Wednesday, August 20, 2008

midwives and carnies

Monday morning we had a midwife appt. We decided to bring Tym along so she could start getting used to the lovely ladies that will be around for the birth. We have decided that it's not worth throwing off her morning routine to bring her in... when we want her to meet them some more later on, it will be a late afternoon appt so we don't have to bring her to school after!

The appt went well however. My blood pressure remains lower than ever at 112/64. Everything looks good. I am measuring a couple days ahead at 26 weeks - this could be due to how he is positioned right now - somewhat transverse (side to side). Which is better than I was thinking - breech. He's felt really low thus far with movements and had felt breech for awhile... Even though we know it's too early to worry about it, with past history we would like to get him head down sooner than later! :)

Tym helped with the doppler. She held it on my belly and heard his heartbeat for the first time. It was cool to see her reaction. Then all of a sudden she was all over Denise (Midwife) wondering what she was doing. Only 1 more appt at 4 weeks, then it's every 2! Already!

Yesterday Meag and I took the day off. We ran a bunch of errands in the morning, then surprised Tym early at day care. We went on a bus and headed to the SuperEx! It was the first time Meag and I had gone. It's pretty big... and a blast! It took Tym awhile to warm up - she really was not intersted in the rides... or she would be for 30 seconds, but once she was on or almost on she would change her mind. So we watched Annie on a few rides :) The animals were a huge hit! But - not as much as the Girl Band that we found playing. We saw the stage as the girls were getting on... Tym sat right down and would not leave. For a long time! She even got on stage and danced her heart out for 4 of the songs! It was so cute! We finally got her away from them, had quick snack and tried to get her to the bus stop for the 2 buses to get home. On the way, we saw african drummers... there's one stop... They finally finish and who do we see on the last stage as we are heading out? The girl band again! 15 minutes later, and a few tears... We finally get to the bus stop. Who knew the chicken dance done by a 3 year old would be so cute!

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