Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wet and cold

So I've found this summer to be wonderful weather wise - most would not agree with me.

I have loved it because I have not been a sweating, cranky 6 month pregnant woman this summer. Just pregnant. The reason for this is the weather has sucked. We have had more rain then ever - this morning I had wished I brought a sweater to get to work... Really folks it's not even mid August! I should be complaining first thing in the morning that it's already to hot for the day! We haven't set Tym's pool up in weeks because it hasn't been warm enough. Great energy wise since we haven't even had fans on let alone the air conditioner!

However in the grand scheme, as comfortable as I've been - it sucks. We've had no nice weather summer, no heat, just the threat of rain almost every single day.

However if there is going to be a summer like this, I'm glad it's this one!! :) Next summer can be warm and I can spend it at the pool with the kids! :D

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