Monday, August 11, 2008

Painting and Fairies

It's been awhile since an update - sorry folks!

First - Batman was AMAZING! I haven't enjoyed a movie like that in a long time. I am hoping to get to go see Harry Potter in November before this baby comes out to! That will be the end of movies for awhile after that probably!

We had a great long weekend. Took our time and got most of the painting done in the baby's room. Took our little fish swimming - boy is she a fan of the pool now. It's time to sign her back up for swim classes!

The week was busy as usual. Tym's rash is getting better and better now that she is not eating garlic. Surprising it's been pretty OK cooking and stuff... Some things just are not as tasty though! This weekend we finished up the painting and got the house cleaned. Took it easy but was productive.

On Saturday we let Tym sleep late in anticipation to going to the Lumiere Festival. It was amazing. We meet up with Tym's friend from school and her folks and had a fantastic time (pics are up) Tym was stocked to dress up like a fairy.. And we had to call her Princess Fairy Tym all night. When she fell asleep at 9:45 Sat night, she wanted to know if there was another festival tomorrow... Now we have her psyched for Gay Pride! :)

It's crazy to think that we are already mid august! We've decided that there are several little projects we want to get done before Ole arrives (like photo albums and memory boxes) so that we will have a few weeks to just sit and maybe play Xbox in the evenings. It's a lofty goal, but hopefully we can do it. I think it helps that we don't have cable so are missing the Olympics :(

Ole is growing and moving like crazy! He's consistantly pushing and poking me. I am now noticing a difference with carrying a boy vs girl - he is zapping my energy like crazy. I know that I am also running after a 3 year old, but I am dragging a lot more than I was with Tym even at work and such. I have started swimming at lunches a few times a week - which both me and him seem to enjoy :) I am hoping it helps him flip over, I feel him really low and think he's breech still.. I know I know.. Lots of time to have him turn... However Tym was placed the exact same.

So onto this week. Friday we are heading to a Broadway show - Wicked. Meag bought awesome tickets for my b-day. And we are even swapping houses with Christa and Abby so we can not be in our space for a bit... not a hotel, but next best thing ! :)

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