or continuing in a shower with me. she egarly accepted the shower offer and had a great time till it was over. She wanted her bath back. And she let us know - a full 15 minutes of full on tears. She could barely breath and was bright red when she finally stopped. The stamina was amazing!

On growing up - next weekend we are having a small party... A weaning party! She is stoked. I am stoked! The last few months I have been ready to wean her - we are down to 4 of the quickest ABC songs ever a day. She seems to get that after the weaning party, she is to old for breastmilk, and says she's going to drink out of a big girl cup (which she does any, but oh well!) We shall see how it goes!

This little guy in my belly has been a wiggle worm! he is moving SOOO much lately it's crazy. Last night, I think there was a time when he flipps head down. I was having a LOt of movement around my bellybutton and above... Which was really weird, since I've never felt movement up there. Of course the movement seems lower today.. We shall see, maybe he will flip without any problems this time!

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